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  1. Thank you,looking at the specs it might be a little too much reel for me
  2. Is the reel still available
  3. Hello I am up in Nova Scotia Canada in Cape Breton, pretty bad winters ,a lot of heat pumps installed around here in the last 5 years or so,most are Mitsubishi, Daikin,LG., Fujitsu and some lesser brands with Daikin probably leading the pack
  4. Hopefully water conditions will be good by then as it has been one of the driest summers in Cape Breton,7 day non resident licence $56,you would need a separate National Park Licence for Cheticamp River,no guide required for Margaree but if you were to get one Robert Chiasson is the top guide on the Margaree and Cheticamp Rivers,a drive around the Cabot Trail especially at that time of year is a given
  5. Thank you I was looking for a large to XL
  6. Could you tell me the size
  7. Ok thank you
  8. Hello I would offer a Fishpond Rio Grande Wading Belt with attachable Fishpond fly case only worn a couple times,I am In Nova Scotia Canada
  9. You are right a guide is not required that would be up to you,it is not a large river but a beauty,Salmon season is from June 1st to Oct 31,a few years back season opened on June 15th,I wouldn,t come till at least after the 15th,7 day non resident salmon licence $61.73 CDN.Seasonal $152.75 CDN,streamerchucker advice on the style of fishing is correct most fisherman use single hand rods mainly 9ft 8 wts but the switch rods +speys are growing,but I will add talking to a guide his clients who fished Quebec , New Brunswick and Newfoundland Rivers say it is harder to hook up with a fish in Margaree than the others,also it is single barbless unweighted fly fishing only,hope this helps a bit,and at that time of year the lower several pools will be where the fish and fisherman will be
  10. Again thanks Chuck, the Margaree River and the salmon will be seeing some old school this season
  11. Chicky how much for the remaining 2 hats shipped to Nova Scotia Canada,if you could Forbes
  12. Hello HT if you have any left I would appreciate one if you could ship to Canada I would pay for shipping
  13. Sorry to here this,it sucks big time went through it with our little Shih Tsu she was 14
  14. If you may be interested I have an Orvis Battenkill Disk 8/9 made in England with a spare spool I would trade for the jacket
  15. Jim I would take a Brown Trout and a Rainbow, if you come up with another one, I am in Nova Scotia Canada B1A 4T8 if you could ship here USPS