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  1. I don’t stray to far anymore. You fish my home waters. No need to travel unless your sure of a bite. But we have everything here bud. From Moses to west end and everything in between you always have fish in your back yard. With family and work obligations I fish 80% nights. But when I do fish day time or low water situations I have a plan of attack. I’ve put lots of years in this area and I know when and where to fish. I’m 10 min from the beach this helps. I used to fish Montauk north shore I wanted to learn and fish all over when I started. Now I’ve learned no need I got all I need home. We also have Long Beach and west only 30 min drive. Good luck in your quest put in your time scout spots and take notes.
  2. Haha it shows how clueless some dudes truly are man. I don’t mean to insult you bud. The truth is if you fish chunks on a spike and bait and wait it’s a luck thing. But when you take hours upon hours to scout holes and beaches and fish chunks like you would lures it is very different game. I jig I bucktail and plug I do it all. But when it’s time for the 11 foot lami to come out and the Newell I chunk and move most times I cover more ground than most guys jigging. You want big fish you have to be an all around good fisherman in my opinion. Now if you just want to cast lures I would be fishing much bigger profile plugs leave the little stuff in the bag.
  3. Your fishing the wrong time friend. CSS 10am is just about dead low. Start picking your tides and times better. You will find success. The other guy walking off was fish the morning tide outgoing. He put himself in a much netter position to catch a fish or multiple fish. When I first started I would fish anytime I could and that paid off sometimes. But I’ve learned to fish the right times and tides and what spots will produce on those low tides and all different situations. Time on the water and fishing at night will help you catch more fish.
  4. I thought Spain but hey who knows. They used to be here but no more. But they will tell you the blue fish stocks are just fine. Just like the stripers they are doing great also. What a joke!
  5. Yea man I would do my homework before I did something like this.
  6. Yea but some of the 270 seem to be guys that are for opening the ezz to fishing.
  7. I know the feeling Marty I lost a monster I could not budge this week on an open beach. Not an sp. I can feel the size of this fish. It’s tough feeling you don’t get mAny chances at those big girls. And when you do you want to bring them in. But it wasn’t in the stars.
  8. Was it on an sp haha. Are you fishing and sending pictures haha. Marty your a trip brother. Enjoy the fishing
  9. Exactly 6 months ???why not now
  10. Guys I like to see some of the things you wrote if that’s ok. It’s hard for me to put my feeling into words sometimes and my English skills are not the best. My father moved us back to the states when I was 9 and English was always my worst subject. I speak 4 languages but my writing skills are terrible haha.
  11. This is super funny just spat water out my nose. Red fin probably has got more bass than most lures out. All of them work. A lot to read on them. When I first started fishing my pops gave me one and I got bass on our first trip. Then I learned to load them and that was a rap. I know red fins have saved many nights and have got countless 50’s. A bucktail is first out the bag but Redfin is next in line. But hey keep using your SP. bombers also don’t forget bombers they are useless also haha.
  12. Cycles are an old wifes tale. I believe cycles used to be more prevalent for weaks and blues in the past. Now the populations seem to have gone to sh-t who knows the blues went to Europe I guess with ASrod.
  13. Marty why not load your bombers and redfins and leave those sp’s Home man. Very few times will an so outfish either of those plugs. But sometime the fish do like the slight sp wiggle. In my opinion bombers and Redfin have much better action even when loaded. And can handle a Much bigger hook. Sp I found out if the hooks are to big they won’t swim properly.
  14. We can agree to disagree even though I’m catching fish the boats are catching big big bass. Talking to some old timers that lived thru the moratorium in the 80’s they saw a similar thing happened. A big run of big bass and then bass were gone. I feel when I started in the late 90’s the fishing was great man all thru the 2000 till about 10 years back every year gotten noticeably worse. I used to be able to figure a bite meaning I could be on them for 2 to 3 weeks at a spot. Now it’s like 2-3 days. To me it means the biomass of bass has to be smaller. I hope I’m wrong and the scientist are right and it’s all good.
  15. Yea but the way everyone is keeping porgies and the overly lax regulations in my opinion on black sea bass that will end soon enough also. 30 porgies and 7 sea bass a person on some of these party boats twice a day times how many people and boats. Come on I hope your paying more attention sir. Striper population is way down and black fish is so saought after that I can’t see them lasting the way people love them. I read someplace those blacks over 10 lb are older than some of the fishermen on this sight. I’m just going by what I’m seeing it seems your very involved sir but it don’t take a scientist to realize the way this is going it’s not going to last unless these people actually start setting regulations that make a difference. I don’t get it why in the north east the greed runs so deep. Why in Florida the regs for snook and tarpon so much better. Do they care more? Do they have way smarter people running the fishery. I think it’s a little of all together.