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  1. .
  2. Bought this a few years ago, needed work. Never got around fixing it. I believe it’s an early 80’s era. Would be willing to sell it for $200. Also have an older (2001) bow mount trolling motor that I would also be willing to part w/ if you’re interested. I’m located in NJ, zip is 07960. Let me know if you’re interested.
  3. 5hrs on the smoker
  4. beer can chicken on the smoker!
  5. I have a 5 tube elite hunter, they call it the cobra on their website. Might be more than you're looking to spend tho? Only used a handful of times, like new condition. Let me know if you're interested and/or make offer.
  6. nothing beats charcoal.. specially w/ a couple chunks of wood thrown in...
  7. conventional or spinning ?
  8. I'll take the white w/ red eye please.
  9. if you're willing to split the (2) 8" shads @ 4 1/2 oz, I'm interested... let me know.
  10. I got rid of stilt grass in my lawn by applying crab grass preventer aka 'pre-emergent' fertilizer that is applied w/ a spreader. The key is to prevent it from germinating, rather than trying to kill it once it is actively growing. I live in northern NJ & apply the crab grass preventer twice, once early in the season, usually early to mid March, then again 6 to 8 weeks later, which typically sometime in May. As far as the other weed in the photo, I'm not sure what it is, but the same principal will resolve the issue, apply a pre-emergent & it will prevent it from growing in the first place.... however, if you forgot to apply, or miss an area w/ the pre-emergent, etc, it's easier to deal w/ than the stilt grass. The trouble w/ the stilt grass, is that once stilt grass is actively growing, it's difficult to kill w/out also killing the lawn surrounding the stilt grass, since it's a 'grassy' weed, & the only thing that kills it is 'weed & grass' killer.. so again, the only way to deal w/ stilt grass is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Back to the other weed in the photo, first priority would be to prevent it from growing in the first place, as mentioned above.... but because it's not a 'grassy' weed, there are products available to kill it once it's actively growing, what you need is 'broad leaf weed killer' it's available in both granulized fertilizer form, which gets applied w/ a spreader to the entire lawn, and is also available is a spray, which can be used to spot treat affected areas. Just remember it's a process, & isn't going to happen overnight... you need to develop a plan of what you will apply to the lawn throughout the season over X amount of months period... & after 1 to 2 years, you will see improvement & ultimately become weed-free... but it does not happen overnight, it takes time. And there you have it in a nut shell, the knowledge that I gained after about 5 years of trial & error to get my lawn weed-free, after TruGreen could not do it.
  11. from left to right I'll take 3, 4, 6, 9 & 10... Is payment w/ a personal check ok ?
  12. Ok Bob, sounds good.. I’ll take it.. Please send me your address & I’ll get a check out to you tomorrow. Thanks!
  13. Bob, can you tell me how long it is fully extended? Thanks.
  14. how much do you want for it Bob?
  15. Like the title says, looking for a shoulder strap for plug bag. Let me know what you have. Thanks.