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  1. Anyone have metal lips in RM's NightFish pattern?
  2. Do they float or sink ?
  3. Let’s see what you guys have..
  4. Is the chartreuse A40 an Afterhours?
  5. Is this still available?
  6. Ok, if the sale doesn’t go thru, I’d like to be next in line.
  7. Is this still available? I’m interested. Any chance of meet up in Manhattan?
  8. anyone interested? Make an offer.
  9. I’m in NJ, so I guess no local meetup. Send me your PP info & I’ll get payment over to you, thanks!
  10. I’ll take it. Where are you from?
  11. Is it just me, or does it seems like everyone has started fishing smaller Van Staal reels? For many, the standard used to be a VS200 or even VS250 on a 10 or 11 foot rod... and a VS150 on 8 & 9 foot rods With the VR's now on the scene, and even the VSX's and VSX2's, it seems like the trend is shifting towards many downsizing their reels. I personally love my VS200 on my 10'-6" rod, and my VS150 on my 9' rod, as they balance perfectly. What are your guys thoughts on the subject? What are you using, now that there are more options available from Van Staal?
  12. Ok, I’ll take it. Payment via paypal OK ?