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  1. I have the 1 to 3 oz if that would suffice.
  2. I know I shouldn't but what the hell. And you're from NJ?
  3. I came across this and thought to share for those that are interested in signing the letter located on ASGA website. I signed it and hope others do the same. These slot fish are getting hammered and now there is only a 15% chance of the stock being rebuilt. I know from experience the 1 @ 36 was so successful because early on no one caught a bass that size. Nearly all went back which is just the opposite of what I have been seeing. If something doesn't change, the future looks very bleak. From the ASGA Website It is clear that some areas experienced excellent striped bass fishing last year. The good fishing was a result of one of the most prolific year classes on record reaching maturity. This translated into over 35 million pounds of striped bass harvested coastwide. ASGA had deep concerns that the slot limit would fully exploit the robust 2015-year class when it was proposed. These concerns are now a reality. The 2015-year class is the last robust recruitment year. While the 2017 and 2018 year classes are average, there are four consecutive years of the lowest recruitment in recent history following. This leaves the stock and those that depend on a healthy striped bass population in a very dangerous place. This increase in harvest decreased the odds of rebuilding by 83-86%. Unless the ASMFC Striped Bass Board changes course at the May meeting, there is little chance that striped bass rebuild to target biomass levels by 2029. According to recent analysis by striped bass scientists, current rebuilding probabilities are less than 15%. During their latest meeting, Technical Committee staff expressed serious concerns about the ability to rebuild the stock if the Board does not act at the May Meeting. Amendment 7, which was just approved and implemented in May 2022, clearly states that the stock must be rebuilt within 10 years. This current rebuilding plan has failed. The 2022 MRIP harvest numbers showed that harvest doubled and decreased the probability of rebuilding to 14.6%. This is unacceptable to our community and clearly violates Amendment 7’s rebuilding provisions. Taking a correction now is far better than imposing draconian measures in a few years. The ASMFC Striped Bass Board needs to initiate Addendum II to implement the necessary changes for the 2024 fishing season. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. The American Saltwater Guides Association will be submitting an official letter to the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board on Tuesday, April 25th. You can read the full letter here. We are asking only that the Striped Bass Management Board follow the rules it established. A new rebuilding plan that has a minimum of a 50% chance of success must be initiated, and those regulations need to be in place by the 2024 season. If you support managing this fishery for abundance and want to see the Board adhere to their timeline of rebuilding this stock by 2029, complete the following form and sign ASGA’s letter. All sign-ons received before Tuesday, April 25th will be included in the final submission. Any questions can be submitted to info@saltwaterguidesassociation.org. Call to Initiate Addendum II to Amendment 7 for Striped Bass
  4. Bernie’s Bait & Tackle 3035 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
  5. Okay, sounds good. I will respond there.
  6. After thinking about it I was going to ask $200 but I'll do it for $175 if you still want it. I'll be around today if you want to pick it up.
  7. Here you go. Let me know what you think.
  8. Hi Chris. Is this what you are looking for?
  9. True, there is always fish somewhere. There was also some great fishing to be had in the mid 80s at Block Island when no one else was having any luck. However, that is not a healthy nor abundant population of fish. It is very simple. The more fish that are around, the more places they will be. Your argument, is the same one I heard in the 80s and we all know how that worked out.
  10. So you believe we're sort of screwed? It is hard not to think otherwise when the YOY Index of the past 4 year was so poor.
  11. So the findings indicate we are hammering the year classes we should be protecting. In addition to that, the past few Chessy YOY indexes have been horrendous. The 1 @ 36" worked once before and should have been used again since it was a proven method. But as usual the powers that be continue to ruin this fishery and cannot seem to understand the ocean is not an infinite resource. Yeah, were screwed.
  12. I am not going to the one in Asbury and I do not plan on attending any this spring. If you like, make me an offer while taking into account you cannot see it in person. The rod is in really good condition and wasn't even used last year.
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