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  1. No response. I will withdraw the offer. Thanks
  2. Mine is still available! However, not an x series. Pictures above on this thread. Looking to get $680 picked up. If needed, add about $25 for shipping (I will adjust and only charge actual cost of shipping).
  3. Ok I have the info on shipping and process. If you are ok paying shipping, PM me and I will share details. Thanks
  4. I will look into shipping and follow up. Thanks
  5. I will stick to the $680 but more importantly, I am not able to ship. I can meet you anywhere from New York City south to Island Beach State Park. This way you can check out the reel and be certain it meets your expectations before purchasing.
  6. VSB200G just completely serviced. $680
  7. Rangler, Did St Croix tell you the 3/4-4 oz top section will fit as well as 1-4 oz top section or did you discover this by yourself? Thanks\
  8. I know this request is geared to a small population on this forum but here it is. I am looking for someone who can give me two caliper measurements from a St Croix Legend LSS106MM2. This is the 10’6” Legend rated at 3/4 oz to 4 oz lure weight. The two measurements I need are both made on the butt section; 1) At the top of the butt section and 2) at The point where the top section ends when the rod is completely put together and tight. Please see the attached photos. I need a precise caliper measurement so that will probably limit the size of the group of people who can help me. Thank you in advance :))
  9. Thanks! I chartered a trip with Double Header many years ago. Hopefully we’ll find suitable seas to try on this trip.
  10. I am heading to St. John and wondering if anyone has fished there from shore or on the flats in the past year. I understand the last major storm changed everything and I am debating bringing fishing gear. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  11. I just snapped my 6 year old Lamiglass super surf. This is the old green model. They don’t make the 9 foot 3/8 - 1 1/2 ounce rod any longer in the super surf line but have a comparable GSB model. Does anyone have experience with both GSB and super surf 2g? Or does anyone know the difference in the graphite material between these two rods. I have asked Lamiglass and they are not helpful at all. Their literature is very vague. The only clue I have is the GSB is more parabolic and super surf is a faster action.. any other insights would be greatly appreciated..
  12. I’m in.
  13. there are some good ideas posted so far. Here is a another that could work for you. It allows you to carry 11 foot rods with top of the rod sitting on dashboard. Strap a bungy cord between the front headrest so you can rest the top of seven foot rods on the bungy cord. This design is not permanent but is very stable and allows you to remove and install in seconds.