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  1. I really wish that was the case. Believe me I do but having fished through the last collapse I can tell you from firsthand experience that is not the case. I can say this with the utmost certainty there is a significant problem with the stocks now. This hasn't happened overnight and has been years in the making. Quite a bit of people said the same thing in the 80s and we all know how wrong they were. I can never understand why people have such a hard time realizing the ocean is not a bottomless pit. But I do agree with you to some extent. There are always fish to be found, somewhere, no matter how bad it gets. We found them in the 80s too. They were mostly small, and the runs in Spring and Fall were very abbreviated. Only when the fishery recovered were those same waters filled with many large and small, the runs were longer, heck we even caught them during the Summer which contradicts the water is too warm argument.
  2. We are on the same side here. We all want a healthy fishery we can actually enjoy which is not something we have now. Don't give up. Voice your opinion and continue to direct it at those in charge (ASMFC, Governors, Senators, etc.). If enough of us do, they will listen. Ive heard from some friends of mine that it is a losing battle but I don't care. Its not right what goes on and I will never accept it.
  3. In addition to the link, I wanted to post the actual graphs. Here they are.
  4. We should be. I grew up fishing for them in the mid to late 80s and can say from my experience, outside of a few decent weeks in the Spring, they are non-existent. I don't consider all the large snappers I have been catching the past few weeks Blues. The Blues I used to catch throughout the year would eat those. But yet the fishery managers allocated what we didn't use to the comms. That makes 0 sense to me.
  5. I figured that. But its not as cut and dry as saying we play with our food. Fishing is so much more than that. Besides, I would never do that with French
  6. Having already fished through the 80s, the writing has been on the wall. I said this was going to happen when they went to 2 @ 28" years ago. To be honest I am surprised this didn't happen sooner. To this day I still have people telling me the water is too warm or the fish have changed their migration patterns or its pollution, etc. I don't understand why it is so hard for people to understand we have over fished them again. The only way this ever changes if everyone speaks up and contacts the ASMFC and the governors. As a matter of fact I am going to share this article with the rep I have been keeping in contact with. Good luck to us. We need it.
  7. Good for you. At least someone did. All I had last night were snappers to small cocktails.
  8. Come on, so the only time you go fishing is to catch dinner and the moment you do catch one you stop fishing? You never stayed after you caught what you wanted and continued to fish? You may be the exception but that is certainly not the case for most people.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to tell them I think this is a terrible idea. They should be doing more to bring the numbers back up, not contributing to make it worse.
  10. All for it.
  11. I believe they changed to regs in 2014 to 1 @ 28" (there are some exceptions) but its obvious with the decline it is still not enough. When Bass were in good numbers and keepers weren't like the Dodo bird, too many people would take their limits every single time. In some cases daily. Its a shame because people like me, you, and plenty others are missing out on good fishing because of greed.
  12. You are certainly correct that something else needs to be done. We hammer this fish and then make excuse after excuse why they are so much smaller than years ago or why no one from the surf seems to be catching any. If we are going to having anything to fish for in the future we need to have meaningful management in place. To put it in perspective, here is a screen shot of an old report from another site I used to frequent years ago. At the time a lot of guys would post what they were catching. A lot of that stopped due to issues with spot burning and lack of fish. But it gives you an idea of how different the fishery was 10 years ago. I can tell you this much, I fish not too far from where this report was made and know people who do fish in that area and it is like night and day.
  13. Good to know. Thanks. Hope they are heading my way west. So far its been another sh*t, depressing season. I am hoping that changes but not holding my breathe.
  14. I had the same problem when I first started shark fishing. I would suggest at least 8' of > 50lb mono. That solved my problem but there will be times when you need longer and heavier if bigger sharks are around.
  15. Instead of doing more to protect Striped Bass to bring up their numbers, they are looking to do just the opposite. Horrible. Last year was one of the worse I had since I was a kid fishing in the 80s. Zeldin has been trying to open EEZ for a while now. I suggest people contact this office and let him know how you feel if this is a concern of yours. 31 Oak Street Suite 20 Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone: (631) 289-1097 Fax: (631) 289-1268