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  1. ok thanks, PP payment sent
  2. If your willing to swap the pearl A40 w/ the eyes, w/ the pearl A40 w/out eyes that I bought from the other thread, that would be cool, if not I understand.
  3. I’ll take the yellow A40 & the black A40 w/ the plugs from the other thread.
  4. ok, I'll take the yellow & the black cowboy's & the pearl A40.
  5. Are all the cowboys seniors? If so, I’ll take the yellow cowboy, the black cowboy & one of the A40’s, are the A40’s both the same, pearl w/ pink hue?
  6. I think I have a couple A40’s never been fished, but not sure that I still have the package. Does this interest you?
  7. Jigman/RM Smith
  8. Anymore eel skins left?
  9. I'll take the black/orange darter & a black/orange bottle darter
  10. I'll take these
  11. Im good w/ $13 for the blurple, thanks Marc!
  12. Was going to ask if you’re willing to sell the blurple seperately, but if not I guess I’ll take them both for asking price.
  13. Marc, do you happen to still have this blurple pikie?
  14. ok, sold to water dog.
  15. Looking to get $25 shipped for it.