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  1. Sent PM. $100 is less than I was hoping to get for it, but it's yours if you want it.
  2. price drop $150.
  3. bump
  4. The top is used, but in good shape. Has laytex cuffs at wrists. No rips, tears, leaks etc.. There is a stain of some sort on the left elbow. For those of you would dont know, the sizing on these is ‘off’ this 3XL fits more like a 2XL. I’m 6’2” and 260lbs & usually wear an under armour thermal & heavy sweatshirt underneath and it fits me. $175 shipped.
  5. I'll take the needle
  6. ok, I’ll do $38 shipped
  7. willing to split the BM ?
  8. I’ll take the silver/white for $26
  9. GRS

    Can you do $85 for the yellow?
  10. I’ll take this.
  11. I'll take the tattoo for $30
  12. ok, thanks for the clarification, but I’ll pass then.... good luck w/ the sale.
  13. if this is the small 1oz version, I'll take it for $20.
  14. I'll take these
  15. I'll take the top left, top right, and bottom right darters