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    fish and lie to my girl about going fishing
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  1. I’m looking to buy a combo for my big girl she’s outgrown hers and she’s ready for the beach. Not looking to break bank but I’m not looking for junk. I’m on Long Island preferably local.
  2. If your located in NY I have a lot of fleer basketball from 80’s Barkley and a bunch of others. Some hokey and football also but mostly basketball from 80’s to early 90’s
  3. Yea man at the price worth a shot.
  4. I seen a guy with a red one two years back on Long Island. He rode on the sand thing was cool. Very important keep dry and really clean if on sand with a brush no water. It might cost you more in long run but it’s a cool toy.
  5. Grew up at causway less than a mile from my house guys were and still are great. Always gets a thumbs up.
  6. Small black needle at night
  7. Thanks for the info. Always gets me in the end when he says a good 45lber.
  8. Stick around and browse around. Lots and lots of history on Van Staals. use Tools sol gives you like the search feature. You can go back and look at old threads and learn about anything you need to know about Staals And almost anything fishing related you can think of.
  9. Very weird things come out at night on the East and west tunnels. Fishing tobay my whole life I’m glad I’m not the only one.
  10. Bless you and your family. Stay strong.
  11. At night you can’t see if your casting 150 or 200 yards. The fish are close.
  12. Fish are are all over go fish stop posting reports.
  13. O yes that was very cool.