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    fishing is in my blood but i need to learn more every day
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    fish and lie to my girl about going fishing
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    have not figured this one out yet

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  1. https://newbedfordlight.org/blown-away-offshore-wind-regulators-ignore-danger-to-fishing-industry/ funny someone posted this in the jersey forum.
  2. Proof is coming doc. Wind farms are terrible. What made you think a wind turbine would be good for the environment and ocean. It’s not worth the trade off.
  3. Ok let me talk to wife I’ll let you know.
  4. How much are you asking ? And what’s your location ?
  5. Wind farms are useless and hurt aquatic animals. What’s miss information about that? How much power do we get from wind do you think ? Instead of saying miss information give some information.
  6. Please do my friend. This way I can show the wife.
  7. My kid was asking for one. want to see if I can find one before I take another route. Anyone has one that the kids have outgrown. I’m located on Long Island.
  8. Can’t make everyone happy in this world. Sometimes you take a chance and it works out sometimes you loose. I like used gear second hand. I’m happy 90% of the time the other 10% is a loss.
  9. I’ve had a mojo conventional heaver for 10 years now it’s been great for me. I got it as a back up to my one piece heavers and to use when I’m traveling. It casts great and found myself using it more than my other rods many days. Casts 8oz-10oz plus a bunker chunk no problem. I think the avid is a little stiffer than the mojo. Good luck.
  10. When it all lines up in bad weather it’s epic. I’ve experienced some bad weather events with fishing from the beach for SB that will stick with me for ever.
  11. This is the base. Low or high is just as productive. If you’re fishing a spot blind then yes 2 before and 2 after is a good starting point.
  12. Figuring that out is what the game is. Learning your spots and keeping a mental log or even a written one will help you.
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