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  1. That’s excellent feedback. Thank you!!
  2. I have a 10 foot legend with both a spinning and casting top that fit the same bottom. In that case I was able to test both tops in the retail location where I purchased the rod. Since mine is a pre 2014 model, I am hoping someone can verify this for me before I buy the 3/4-4 oz top.
  3. Let me see if there are any other bottom sections available for me. I may have some reels but I have to check
  4. I have a pre 2014 St Croix Legend 10’6” 2-6 oz rod. Does anyone know if the 3/4-4 oz top from that generation will fit the bottom of my rod? I have seen some posts over the years of people alluding to this fact but no one directly stating so from experience. Thanks
  5. I can’t find the bottom section of my almost 20 year old G LOOMIS-SUR/1266S-Surf SERIES 10'6"… I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a bottom section for this rod? I am in northern NJ. Thanks
  6. I spoke to the fishing manager at a large NJ outdoor supplier to see if I can get an Expride A or B. He checked with Shimano and told me Shimano will not take an order for Exprides from them at this point and no indication when they will accept an order.
  7. Do you have any opinion of the legend inshore 7’6” medium rated 3/8 to 3/4 oz…. Or even the victory rods? I tried placing an order for the Expride B and was told it’s unlikely I get it before November.
  8. That’s where that lure works! Tight lines
  9. I’ve had luck with the large fast sink version. I don’t believe they still make them. I believe Berkeley now has a version that comes in one size only but I am not certain.
  10. Thanks! I will give it a shot. Good luck with the commercial endeavor. I would certainly be interested in this solution.
  11. That looks brilliant. Do you have a STL file you don’t mind sharing.
  12. Shimano just announced two new Expride spinning models that apply to this thread. Both are 7’2”. The Med Lt. rated at 1/8-7/16 oz and med heavy rated at 1/4-3/4 oz. Which do you think would be a better bet for shore fluking?
  13. I fly once or twice a year on United carrying a baseball bat bag with one or two rods in the bat section of the bag. This is always my carry-on and I have never had a problem.
  14. Great looking lures! How long did it take for you to dial them in and come up with a repeatable pattern?