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  1. The saltwater fishing in my local waters has been pretty bad the past few years. I still love to fish but the effort does not equal the reward so I have been concentrating on other endeavors, one being the small lake I live on. It is only about 4 acres and is shallow but it does hold some decent largemouth bass. I noticed if you throw the same lures consistently, they know not to hit it. Besides using bait as an alternative and mixing up the lures, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these fish to hit lures? I imagine this must be a fairly common problem on some lakes/ponds. I also noticed action seems to pick up later in the day when I get some shade back there but have not had much luck in the past fishing after dark. Do largemouth bass swim out in the open at night to feed? Lastly, does anyone know of any good books on largemouth bass fishing that they could recommend? Thanks in advance.
  2. This does. Thank you.
  3. Some good info here as well. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for the very informative approach. This will certainly help.
  5. It certainly depends on the spot but I will say I have caught the majority of my largest fish after dark.
  6. Yeah, I checked as well. That's a beauty! Good for you.
  7. Wow, what a fish! Congratulations. I'm guessing that's a 50. What do you think?
  8. A few years ago I caught a bass a little over 48" which has been my largest to date on a 7" Mambo Minnow in the herring finish. They remind me of Redfins except they cast and manage rougher water a little bit better. I'd keep them as is.
  9. I have always been goal oriented. When I was a kid, my goal was to catch a 36" keeper which I did. Once that goal was attained, I wanted to break 40". After that milestone was reached the next goal for me was to catch a bass that was at least 4 feet which I had done back in 2015. Don't get me wrong, I love being out on the beach in all sorts of weather but the chance of possibly catching a PB or a quality fish has been the motivating factor in getting me out the door in inclement weather. There has never been an end game for me knowing I could one day catch a new PB. However, the chance at catching quality fish the past number of years has become increasing difficult. That has resulted in me going less than a third of the amount of times I have gone in years past when the fishery was in much better shape. I do take some pleasure in knowing I caught a 48 inch bass and a 20lb plus bluefish but I am not as motivated as I once was because quality fish from the beach have become increasingly rare. The way the ASMFC has managed the fishery has also turned me off quite a bit too. I see myself going less and less while pursuing other endeavors until the fishery picks up if that even happens.
  10. This is typical of how they have managed our fisheries. Reactive as opposed to proactive. However, every little bit helps.
  11. So sorry for your loss.
  12. I really like your idea and hope more continue to do the same. I always thought it was a waste to kill a big fish just for a weight/pics when the angler had no intention of eating it. I had created a cell phone app. that can estimate the length/weight of your fish. It's free to use but I could donate the paid version to the winner if you want. PM if this is something you would like.
  13. Same here. Each year the window gets smaller and smaller. This is what happens when there are less fish around. When they were abundant I would see blitzes off Fort Tilden and Jbay starting the 3rd week of August and they would last all the way into November.
  14. Sorry for your loss.
  15. I was always more of a dog person until one of the feral neighborhood cats adopted me. He would run from everyone else but for some reason one night he came over to me. The next evening while I was sitting on my porch he decided to jump in my lap. About a week later we decided to take him in. We had adopted a couple of kittens since (one died unexpectedly from a rare feline disease called FIP) but both were/are great. My suggestion is save the money and give a homeless animal a place to live. There are so many of them out there. There are also rescue groups out there that specialize in specific breeds so eventually one may become available. Good luck.
  16. Sounds good. I'll send you my info later today.
  17. I have one that is in great condition. I believe it has 300 yards of 14lb Fireline Crystal. I haven't fished it much at all. It has never been dunked and only fished from sand beaches. I have the original box and the other knob that comes with it. $125 picked up or $140 shipped standard USPS, PayPal ($100 insurance which I can add to but would increase price).
  18. Wow, baby sharks. When in a frenzy, big blues are so aggressive and a ton of fun. 30 years ago if I had anything under 10lbs we considered it small. Most of the blues we caught were in the low teen range with high teen fish not uncommon. However, there were very few over 20s caught. A few years ago I was having a conversation with one of my dad's clubs members who happens to be an excellent fisherman. I was complaining how there were hardly any blues by me this year and he told me he never caught so many >=20lb fish in the past two weeks than he has his entire life. I told him that didn't sound right and something was definitely off. Sure enough, since that conversation they have been in far fewer places with far fewer fish around. The latest ASMFC findings for blues reinforced what I have been saying for years.
  19. Typical of any governmental agency that I know of. Reactive as opposed to proactive. Reductions to the bag limits should have been done years ago. I knew there was a serious issue when a few years ago 20lb gators became somewhat common. For most of my 40+ years of fishing, blues that size were rare.
  20. Sad story. Sorry for your loss.
  21. The reel is contained in the thread. In order to view it, u would need to click on the link. It contains pics and price.
  22. Hi. Here you go. It's in the thread below.
  23. I have a very lightly used 4500 I have been considering selling. Let me know if you are interested.
  24. That's a great fish. Good for your son! Those 20+ lbers are definitely out there. I caught my largest in May 1988. That was long before cell phones and we didn't have a scale or tape measure with us. I caught her from shore in a local spot I literally fished daily in JBay. The blue took a big bunker chunk, minus only the head and tail. We estimated the fish to around 48" which I found hard to believe that is was actually that big. It was also very thick and must have been feeding on all of the adult bunker that was back there. My dad and I thought that fish was probably older than me at the time and didn't want to merely kill a fish that big for only a picture and weight. We let her go. It wasn't until a year or so later my father new of an old timer he introduced me to who caught one nearly as big as mine. His was 46" at 26 lbs and he had a picture to prove it which he showed me. That brought me the validation I needed to confirm I wasn't hallucinating that evening when I landed my fish. I really hope these latest size restrictions help the fishery. I believe they were long overdue.
  25. I love the simplicity of bucktails and found I have a much better hookup ratio with them over plugs with trebles. I know this is a biggest fish caught thread but I am pretty certain I lost my largest bass on a bucktail in October 2013. I was fishing along side a bridge that was known to hold some very large fish. I was fishing around sunset with an outgoing tide that was slowing. I had an 1.5 white Andrus Bucktail with a 70-S Pork Rind so it was a pretty big profile. At the end of my cast I felt a thump and that was it. I was stuck or at least I thought I was. At first I remember thinking I was caught on an underwater cable where I would pull to get it unstuck and it seemed to pull back but not really move. I later recall my rod tip shaking. At this point I'm thinking it was probably a big skate which I was annoyed by because I didn't feel like getting into a tug of war and then having to break off and re-knot. Shortly thereafter the fish starts taking line slowly and now I can start feeling really big head shakes. I now realize this is a very big bass. She then runs in with me, makes a b line for the bridge and breaks me off. I was seriously under gunned but to put it into perspective I fished that location the night before Sandy hit and caught a 43" bass in the same exact spot with a tropical storm/full moon current and I was able to turn her when she went for the bridge. I never gained an inch of line on this fish. I had to take a Xanax to put me to bed that night. My wife couldn't understand why I was so upset. I told her the fishery was in decline and that fish like this were going to become even more rare for surf fishermen like me. That fish still bothers me to this day and most likely always will.