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  1. I don't understand, you're choking yourself down with 4 8's and worrying about how tip ring size will effect distance? Not saying how I built mine is the best, but I went with 4 12's and a 12 tip. Rod cast extremely well with a Newell 220 and 50 power pro
  2. I will take the 250 picked up
  3. Pics have been sent
  4. The sling shot 1267 is a 10'6 rod. If your looking for an 11 or 12 you will have to pm me. I have several options for you but I'm not posting them in this thread
  5. Century Surf Machine 11 1-5. 400 Century Sling Shot 1267 2-5 275. Borh th rods are in excellent condition and have not been fished very much at all. Both are k frame builds and black over green wraps. i prefer not to shop and am hoping for a sale around the canal area where you can see the rod. Thanks for looking
  6. Something is causing the spool to be out of balance. Years ago I used to clip off the tie stud on the spool. Which helped a lot. Look for a dent in the spool or swap out spools and try that
  7. TB you will be more than happy. Braid loves to be choked down quickly. Fish it and have fun.
  8. On my 13 foot rods and even my 14 foot rods I have my reels set between 31 and 32 inches. That 20% always works for me. But I can see where it won't work for casters that finish there cast with the butt cap ending up in the middle of their chest.
  9. Always a personal feel. And likely no right answer, but for me I've always built my rods with a 20% handle length. So typically I've taken blank length in inches X .2 = my location to my reel. Example 132 X .2 = 26 inches. Or 96 x .2 = 19. For me any the math works well.
  10. Sold to granite pending payment. If it falls through I go to the next in line
  11. Yes in ma, the rod can be picked up at the canal or around the walpole - Mansfield area fyi the rod is like new
  12. Rod is rated 1-5 I'll get some pics to you soon
  13. 1 piece no shipping.
  14. CMS built. Rod is in excellent condition SIC guides. 125 firm