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    fish and lie to my girl about going fishing
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    have not figured this one out yet

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  1. Why send people 2 dollars. Dumbest chit ever.
  2. How about have a few leaders tied for each situation. A few of each. It take less than a minute to tie a leader to your main.
  3. They do a nice reports thread in jersey forum. To tell you the truth you won’t learn from reading reports. You learn from putting time on the water. Good luck.
  4. I don’t understand how this thing turned into a report thread. It’s the same chit every year. Yes the fish are migrating to answer the original question. Get out and fish.
  5. Haha sorry I forgot that was your thing.
  6. Nice catch. But the boyfriend knew better he’s not a noob. Youtubers are all idiots in the end.
  7. I do my part and always shop local. I support best I can.
  8. Everything that comes from China is f-cking someone one way or another. How can you escape it everything is made in China. American made is very limited these days.
  9. What’s your location pm me Info I’ll send m/o if I can’t pick up and pay cash
  10. I’ll take it.
  11. Never having the chance to watch my old man grow old all I have to say is enjoy. Even the parts you find annoying enjoy every moment. God bless.
  12. To me if your sending your reels in that time of year your asking for trouble. I get mine in after the season. To me 8 weeks is normal that time of year. I use that shop a lot and a few others in our area all good people and they will do the job. Use this as a life lesson never service your reels a month before the season starts.
  13. Jersey ain’t much better and NY Asian restaurants and markets and other type of restaurants all over buy these Gish in the back door . I peruse the south shore at nights I see all types of poachers white Latino Asian. You can’t stop this sh-t it’s ingrained in people.
  14. Bullish-t.
  15. The 19 andrus and the 15 fin-s 80 shipped I’ll send m/o.