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    fishing is in my blood but i need to learn more every day
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    fish and lie to my girl about going fishing
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    have not figured this one out yet

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  1. It sounds like he’s laughing the whole time amazing. Little guy hooked for life.
  2. It’s a good sign fish are in the area.
  3. It was a great spot before new construction. Only used to see a few guys fishing. You do need drive on or overnight permit to park now.
  4. I feel you I was always good for 3-4 trips to Kings park a year for hooks and other items. Always looked forward to visiting. this year schedule never let me go and I knew they were done.
  5. Melville high school has a fishing club. Some guys on here are involved and sure they will chime in.
  6. If you can do 100 I’ll drive to Kingspark and take these from you. Cash.
  7. Looks like this grouper has done this before like a learned behavior. I think he survived.
  8. Turn them inside out an old timer told me. And always sharpen your hooks. A small stone is a must on you at all times.
  9. Never buy rods online is more like it.
  10. I’ve learned to live with most surfers. At least it’s still to cold for the soccer moms. Let’s hope we don’t get any storms and we can get a season on Gilgo.
  11. With skin plugs it’s not about how far they cast most times.
  12. How do they swim
  13. Yea don’t watch YouTube to much but I’ve had a couple of josh videos sent to me thru the years. Early he tried to show people how to now it’s all look at me. Money changes people and that’s ok he’s got to live with himself. Some people do things because they love it some people do it to be cool.
  14. You ever in Long Island i would take it.