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  1. Hello Joe The misinterpertation of the slot limit size is crazy, so many people ive spoken with dont get it. The regulation is clearly defined. (28 Inches to LESS than 35 inches overall length) If its 28 inches you can keep can keep it, if its 35 inches its a throw back.
  2. OG. I would enjoy getting together with you and catching up. Once this Virus stuff has cleared out let’s plan on it. Talk soon
  3. Having now gone back and read all the reply’s in this thread. I’m surprised to read so many comments about the current and fast reels. Current is not a detriment, it’s an asset, it makes working any popper easier. Reel speed can be a detriment, especially to the guys that think they have to crank to work there plug. Your just pulling you plug out of productive water faster than you need to. The shape of pencils when held tight in the current without reeling provides lift and they come to the top. Even those over loaded plugs will eventually come to the top. But by the time they do you’ve likely wasted your cast. Personally I feel fast reels are a disadvantage when plugging the canal. But given the crowds that now show up at the canal and having to cut your drift short so you don’t interfere with the 10 guys down current within the scope of your cast. Reeling back to avoid other fishermen is the 1 advantage I see for fast reels.
  4. My 2 cents for what its worth. To me, round or flat bottom pencils make no difference, I have no preference either way. However, what does matter is I prefer that a pencil floats. By that I mean sitting up straight in the water with the top 1/3 of it above the water line. All I need to do is get tight to the plug and provide slight rod tip action and allow the plug work properly in the current. This also allows me to maximize my cast. But like most people that fish the canal, I too have some lead weighted poppers, I just find they to go way to deep on splash down, even if I cup the spool to stop them, so much wasted water trying to get them up to fish. That said, the only time i tend to fish them is when I to try to hit distant fish at east end. But for the most part those heavy weighted plugs just take up space and add weight to the bag.
  5. I may be wrong but I think the Bass Blank that OG may be talking about by the age, would be the original 11 foot 1-3 bass blank. These rods were long before the PTX and LT bass. OG the new bass blanks are pretty nice too. the Bass CT and GT although long at 11'9 are very nice casting rods. and have very nice moderate tips. For what its worth I still have and fish my old Bass rod. Funny thing about Terry's Sticks even the older rods remain relevant. Timeless
  6. Pretty simple just remove the conventional guides and tip. Spine check the tip only. The butt doesn't matter at all. Lay out the spinning layout you want. I recomemend your first guide should be on the but section. As for the 26 inche reel seat, I would leave it be.
  7. I would take 290 shipped
  8. I have one in excellent condition
  9. I have a custom Century KNE1086 that is absolutely mint. Can text pictures if you like K frame guides and black on merlot wraps. Paco handle and a Cod line fore grip. I'd take 350.
  10. For years and by thousands, the GSB1321M has been the most compared to rod for big surf and canal fishing. It's still a very relevant rod compared to all these new rods now on the market. With all the technology you can buy now for a grand or more. For less than 200 bucks for a blank it the deal of the century.
  11. I have a brand new in the box Penn SSV5500 for sale. 135 dollars, buyer pays shipping if necessary.
  12. I don't understand, you're choking yourself down with 4 8's and worrying about how tip ring size will effect distance? Not saying how I built mine is the best, but I went with 4 12's and a 12 tip. Rod cast extremely well with a Newell 220 and 50 power pro
  13. I will take the 250 picked up
  14. Pics have been sent
  15. The sling shot 1267 is a 10'6 rod. If your looking for an 11 or 12 you will have to pm me. I have several options for you but I'm not posting them in this thread