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  1. Nobody wants to do anything about it any more. LI is turning to trash. People of walks of life refuse to follow the rules. The few high money areas the cops keep clean and a few areas the people do it themselves. The rest are just going to shat. A plus I saw an officer checking west end yesterday. This spot is in the back and lots of poaching has been reported. One guy was checked I saw him catching a blackfish wasn’t sure but officer found nothing. No parking permit or fishing license. Once the guy saw the officer he started packing his gear no ticket was given.
  2. If you do 45 I’ll take it. I’ll drive and pick up I’m in Lindenhurst
  3. What’s your location pal
  4. I know people have gone more that 5 times yet to catch one or have one rooster with the highest end reels and rods. You guys go first time and have an amazing trip. This is great. Good job.
  5. I feel like they are spraying the sky with something to block the rays of the sun. The sun seems stronger than ever and the cold and rain is crazy the amounts we are getting. I’m not a conspiracy nut but I looked into it a bit and lots of info out about it.
  6. Put your head lamp away simple. Be a fisherman at least try to act like one. Your always attacking someone on here. Leave your cell phone in the truck. For the op korkers get out in the day check some spots and trie fishing them at night. A lot of ground to cover it’s taken some of us many years to just start to get intimate with Montauk. Good luck enjoy the adventure.
  7. Not using a light, fishing at night and spots nobody likes and my Newell’s.
  8. I also own the 12’ 6-16 mojo casting and throws 10 and bait great. This rod is 7 years old and has lots of big fish some really big sharks and some sting rays that we’re bigger than cars. I have a few customs now but this rod is always in the rotation. I find it to be a great caster and still have a lot of confidence in this rod.
  9. Avid is to stiff for me. my mojo 10’6” 3/4-4 has been thru hell and now resides in my car. I’ve had it 8 years now just replaced one guide. Good rod for the money and has lots of mojo
  10. Get one no breaks no level wind and educate your thumb. It sounds like you will be bait fishing so it’s not that bad. Go cast during the day Get confident. Use mono.
  11. Yea Mako is just a dream.but Thats why I keep going.
  12. They are all over south shores of LI. A shot of a thresher or mako I will get one day. I’ve heard story’s of ones been caught before. I think someone got a thresher last year with a vs plugging. I use much more stout gear and cast out. Usually my Newell 344 does the trick.
  13. Safer you must be new to the island. Def way worse than it has ever been. Just need to open your eyes to see it.
  14. How much worse can it get. It’s already terrible.
  15. Long Island is not the place it used to be sad because I love the place I live in and grew up in. Too many young people passing from drugs and murders this needs to stop somehow or it’s time to go before my little ones get old enough to feel the effects of all the crap. God bless the young man that lost his life.