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  1. Interested in the troller, if you consider splitting.
  2. Does it have any imperfections?
  3. What's your height/weight & how does it fit you? How does it fit in comparison to other brands that you own?
  4. I'll take these.
  5. If you decide your willing to split, I’m interested in the bottom one.
  6. If it’s all black, I can offer $25 shipped.
  7. excuse my ignorance, but what color is this thing ?
  8. if ChronicAngler passes, I'll take this for $25 shipped.
  9. ok, sounds good, I can mail you a check.
  10. Sorry, that was a typo, I meant to offer $85 for the (3). Let me know, thanks.
  11. I can offer $60 for the olive, the green over chartreuse, & the pearlish/silverfish one on top.
  12. I'll take lot #1
  13. Ok, I'll take the needle for $30.
  14. interested in the needle, if you're willing to split?