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  1. I don’t use the Voyager but use the 9” Nomad and 11’6” SST Travel rods from okuma. The Nomad is a moderate rod that has handled lots of different Caribbean fish. Both rods are fun to use and pack up nicely in a baseball bat bag for travel.
  2. I’ve decided to try the Scabelly. They’re hard to find in stock so buying one will be an adventure. What size, float/sink, color do you like or don’t like.
  3. Where did you get the Westin lures? I found some on the bay shipped from Poland. Also which size, float/sink do you like?
  4. I add commentary to the above and enter it on a spreadsheet. I tried Skinner’s FishersLog and it is great but only runs on old windows desktops and I no longer have a working windows PC. If I could get it on an iPhone, then that would be a great tool for me. Unfortunately that is not going to happen unless I create it myself.
  5. I used a casting egg with a red gill instead of a fly. How did you retrieve the casting egg to simulate stripping a fly?
  6. I’ve seen some fishermen succeed with gliders last year. I also read and saw Jerry Audet’s thoughts on gliders. Jerry’s favorite’s are hard to find. I am looking for recommendations on gliders. Please be specific as to size, weight, float/sink etc. also if you wish to share how you work them, that would be helpful. Thanks
  7. It seems everyone used the bone color 5 1/4 “ . Did you use any others? What retrieve did you find productive?
  8. Did you rig it with a tail hook or just the center hook? Also what size do you like the most?
  9. So last season I discovered the Yozuri 5 1/4” twitchin bait and shimano colt sniper jigs in 80g were very productive for me. Both were new to me and I want to see what others on this forum found productive last year.
  10. No response. I will withdraw the offer. Thanks
  11. Mine is still available! However, not an x series. Pictures above on this thread. Looking to get $680 picked up. If needed, add about $25 for shipping (I will adjust and only charge actual cost of shipping).
  12. Ok I have the info on shipping and process. If you are ok paying shipping, PM me and I will share details. Thanks
  13. I will look into shipping and follow up. Thanks