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  1. Wow, that's brutal. They're more clueless than I even thought. It is such a shame that this mindset has been allowed to bring us to where we are today for the second time around. Thankfully the Salt Water's Edge and the American Saltwater Guides Assoc. understand more fish are better for everyone's business. I am hopeful but not too confident, things improve in the future through meaningful regs.
  2. Okay, Shimano has the resources to do that but what about the smaller businesses such as the local mom and pops, or places like TD, The Surfcaster, J&H, etc? Wouldn't that adversely affect them? It is not that easy or cheap to divert resources to other markets. It just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I shouldn't be looking at it logically. This reminds of how NYC was run on the 70s to early 90s. Sure there were people living there and business residing there but it was until Mayor Giuliani and subsequently Mayor Bloomberg, where they saw beyond 5 feet in front of them and what a difference. People moved here. Businesses invested here. Tax revenue increased, etc. Although NYC has been regressing due to our wonderful elected officials.
  3. I agree but wouldn't that only carry them for so long? What happens when fishing becomes so poor and there isn't a viable fishery?
  4. I was only referring to striped bass, per this thread, and how the less fish that are around, equated to less related expenditures on my end and others that I know. I was not referring to other species or what others do for fun when they go out on their boats. It's really simple. If fishing is good from both shore and boat, you will have more people spending money on fishing related items. If it's not, then people like me, and my nephew who fishes from his boat, will spend less on it. Will they find other ways to spend their money? Sure but it won't be on that new, shiny Shimano reel. Will there be others that do? Yes but as a business owner I wouldn't want to limit my customer base to 80% of the pie. If people
  5. I don't doubt that for a minute. It certainly shows. However, the problem is we can't catch what isn't there. Eventually, the poor fishing that the surf casters experience, will filter to the boat fishermen if more isn't done to address the decline. Hence, those triple, quad and five >300 hr outboard boats may eventually make less and less trips, just like the rest of us sand crawlers.
  6. Yeah, which makes absolutely no sense. I fish about a quarter of the time I used to which is also reflected in my fishing related expenditures. I was considering buying a new Shimano Twinpower but then I came to my senses and decided to continue to use what I already have. Why spend $500+ on a reel when there isn't much to catch. Hopefully someone from here is affiliated with Shimano and will relay this to their leadership, what I and many others have been saying for quite sometime. You want me and others to spend our money on fishing related purchases? Give us a good, consistent fishery with opportunities to catch large and small. I know, I know. I am asking too much.
  7. Yes, it is spinning. I can meet up at JFK tomorrow if you are around.
  8. I have an 8' St. Croix Legend, 3/4 to 3 ounces. I'm not sure what gen it is. It has the low rider guides. I bought it a few years ago but only used it a handful of times. I don't even think I caught a fish on it. I'm located in Nassau County and work in Queens so meeting up shouldn't be an issue. I'm asking $195.
  9. The Bluefish numbers are way down which is consistent with my experience and is reflected in chart. It's really simple. The more fish that are around, the more places they will be and the longer they will be available to catch. In the mid to late 80s when the Striped Bass numbers had tanked, we had plenty of big Blues to keep us busy. Our Fall run typically started around the 2nd to 3rd week of August and lasted until November, depending on the weather. Too much pressure on a finite resource.
  10. I do not believe he can even spell "thesis." Keep in mind what he says is coming from a guy that had trouble reading a simple trend graph. The fact he has any part of this process is alarming to say the least.
  11. Thanks for bringing this up. Once again, common sense and a good practice seem to be of no concern of theirs. It is both sad and disgusting at the same time that they, with the exception of a few outliers, continue to do as little as they can.
  12. Complaining about it here doesn't do jack squat. If you cannot attend in person, writing or calling is the next best thing. CWitek who is very involved in this process has stated this numerous times. After speaking with him over the years, I will take his word for it.
  13. The email came from the NYCRF which was indicated in the email I shared. If you do not know who they are, a quick Google search will result in their website which tells you all about them. Their goals are in line with mine which I why I shared it here.
  14. I received the email below and wanted to share on here. If you haven't done so already, please take a few minutes and compose a quick email to the ASMFC. I just sent mine. Good luck to all of us. We need it. Greetings, I am checking to see if you and your club members have gotten around to writing and submitting your public comments on Amendment 7. These comments are due no later than 4/15/22. Amendment 7 is an extremely important document as it will serve as the bible for how the striped bass fishery will be managed. Some options contained in the draft will direct the Board to take fast and decisive action when the science indicates the fishery is in trouble. Other options under consideration would provide the Board with broad latitude on when and if it needs to act. In our experience, it is the Board's lack of effective action that has resulted in the depletion of the striped bass fishery. It is very important that the ASMFC hears from the public that it must adopt options that require fast and decisive action. The process of writing your public comment will only take 5 minutes of your time: indicate why a healthy striped bass fishery is important to you indicate your preferred options (see below) include your name and your address or location forward your comment to with the Subject line: Draft Amendment 7 We have done the heavy lifting for you in terms of evaluating the options under consideration. The NYCRF recommends all of the following options: 4.1 Management Triggers Tier 1-Fishing Mortality Management Triggers Option A1 Option B1 Option C1 Tier 2-Female SSB Management Triggers Option A2 Option B1 Option C1 Tier 3-Recruitment Triggers Option A3 Option B2 Tier 4-Deferred Management Action Option A 4.2.2 Recreational Release Mortality Option A Option C1 Option C2 Option D1 4.4.1 Rebuilding Plan Option B 4.4.2 Rebuilding Plan Framework Option B 4.6.2 Management Program Equivalency Sub-Option B1a Sub-Option B1c Sub-Option B2b Sub-Option C3 Sub-Option D3 Sub-Option E2 PLEASE take the 5 minutes to submit your public comment. This is very important.
  15. I can sure relate. I had a local spot that used to produce some good action with some nice fish when there were more bass around. Unfortunately, low recruitment and constant hammering of these fish have resulted in me going there 0 times last year. Each year it had gotten progressively worse where it is no longer worth my time or effort. Even worse, I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. The past few years the YOY index has been abysmal. Those that fish much more west of me will continue to fare better since the Hudson River stock is in much better shape. I've see this coming years ago but unfortunately my complaints and letters fell on deaf ears.