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    fishing is in my blood but i need to learn more every day
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    fish and lie to my girl about going fishing
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    have not figured this one out yet

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  1. It’s sad that charters are counted as recs. They get paid to take people out to catch fish. This is a business and should be a commercial enterprise. Now do a recount charters and commercial and all the discarded fish. Now tell me who’s killing more. The whole proses is a joke. When a whole industry is falling apart people change professions. That’s America. Close charter and commercial sector see how fast the fishing populations rebound.
  2. Is it possible to list what shows you will be attending?
  3. Love to join as long as your fighting for the people and access. Would love it if you could sign up online. Me and my family don’t go as much as we used to as we have been priced out. But we do go camping and I fish Montauk. I’ll sign up thru mail or I’ll try to go to one of the shows coming up.
  4. All this knot testing in the end it’s the knot you can tie with your eyes closed at night. Thank you for the interesting info.
  5. Electrical tape lots of info on this. Now with a little practice and patience you can get a connection to your rod better that any reel seat can get.
  6. I know you commercial fish. Don’t you think setting up a couple of bait-casters with fast retrieve and the cranking power a baitcaster gives you will save you a lot of time and money on gear.
  7. More time the fish will be close at night big ones will move in depending on conditions. But sometimes conditions dictate getting it past the bar. These are things you need to figure out. No spikes hold your rod and don’t be afraid to move. Most guys that bait fish give true bait fishermen a bad name. Bait and wait is terrible and luck most of the time. I bait fish.
  8. I treat my bait fishing like my plugging and jigging. Always hold the rod and on the move. If a find a hole in the morning or a rip with plugs or jigs thats holding I will fish it at night with bait. Always looking for the big one this works for me on open beaches. Now I do all types of fishing And the methods change.
  9. I’m itching to fish. Thank you
  10. Your set man for what your going to do just throw some fresh line and go fishing. No need to spend money on braid just load it up with a big game mono and enjoy. Service it clean it and lube and enjoy the fishing. Lots of info on good quality budget rods here.
  11. Truly a waist of time and money
  12. Possibly found a girlfriend?
  13. God bless to a great man and a speedy recovery.