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  1. So sorry for your loss.
  2. I have the previous generation St. Croix Legend, 8'. I think it is rated 3/4 to 3 oz and would def. meet your needs. It's a great rod but I really don't fish as often as I used to. I have too much fishing equipment. I may post it on the Buying/Selling forum for sale.
  3. Over the past few years I have spoken with some of the people on the ASMFC and I have to say I don't have much faith in most of them. I really don't think they have a clue. One of them was a nice enough to discuss my concerns of overfishing but he was pretty adamant the cause for the decline in striped bass was the lack of bunker. I had explained to him on more than one occasion that we had plenty back in the 80s but there was still no bass. The problem most of them forgot we had these same arguments years ago. I don't have much confidence the next changes will do much either. We are going into it with a 50% chance of working. I really think we're f'ed.
  4. Thanks for posting this. Why am I not surprised. I have been saying the blues have been in trouble for years.
  5. When fishing was good I would go about 100 times a season. This year, I will probably do .25 of that.
  6. You're 100% correct. Hopefully more people will contact their reps. I shared with a number of my friends who complain the fishing is terrible but they don't reach out to their reps. Believe me, I know it sounds like a losing battle but that is the only way anything will ever change.
  7. Yeah, that's a tough one. Brings back memories of when I had to put my dog to sleep over 20 years ago. I still miss him.
  8. I have already done the first three and plan on donating as well. I am glad a group with similar beliefs as mine as well many others on this site decided to step up and organize. Maybe now we will actually get something done for a change.
  9. Any idea when the next assessment is? I believe it is sometime in August.
  10. What's a bluefish? I'm pretty certain the next assessment will indicate their stocks are in the ****.
  11. I grew up fishing Jbay. I never saw any on the backside but then again I never knew to look for them. However, I always came across plenty on the ocean side.
  12. A lot of these same arguments were already had in the 80s (e.g. it's pollution, the fish are staying offshore, they are only hitting black lures when you're throwing white, they are everywhere you're not, you don't know how to fish for them, etc.). It wasn't until a moratorium and when the subsequent 1 @ 36" was implemented that the bass came back. Yes, there are other circumstances that can and do affect the stocks but the greatest contributor to the current problem is overfishing. If it wasn't, the rebuilding efforts of the 80s would have not resulted in the very good fishing we had up until the most recent precipitous decline.
  13. In addition to SF, and if you haven't done so already, I suggest you Google saltwaterguidesassociation. I believe you will find their view points are similar to yours. This group really seems to get it and they are definitely worth a look. I believe Striped Bass are a game fish in NJ but they still manage to take plenty. That designation alone is not going to resolve the issue of overfishing.
  14. Agreed. Below is an excerpt of an email I received from a friend of mine regarding this. This contains the NY contacts we should email and another suggested letter we could write. I have already reached out to these three on several occasions so I will probably piggy back off of one of the emails I had already sent. Hope this helps. Now is the time to email our NY reps about Change to striped bass regs as they have their meeting in Aug to finalize any new regs. Below are the emails of the 3 people we need to contact and a sample email of what to say. If u love bass fishing this is our only shots to really voice or opinion not only for change but also rebuilding the stocks. Please take a minute to copy the email below and send it to these 3 peeps !! Won't take more then 2 minutes. Thanks ! It's great if they change the regs but they also need to set up a plan to REBUILD. Changed regs only stops the bleeding. Please share the hell out of this. Hello: When the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Atlantic Striped Bass Management Board meets on August 08, 2019 you have an important opportunity to set striped bass management back on the right course. You are well aware that the striped bass stock is overfished, and overfishing is occurring. Both conditions mean striped bass are in trouble and action needs to be taken now. Please oppose the motion to begin a new amendment to the management plan, which could result in the goals and objectives of the plan, reduce striped bass abundance and harm the long-term health of the spawning stock. Please return fishing mortality to the target in the current management plan (Amendment 6) by 2020. Finally, please honor the commitment made when Amendment 6 was adopted to rebuild the striped bass stock within ten years. Thank you for your attention to this issue Sincerely,