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  1. I was visiting my MIL again on LI and went for a LONG walk across Democrat Point. What's going on there? Lots of tug boats, barges, very long driller pipes, buoys, etc. on the backside. A large stretch of the coast was flattened and I remember there being lots of trees, bush, shrubs, etc. along that stretch butting up to the waterfront, but they all seem to have been removed... Now there is acres of dry sand with NOTHING on it. It seems very weird that this is construction is an improvement, especially removing all the vegetation. Also, as you drive in with your beach buggy (about 1/4 mile in from the road), there used to be a stretch of rocks that many people would fish from on the backside (it's more like the GSB there), the side where you first see the water when you drive in and the rocks are on the right side. Many of those rocks have disappeared. I remember it being one long stretch of rocks with many people often fishing there. Now it's just a few patches of low rocks with lots of breaks where water enters the 'road'. It's so weird to see that those rocks 'washed away' (or whatever happened). I guess it makes for better fluke fishing across the backside with all that sand, but it can't be an improvement for stripers or blues... Or perhaps I am wrong... LMK what you know. Carpniels
  2. Hi Surfcast, I went with Harders charters from Ithaca, NY to fish Cayuga Lake last year. My first charter with my boys. Great experience, 16 lake trout. Still eating fillets... You may want to call them to ask what is being caught around the time you want to go. Good luck - Niels
  3. Not only that; with the millions of trail cameras out there for the last dozen or so years, not A SINGLE ONE has ever caught a picture of a squash EVER!!! hard to believe statistically that if there is a population of squash in the USA, that none have EVER been photographed or video taped.
  4. I'm not completely sure on the history, but these long rods started to be used in England in the 1950s (Bruce and Walker Mark IV rods) which were 10 ft long. The soft rods allowed for casting longer distances with soft baits and had a lot of 'give' so the hook would pull out of the carp lips during landing. I'm sure the older fishing lines and hooks were also kinda weak compared to current materials. The longer rods also allowed you to steer the carp after hooking it so it wouldn't get caught in snags around the smallish ponds that people used to fish for carp in the 20th century in England. Or you could drop your bait ever so gently over the reeds on the bank in front of you. Then when rods went from glass to carbon, the length was increased to cast even further. So 12 ft became the standards as a 2-piece will nicely fit in a holdall and then in the back of your subcompact Vauxhall hatchback or station wagon. Thanks - Carpniels
  5. I fell in Florida last year. On the reinforced wall of an inlet. Large coral rock boulders. Split my face open between my eyes (bridge of my nose). Broke my glasses. Bled like a mofo, bcz I'm on aspirin. At 50, I'm too old for this S***. Never went on a jetty, rock outcropping or anything similar since. Never will. Apart from the risk at my age, health insurance is terrible and my deductible is $7,000, so if I fall and go to the hospital, the first $7K is on my dime... That's more than all my fishing gear together is worth. Not worth the risk. Later. carpniels
  6. Hi KnK, That photo is of my third son. He was 10 years old in 2016 and fishing by himself early June to catch SMB, perch or rock bass. He cast towards the deep and hooked this on a 2-inch Storm shad on a 6-ft Ugly stick with 6-lb mono on a Shimano Sierra. Drag was sent right, lake is clear with no obstacles, so he landed it with my help after one of his friends that came by saw it and ran over to the house to get me. 42 inch, 26 pound. Largest I've even seen from our local lake. Thanks - Carpniels P.S. the mat he's sitting on is the Therm-a-rest that I talked about! Purple.
  7. I have been kinda surprised about the large number of closures of SS beaches recently because of shark sightings. Sharks have been in the breakers for decades and I've seen them being caught with skates, etc. for many year. Why all of a sudden these closures when the situation hasn't changed? Perhaps, I'm missing something.... Thanks - Carpniels
  8. Hi KnK, I'm not sure if it's shown on my pics, but I've been using a Therm-a-Rest mat for decades now. I found it 'used' after Woodstock99 in one of the buildings on the Air Force base where it was held. It folds up easily, takes up hardly any room, is tough, cleans easily and I can use it too in case I'm tired during fishing and haven't caught a thing I bet some garage sales will have them cheap. Or a knock off at Wallyworld? A real one might be pricey. Thanks - carpniels
  9. That brings back memories; I was a member from 2000 until they quit printing their magazine, which was the highlight of my month when it arrived. I went to several of their fish-ins (Tidal Basin, Washington, DC, St. Lawrence River, NY) and it was great to hang out with other 'crazy carpfishermen.' Loved the camaraderie and the friendly competition trying to outfish the next guy. And still have a beer afterwards and try to learn their 'secret.' I've gotten older, had 4 kids and that hindered traveling. Then we had sports, marching band, cross country and then weekends went away and fishing was reduced to a minimum. Sad, but perhaps when they're all gone, I can go traveling again for carp. Carpniels
  10. I agree with you all; cannot imagine anyone voluntarily taking/snorting /injecting anything with the current risks of other ingredients.... A neighbor if mine in upstate (firefighter) told me that the Narcan on average helps 6 times; typically, by the 7th overdose, they're too late and the person dies. That's sad... He also told me that you wouldn't believe how p*ssed off the OD person is when you use Narcan and take them out of their high... You save their live and that's the thanks you get. Geesh... I pray non of my 4 boys (or any of your families) ever get in contact with any of this stuff. Carpniels
  11. Buddha, Thanks for the reply. I'll look into the Rebellion a little more. Thanks for the tips on the reels: I was thinking something a little fancier (Vanford or Ballistic, bcz I like nice reels ) And they're a little lighter than the Stradic. I noticed that none of the B&T stores on LI I visited this week (8 of them) had any 15 Lb braid in stock. They may have the green 'normal' PP, but none of the 8 or 9-strand stuff. Even J&H was out... Must be fluking is getting really popular (at least that's what the sales guy said). Lastly, I fished yesterday on the beach in a large NS state park. There was a guy there fluke fishing the way you do with a Toadfish rod. Seemed to have the exact action as some of your rods. I checked their website and they have some really interesting rods including a 2-piece 7'2". Do you know anything about these rods? Any opinion? They also have a funky 5-piece travel rod with 2 different mid/top sections to switch from medium light to medium. That's interesting.... BTW, fishing was c*rp. One sea robin for 3.5 hours of fishing. And I walked the entire beach... At least the guy with the toadfish rod had 2 sea robins and one short fluke ... I look forward to your reaction. Carpniels
  12. Buddha, I read all the posts and saw most of your YT vids. Thanks for all of those. Question: Since I'm married with a wife, 4 teenage boys and college bills, I cannot buy your 'recommended' $500+ rods and $500+ reels. In one of your vids, you mention that the ROD is the most important part of the gear. Reels are easy to get and plenty around from $30 to $infinity in 2500/3000 size. However, rods are hard to find, especially because I need to bring them in a sedan with the family, so I have to have a 2 (or more) piece rod. I'm looking in the $100-300 range. All rods I've found are typically bass rods and because those bass guys have boats with 7 or more ft long storage lockers on their boats, they all have (and want/buy) 1-piece rods. Here's my 2+-piece rod list: St. Croix. Anything from Triumph, Avid, Eyecon, Trout Pack, Mojo Bass, etc. Most come in 2-piece at 7' or 7'6" for 4-10 Lb test and 1/8-3/8 oz and around 4 oz weight. (I loved the Trek series in Avid, Tidemaster and Legend) but those are 3-piece and discontinued). Daiwa Rebellion. 7'4" 2 piece, 4-8 Lb, 3/32-1/2 oz. Daiwa Saltist. West Coast 7'6" Which do you recommend and why? Any other suggestions? Thanks - Carpniels P.S. I am curious what the white plastic holder thingie is that you bring to the beach which holds your rod, net, Boca grip, etc. Looks like a clever solution to keep things sand free and easy to carry, but I've never seen it in a store. Home made?
  13. If I'm not mistaken Buddha also recommends Keitech fat impact swim shads so you can always get those. Or in one of his YT vids, he mentioned the regular Gulp 5-inch grubs so that can work too. FWIW; my son's largest fluke came on a 1-oz little Cleo spoon at the dock of a famous SS party boat marina (25 inch) on a 6-ft ugly stick with 8-Lb mono and as Shimano Sierra. I found that spoon in AK during salmon fishing and put it on his line since I thought there was NO WAY he would catch anything. Shows you how much I know.... Thanks - Carpniels
  14. I found the 5 inch Gulp JS at Causeway B&T two days ago. Now that I posted that, they'll all be gone by tomorrow ..... Carpniels
  15. And here's the reason why I buy and fish with 2-piece rods; they fit in my car... It's just really hard to find good quality 2-piece spinning rods that are less than 8 ft... Thanks - Carpniels