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  1. I do use K-frames, I use them on rods I sell, and on rods I build knowing I’ll likely sell. For what ever the reason most people want K frames whether they know why or not. The big selling point of K frames is tangle free, but since guide tangles are a non issue for me, K frames solve a problem I don’t have. But they look cool. Rods I intend to keep are built with BMNAG style frames, some SIC and some Alconite.
  2. Look, its likely that the rod building police will come up with 20 reasons why you can't do that. But if your casting with braid, it will work. As long as you have a well laid out rod, You don't even have to worry about spine. Just make sure you use a nice guide layout. Use a 30mm to start and work your way down. COF is probably going to give you your best performance for a Dual purpose rod. If your a firm believer in spine. then build it so what ever you intend to use the rod for the most, make sure the spine yields to the load. I have several Century rods built COF (30, 25, 20, 16, 12, 10, 10) And you can put whatever reel you want on them and they work fine. (For dual rods I don't use K-frames) If your unsure and you already have a conventional rod, put a spinning reel on it with braid and go cast. You will be quite surprised.
  3. Hey that was me that did that LOL
  4. Distance like anything else for a lot of reasons varies quite a bit. For me it all depends on what I'm throwing. Tins and such fly. Example would be an 11 foot rod with 20lb mono and 50 shocker on a 220 it’s easy to see or get to the bottom of the spool. But remember line out does not equal distance. I have measured casts with a 4oz cripple herring out to 155 yards. Plugs for me are a bit different. Pencils like guppy's (my favorite) fly nice with braid and not trying to kill it. I guess I'm about 80 -90 yards. with some of the Lead Bomb pencils it’s easy to cast them over 100 yards. While most seem to prefer level wind reels for plugging, I can tell you I only have one use for them and that's in the fall when it is so cold out i need to wear neoprene glove for warmth. Other than that, I have no use for levelwinds.
  5. I routinely Plug fish with 50lb power pro on a Newell 220. Thinner braids tend to dig in under the pressure of a fish sometimes, but the 50 seems to work well. If I use mono I use 20lb. This goes for other conventional reels as well. Others may have different experiences but this works for me
  6. Hello Joe FYI, I don’t have an issue with Long Cast reels and if that's what you want, and you believe it will help, go for it. Since I also have no idea how you fish, maybe a nice sunny afternoon with a light breeze at your back. Or at night in heavy wind trying to keep your balance in a rough surf. Those two scenarios can make a big difference in the equipment you choose. In my years, I've yet to see a reel that was incapable of making an adequate cast to catch a fish on a beach. Same can be said for rods. Keep in mind industry marketing has reeled in more fisherman’s dollars than they ever have fish. As for those other considerations, for me, reliability and durability are paramount. I choose reels with proven track records for the intended use in the sand and surf. Reels get sandy and salty, and sometimes are submerged either by accident or out of necessity when having to deal a fish. So, reels that are sealed get my first consideration, or watertight as a 2nd option. Sealed drags are also important, especially when its nasty out. I've had my days were my reels were grinding and scraping so badly I had to stop fishing. That made my decision to upgrade my reels easy. Price became secondary to performance. I’ll gladly give up whatever small advantage a little extra spool length may provide so I meet the other criteria I’ve mentioned. When the wind is in your face long cast reels fall in line with all the others, you end doing the best you can.
  7. Hello Joe For what its worth, I do think Long cast reels have a time and place, just not everyplace. The gains you hope to get with a long cast reel on a 9 foot rod will be minimal at best when compared to some of the nicer reels in the 4 to 5 k size. Also keep in mind that distance is all about perspective. For me anyway, I think there are more important things to consider about reels for beach fishing. Cheers
  8. If its for distance only. I would opt for minima's. Most top casters seeking distance seem to prefer them over the traditional heavier weight framed fishing guides that have ring inserts. if it's for fishing, flip a coin there all good and would likely have minimum impact on your distance.
  9. Kwang is a awesome guy. He does this more out of passion for the distance guys than anything else. Great guy to do business with for sure
  10. If things don't work out with Max I'll be happy to take it for the asking price.
  11. I have several 12 Century rods built with Low Riders. Although they do work on shorter rods, I perfer them on rods 12 feet and longer, especially with braid. That first guide tames the line oscilation coming off larger spools quickly. I also have rods with K frames and they work well. I really cant tell much differnce in casting distance but I do see differences in how the line travels through the guides on a cast. But that likely has to due to my layouts and not the guides. Bottom line, Flip a coin. unless you really have a prefrence on one vs the other.
  12. Pretty sure the only reason was to make it more actrive to fisherman. That rod flat out smokes big plugs. Amazing distances, but Its just tiring trying to fish a rod that size. And to be honest at 11'9 is only a slight help with fatique. Truthfully, I think it looses some of its potential performance when cut.
  13. I would like to offer 225 shipped for #2
  14. I’m not advocating glueing, not that I think it’s a bad idea. It just a lot of people don’t know the correct way to put together a 2 piece rods which leads to always having to straighten it while fishing and it’s annoying. Spigots can be a different story, but tip over butt or butts into tips each should always be rung together.