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  1. No longer have any preference on equipment. That said, any rod and reel in my hands while im fishing is fine with me.
  2. I wanted to let the folks on SOL know that Stan Eldridge Passed away, Most knew him as Froggy. Stan was great guy, and and a long time fishermen. I had the pleasure of knowing him close to 40 yrs. I learned a lot from my conversations with him in my younger years. He was a fixture at Bell rd. And he will be deeply missed by those that knew him. My condolences to his family and close friends. RIP Froggy
  3. I may be willing to take that trade. I have a 2 rod lets talk about and see
  4. FB I have a AFAW Surf Spinner I would like to move if your interested
  5. Thank You I appreciate you letting me know, the reel is not going anyplace. He can decide when he has the time.
  6. 36 hrs with no reply. Pulling the plug.
  7. I purchase better than C grade. It’s always clear and comes rough at a true 8 quarters thick and 18 inches wide. I buy it at a running board foot or if they have cut offs hanging around I take them.
  8. FB The rating on my TTUL is 85 to 150gr labeled right on the rod from century. but mine does not look like the ones built is the last few years, Mine is gloss back. what a great rod. As you already know, there is a ton of overlap with these rods.
  9. Clear Sugar Pine what a great wood to work with
  10. Cast, Cleaned, and put back in the box Cant say NIB but its as close as it gets
  11. Have not heard back from the OP My offer to sell is withdrawn.
  12. This reel is as close to NIB as can be.
  13. I have a Gosa 10K SW in excellent condition (mint) loaded with 30lb PP super slick I would sell for 260 shipped I can send pics if you need them
  14. So many to list the original 11 foot bass is still as relevant today as it was a head of its time back in the 80ties. That bass rod, the Vantage, and the Kevlar bass were the rods brought to ST Croix that inspired the Ben Door series with the machined ferrules. All the Sea Raider series. The SR II especially for jigging the canal. The PTX bass for distance on the beach and the LT bass both exceptional rods. And now the current Bass CT and GT (carbon tip & glass tip) smoking sticks. The 10 foot bass marine is a great rod for big plugs that’s right at home on tuff to fish jetties for its lifting power. There big beach rods and tournament rods are revered buy all who use them, there legendary. May Terry continue to RIP and Barbra live a long and blessed retirement.
  15. Most of the Rock Harbor guys are advertising 700 - 750 for a half day and a 1000 for a full.