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  1. You give to much credit to the rec fishermen my friend. I’m almost sure from what I see the last years and the people I’ve met it’s 2-1 rec to poachers. The boat guys are relentless and many keep big and way over limit. Guy selling fish to pay for gas has been going on for ever. These guys poaching selling fish go out 5 day a week killing fish. No way anyone is accounting for all those fish no way. The **** I’ve seen is only a drop in the bucket and I’ve seen and talked to many guys doing this. The problem is no one cares to enforce any of it. They should **** the whole thing down.
  2. If people only knew how much poaching goes on. I’m starting to understand that it’s the main problem to overfishing. Poachers kill fish and sell them every day.
  3. Only because they are afraid of people.
  4. Tropical Storm

    I’m heading over now
  5. One of the worst thing I’ve seen is him putting his name on everything he got his worthless hands on.
  6. A lot of people are not happy about this. This ain’t over. Hopefully a few rich folk won’t ruin it for a whole community. It’s crazy people will move into a place and try to change it. Something pathetic about it
  7. Ways around all of it. It’s NY you just need to find a way. I got tired of being told you can’t do nothing in NY. Your right about the land of no. It’s sucks but you can find places to fish. Long Island also has miles and mile of shore and back bays. So just find spots or wait till fall time when everyone is home.
  8. Calm down don’t be so sensitive. They are just words. Good mix of guys around sol. Discuss and enjoy. Some bust chops it’s nothing personal. You can also block members you don’t like.
  9. I never said don’t post in any of that. I said you don’t need to because it’s most of it has been covered. I was just informing what seems like a new member you do have a search feature on sol. He wants to show off his fish because he’s proud of catching a schoolie god bless. I get how it is you need the noobs to join and start discussions or else you would not get many new members.
  10. If you learn to use the search feature on sol you will find it’s full of gold. And you find all your questions can be answered without ever even posting anything. You can find posts dating back 20+ years with loads of info.
  11. Nothing major will change. Storm is a dud.
  12. Just stop man. This all nonsense. You don’t understand what addiction is it’s ok. Your point of view is what it is. You just don’t truly get the struggles of people. I see what your saying don’t touch it sure. Some people don’t have the opportunity’s that others have and drugs are all over. Long Island has a huge problem young kids and all kids of people from all walks of life have been destroyed by drugs especially opioids and this fentanyl ****. Alcohols ain’t much better but that’s another rabbit hole. Addiction is a ****ed up thing and once your stuck in it it’s harsh. Your right about the part the best way to beat it is don’t start and knowledge goes a long way. But people are dead. So cool it. Your not an addict congrats your way worked for you it don’t mean sh-t in reality because that’s only your reality.
  13. Some people live under a f-ucking rock. His choice of addiction is obviously social media 30 thousand posts on sol. gosh darn people are stupid. Love dudes that have no idea what life is commenting on life.
  14. In the right hands a bucktail is the only bullet you need I say 80% of the time. And in the toughest of conditions usually the best tool.