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  1. Happy birthday Tim.
  2. Yep, which is why we need to fight to stop it.
  3. I'd like to see some of the following: Manage the fishery for abundance and not for the most we can kill. The more bass that are around, the better off everyone will be. E.g. I don't visit my local tackle shops or buy nearly as much fishing tackle as I did a few years ago when there were actually fish to catch. At least until things turn around, go back to 1 @ 36". It worked once so I don't see why it wouldn't work again. Reinstate a supplemental stocking program like they did in the 80s to help expedite the turn around. If not, I have even more years of horrible fishing to look forward to. Shorter seasons to lessen the pressure on the fish. Implement tags for all like they do for deer hunting to help address those that take their legal fish every time they catch one. I don't see that being a problem now because there aren't many keepers around but if we had something similar to that in place years ago, we probably wouldn't be as bad off as we are now. Charge X amount of dollars for an annual striped bass fishing license. As much as I don't want to pay for something else, I would be all for this if that money was only used to go back into the fishery for things like hiring more enforcement officers, fund more studies for the biologists, etc. Develop an online system that enables the person with the fishing license to enter their stats (number of fish caught, size, when caught, approx. geographic location, etc.) at the end of the season this way the fishery managers have more stats to base their mgt. decisions off of. Stricter penalties for poachers that would also act as a deterrent. Encourage use of and then eventually make circle hooks and barbless hooks mandatory to assist in reducing the rec mortality. I really appreciate all of your help in trying to save this fishery of ours. Thank you!
  4. As bad as striped bass fishing was in the 80s, we had big blues to fill the void. Nowadays, no big blues, and hardly any bass. Yeah, I will be selling more of my equipment this spring.
  5. You're right. There's plenty of sunnies for them to catch. I didn't grow up local to any freshwater ponds but did grow up around the corner from Jbay. The first fish I caught was a snapper which I remember my dad helping me reel in. I think I was 3 years old. If we plan on having any similar memories going forward, we need to practice C&R. Even when there were more blues around, I never understood the lax regs on them. It makes even less sense now especially when they are virtually non-existent. But yet they transferred the recs quota to the comms not too long ago. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. Unreal.
  6. +1. That is what I was thinking.
  7. Thanks for confirming. Agreed but I think every little bit helps.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but I believed they opened it earlier to give them more time to fill their quotas.
  9. It was posted on FaceBook. Here is the screen shot.
  10. Exactly. They should be doing more to protect the fish that are out there and not less.
  11. From what I understand they are going to open the commercial harvest of striped bass two weeks earlier. I suggest you send her your comments if you do not think this is a good idea. NYSDEC will accept comments through April 15, 2019. You can direct comments and questions to Carol Hoffman at: 205 N Belle Mead Road, Suite 1, East Setauket, NY 11733 or Below is the email I sent her. Hi Carol, From what I understand they are opening the commercial harvest season for striped bass two weeks earlier. The population is in trouble but instead of addressing the immediate problem, we are going to allow more to be harvested. This makes absolutely no sense. The ASMFC has stated they are being overfished along with the steep decline I have been witnessing the past several years, I strongly urge you to reconsider. Please see the attached letters I have sent to Governor Cuomo and the members of the ASMFC. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Thanks.
  12. What blues? Besides a couple of decent weeks in the spring, there aren't any. I don't consider the snappers I was catching out front last fall bluefish.
  13. There has not been any beach replenishment where I fish on the south shore of LI. There is also no hard structure. 10 years ago, the fishing was really good. Even up to 2015 it was okay. When there were more bass around you could catch them out front in the summer. The past few years have been really bad. This is not a product of beach replenishment. It is a product of overfishing.
  14. I fished the 80s and in my local waters now the only real difference is I caught three keepers in the past two years vs. 0 back then. Other than that the amount of fish and the quality is very similar.
  15. I have been doing quite a bit of it. We need more to do the same.