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  1. Had a Big Game 3, due to frame thickness can be used as a tomahawk to crack a skull without bending it... I found the drag adjustment and max drag way above Riptide, the quality and precision of craftmanship just outstanding. Mine had saw tooth disc drag, no possibility to change direction and no outgoing click.. Would be perfect for 10-11 Wt boat fishing, as it states....for..."Big Game"... Put it on a weight scale, take out 30 feet and weight it again, will give you a idea about the head weight.
  2. On the big auction site there is a seller hprbearings from Miami...I see carbontex drag washers for your 5500 XTD only, they doesn't fit for C14 models.. The same guy it seems that he has washers for the other C14 XTC
  3. The grease is offered also in different NLGI grades.The vast majority are in NLGI 2 but can be tried NLGI 1 or even 0 for lighter application.
  4. You mean a small reel suitable for 3 Weight or is another model from F3W series?
  5. Super Lube is made somewhere in NY state, by a petrochemical company, has no obscure origin like most of other products, if this matter for someone. It's slippery as freezing rain, I put it on a Bauer fly reel drag and adios friction, I had to clean it and use synthetic oil also from Super Lube. Dielectric....can be used to protect the car battery contacts from oxidation. Food safe....if wife's bread machine start making too much noise... High temperature resistant....I work daily with electrical spatula for wax modelling , this has temperature indicator and I took various greases on it and raise the temperature...Well, Super Lube start evaporating at some temperature way above Permatex grease for car brakes, so since I used on calliper pins and brake pads.... It's white..ish ..transparent and don't stain clothes... The price is very reasonable, I bought two big tubes in the last 15 years, I still have a small amount from the last one... Forgot something...100 % synthetic , no damages for rubber, silicone or plastic... Since I watched some Japanese engineers doing maintenance for some half million $ machinery , I just paint grease with a brush, I don't pack anything and don't leave useless grease around friction zone... I know about Yamaha grease only that is blue...
  6. Did a Nautilus CCF died so close to her hometown? What went wrong with that reel?
  7. I had some attempts , first of all to have Delrin instead of wood for a Bauer, after that I start to like it and made more for Tibor and Islander...
  8. Buy a top guide for your "new" section and throw heavier lines, maybe 6 or even 7Wt.
  9. U shaped wall with logs and sandbags , kind of WW I trenches....chest high at least...
  10. I never tried so different size sections and I read somewhere that 10 Lb between is just right..I think 30+20 Lb and 4'+4' will do your trick. Most of the time I fish 25+15 Lb for medium sizes and weights clousers with blood between and perfexion for the butt section.
  11. The weight of Hayden III is 14.5 Oz ,cork drag and no outgoing click. Penn International 4 use carbon fibre drag .
  12. Croc's or some cheap sandals ,better and solid fit on hills area..Wear regular socks between to prevent the sand rubbing the neoprene..
  13. I can see on big auction site....Butt Leader Gudebrod Braided Mono in 35 and 50 lb, is a coil of 10 yards,orange color. drawde49 is seller name from Ocoee ,Florida....That's the good stuff?
  14. I don't think someone liked a Winston feel because had Boron in it. Boron,Zaion,Krypton....who cares,If I smash a blank I don't know how it looks or even if I find a different foil rolled in blank I can't tell what material is...
  15. I had Boron IIx in 8 weight...such a wonderful rod. I guess was a true 8 Wt so don't overline it, with a Wulff Triangle taper was the first time when I liked my casting.