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  1. Mojo are good rods for the money. 7 years a long time to have a rod if they do break after that long usually some user error. That said I got rods way older and I do have a mojo that’s fished Montauk as a backup and have put some work on it from rocks to beach. I got my mojo over 8 years and if it breaks shoot I got my money’s worth. A lot of guys breaking rods these days Because they throw more weight than they should and never learned how to cast. When a rod says it 3/4-4 or 2-6 it does not mean that you can power cast 4 oz or 6 oz. some rods can but most can’t. You need to figure out what the rod you purchase can do and can’t do. This is all part of fishing.
  2. I’m guessing they are salted so yes.
  3. The black markets is more than alive. It’s actually stronger than ever. If they start checking restaurants especially the bodegas and Chinese food places you would truly find out. I’m not saying those are the only places but they are the majority.
  4. I’ve gotten lucky to hatch some photo shoots. Little bikinis are great. Topples even better.
  5. The peace.
  6. It is all over but we are doing just fine on Long Island. Thank god everyone is going to the canal these days. Now the problem is not only that you burned a spot on sol and everyone here can see. Anyone that googles let’s say epic fishing at the canal will be sent to this place not needing to be a member they can also see your post.
  7. It’s crazy how expensive bass is. I eat fish but bass is not top 5 I don’t think it’s top 10 in taste fir me anyway.
  8. Everyone is trying to get the last of them. To bad most of the idiots fishing these day don’t even know what good fishing is.
  9. It’s got to be the shorts haha. Nice catch.
  10. Very nice fish. Can you please share some info about your setup. Not the rod and reel. The jig or teaser the weight and line. I would truly appreciate it.
  11. That picture been floating around for years I think.
  12. Some of us still do that. Love these new guys look at me. I got a fish. Take my picture look at my video. Watch me catch a bass. I live in NY never fished mass had a trip planed years back but me and a bud got on a good bite hard to leave when it was just us two on very good size fish. Now I would not even think about going to fish that area. But I will take family and Check some of the open beaches.
  13. Been going since she was three. Learned how to cast and retrieve. Now she 5 and always loves when we go. They like the actin. Look for a spot at a dock by back bay. Enjoy.
  14. ^ this
  15. You need to fish more on Long Island and put some time in. We catch bass like that here. I get it your exited but you boys look old enough to get it. No spot burning.