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  1. I still use mono on all my baitcasters. All my spinning rigs I use braid.
  2. My buddy uses this rod for his baitcaster. 6-8-10 oz weight fish finder rig and a chunk.
  3. I think johns shop still in business I’ll check for you. I might be wrong its been months since I stopped in.
  4. Even tho I caught fish in no way is the fishing exceptional. You can’t be awake if you truly believe theirs nothing wrong with this fishery. I fish from shore, bridges, inlets, and jetties. And the shadows show me the fish are not in numbers like years back. I know some spots I fish are cyclical but when the biomass of fish is not what it should the fishing is not what it should. Let some guys tell you what they will it’s the same old sad story. The fishing is great the sharpies are catching. And some of that is true because the sharpies will always catch. The sharpies also know what’s going on is not good.
  5. How much was is selling for? Just curious.
  6. God bless my friend get strong and live long. I’m a smoker amongst many another things. This year I made a step to quit drinking and using drugs 6 months now. Last month I changed my brand from Marlboro reds to spirits and I’m smokin a half a pack now from over one of the reds. I got two young girls 5 and 1 and I think of this every day. My father was a smoker so was my mom. My father died of a sudden brain aneurism In 2001 at the age of 53 very suddenly got up off the couch looked at me and took his last breath. This has effected me my whole adult life. I started smoking when I was 19 and at 21 when my father died I started smoking more fulled my drinking and drug abuse. I’ve been fighting this battle my whole life and now at a point in my life where I’m mentally and physically strong and off everything except cigarettes. My mom quit now close to 5 years and all my friends that did smoke have also quit. I’m 39 and thank god im still alive and I have not had any major health issues. Your story really touched me and I have made doctors appointments to get myself checked up. I am in the gym taking care of myself these days I’m in pretty good shape and I fish a lot walk and just started to jog. Quitting Smoking is a big step that I need to do for me my family and my girls. My wife smoked till she found out she was pregnant 6 years now and never touched another one. I don’t want this terrible habit to kill me like it has many others and only wish to grow old to see my girls one day turn into beautiful women. Thank you for sharing your story friend just know you made a difference in one persons life here. Sincerely Harry K.
  7. Hey shorty good luck with your recovery my friend and enjoy the sober life. Fishing is a great hobby and sport. If you ever need any pointers please let me know. This is my neck of the woods. When you get enough posts shoot me a pm. This is a great place to learn everything about fishing. I’m sure other guys have gone thru what your going thru bud enjoy the ride your not alone.
  8. God bless to the family. Sorry for yours and your family loss.
  9. That stinks but you can def work that knot free with a little patience also. These guys have the rest covered. I do spool my own reels on occasion. But I find it very convenient to have a shop with a machine to do it. Now not all shops are created equal and I’ve seen some places do a terrible job. Sometimes it’s the guy doing the spooling. I always go to same guy for years.
  10. No rod is indestructible. You seem to buy and sell a lot of high end rods. Don’t you like any of them. Do non fit your needs. What type of fishing are you doing just trying to figure out why you are looking for an indestructible rod. You know what they say it’s the Indian not the arrow that makes the difference. Good luck in your search.
  11. Haha fish it. This spine thing been talk about for years. Nothing to it. The rod only performs as well as the guy using it. Good luck.
  12. *
  13. I can tell you for a fact Montauk blitzes are now a thing of the past. MD & VA are having trouble catching also. Now you do get the occasion Montauk blitz and some nice fish in MD & VA but it’s all coming to an end in my eyes. The canal will have this last run of bass this year next year it will end. We will all pay for the greed of others. When you get good runs like in Jersey years back in Montauk at the canal and block in the 80’s every A-hole hero has to drive to go catch a bass. I fish home in my waters I would not be happy if I had a bunch of guys in my back yard if I was a mass guy I would be pissed. Like someone said a collapse is the only thing that will stop this.
  14. I’ve fished a tide or two with a few of these guys. Never really been the talking type but have had some great conversations with people. I’m a Long Island guy and billy the Greek has been a big influence in the way I fish. For some reason he talked to me and always got a lot out of what he had to say. The biggest was fish harder than the next guy.
  15. I do this with all kind of jigs I use split rings. It’s an interesting idea the clips. I can see me using this in a pinch.