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  1. Ha, looks like fun!!
  2. Unless there are large sand eels or lots of bigger profile baitfish in the area large bass are huntIng crustaceans
  3. Yeah, for some reason there’s a period of time you need to wait before you can message...seems ridiculous. We’re looking for another person to fill a charter on John’s’s exactly what you’re looking for. Some years there’s a great yft bite late July-Sept in addition to the bft’s.
  4. Hi, they’re here now. Shoot me a message
  5. Strengthen all rotator cuff muscles, rhomboids and trapezius. Stretch pectorals. 3-4x a week. If you do it right you will see improvement within 1-2 weeks
  6. Simms makes 2.5mm neoprene, but their wading socks are thinner and work great
  7. Sweet Setup. What’s the max wind/chop you will take it out in?
  8. Shouldn’t the cdc be able to cover pandemics as well?
  9. Lol, that’s great!
  10. Surprised there is any ice on it
  11. About 4 yrs ago I encountered a thick school of 5-9” weaks 1/4 mile long exiting an inlet in the fall. Guessing these were the year classes that showed up pretty well last year as 18-26”ers.
  12. Sight fishing?
  13. Exuma’s ok, just make sure you schedule around low tide. Oahu same deal, with huge difficult bones and not a lot in winter as I just discovered this past week ( I’m in the airport coming home as I type!). Went with a guide 2 days for 3 shots no eats and DIYed 2 days for one shot and one legit 9# caught! Guides are more expensive than Bahamas BYW.
  14. That’s sounds pretty funny. He’s always talking about how big the bones are there, but I’ve never seen a pic of anything larger than 3#. Doesn’t he charge a ridiculous amount $?
  15. So what did you think about Simon?