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  1. I've seen about a half dozen otters in CT, have also seen them in Maine.
  2. Weedless spoons with large curly grubs or large Zara spooks
  3. Tying ugly little creations on worm hooks with my grandmother’s sewing kit and my grandfather’s visegrips, feeding my “flies” to native New Hampshire brookies (and a few pickerel frogs) with a spinning rod.
  4. I love Abus. They take a lot of the finessing out of it. If you're going with a Squidder, they're tanks and very easy to work on. Go to this link and learn how to mag them yourself. It's actually very easy and effective, and cheap and satisfying. I've done it with a few reels, including an old Ocean City reel that was never meant to be a casting reel, but has become one of my favorites.
  5. I load with 31 BBs and a shot of WD-40 to prevent from corroding together. Epoxy where hook hangers and line tie meet the body. It catches like crazy, and I can tell where it is by giving it a twitch and listening.
  6. That's who I was scheduled to speak with on that day, I didn't pick him. I'm going down to D.C. this week for a few days on similar business. No idea who I'll be speaking with yet, we'll see. Politicians generally aren't my favorite people. Anyway, it's gotta be done.
  7. Last week I spoke with Senator Blumenthal, along with some representatives of different user groups (a sustainable seafood restaurant, conservation groups, an aquaculture company,...) to urge him to support effective marine fisheries management and to oppose legislation that would weaken current management practices. We need to keep the deadlines on rebuilding depleted stocks and keep data collection restricted to scientifically sound methodologies. When our fisheries are healthy we all benefit: recreational fishermen, charter captains and guides, commercial fishermen and the seafood industries and wildlife. One point that he stressed was that we need to band together and speak up if we want to improve the situation. My intention in posting this is not to bring attention to myself or anything that I’ve done, it’s to inform about challenges we’re facing, what WE need to do and the fact that you can make a difference. If you would like to see our fisheries remain to serve ourselves and our children, get involved. I’ll be posting information. Share it, write a letter or sign a petition, and be part of the solution. Complacency is complicity.
  8. FG knot, as well as going easily through the level wind, won’t take a chunk out of your thumb like other knots that have more bulk or a bit of mono tag end.
  9. The Fathom has a centrifugal brake, with pieces that can be deactivated by pushing them in toward the center or activated by pulling them out toward the outside. No magnets, though some people have added them.
  10. In calm conditions I’ll toss it when nothing else is working, and have had good results at times.
  11. Ok, I'll explain a few things now, and more at a later time. First, I understand that there's a political forum on the site, but did decide to post it here. My reason was that this is a serious development that will affect the fishing for all of us. And a small percentage of viewers here would be aware of this through that forum. We need exposure to numbers, and wide participation, to keep our fisheries viable. Remember back to the striped bass situation in the early 80s. Second: We can't split the charter industry and individual recreational anglers and win this. We've got the same problem: If the fishery is crashed, we all lose. I attended a workshop a few weeks ago in Rhode Island on supporting the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Most of the attendees (and the ones who organized it) were guides and charter captains. Let's all work together. Third: two of the biggest threats have been mentioned above. Liberalizing the types of "data" used in managing the fisheries to include anecdotal stories by individuals and giving it the same level of credibility as scientific data is very dangerous policy. So is the discontinuation of holding our fisheries managers to timelines (with deadlines) for rebuilding stocks allows them to indefinitely claim that they are "working on it". I'll provide more detail in the near future.
  12. This bill would seriously weaken the piece of legislation that rebuilt our formerly depleted fisheries and kept them viable for over 4 decades. S1520 _ MSA coalition fact sheet .pdf
  13. Let me see if this works. If not, I'll delete it. Fly Fishing at Night.doc