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  1. It's a myth.
  2. Also try Bunny Flies. Wrap lead eyes on the hook, Clouser style. Lash 3 or 4 hackle feathers on as a tail. Wrap the shank with crosscut rabbit fur. This fly is a killer, catches anything that swims. Fresh or salt, from trout to stripers to albies, All white, all black, all chartreuse.
  3. I use jointed Jitterbugs frequently, get a lot of nice bass on them. Been using them for almost 50 years. They still work at least as well as any new, expensive plug on the market.
  4. Oh, I almost forgot. Check out . Great fishing club that meets in Madison, CT at the Madison Surf Club on the first Wednesday of each month. We don't have a July meeting, have a picnic at the same location on July 11th at 6:00. Stop by, bring an appetizer or dessert and soda/water/beer. Ask someone for George, and introduce yourself. Our meetings generally have a guest speaker, a raffle with a rod, reel or plug bag for the "cow" prize and various lures for the "schoolie prizes", refreshments, etc. We have local trips where someone experienced with that spot will show others how to fish it, and weekend trips (just got back from Cuttyhunk on Sunday). I've been a member for over 25 years.
  5. Guides there are notoriously bad at getting back to you. From what I heard and by personal experience. One was going to take me, forgot to call back, had to cancel when I called him back, called me back and said a friend of his would call me in a few hours,... no trip. I contacted at least 6, he was the only one to respond, other than a guy who wasn't going to be in the same area as me at the same time.
  6. I second that Tattoo Sea Pup, have caught hundreds (at least) on it, as well. It'll go subsurface sometimes, but don't worry about that at all. It'll still catch just as well. It's one of my all-time favorite daytime searching plugs.
  7. Actually, I looked at that list and would like to revise it. Check this one out, should be more recent. Essential surfcasting lures.docx
  8. Click on the link below: beginner's lures.doc
  9. Congratulations! Now you begin the slide toward becoming a plug junkie who nocturnally lurks along the shoreline, goes in to work with red eyes, razor stubble and a funny smell, and perpetually gazes past the wife while eating at waterfront restaurants.
  10. For fish I've caught: fluke, black sea bass and my wife's porgy tacos. If I can count fish I didn't catch I'd have to include my salmon teriyaki. (recipe available if you want. it also works incredibly well for marinating venison for jerky)
  11. Try using this. You won't get all the data in on each trip, but add what you can. Use it consistently, and review it often. It'll make a tremendous difference in your fishing. FISHING LOG.doc
  12. Personally, if I had to generalize, I prefer low incoming on flats and outgoing at rive mouths. For rocky points and rocky shoreline spots it varies tremendously depending on depth, currents, etc. Each location has a sweet spot or two in the tidal cycles. Pick just a few spots and fish them almost exclusively for at least a year. Fish them several times at each stage of the tide, all season long. After a year, a few or several you'll start to see the patterns. Keep a log and enter your findings religiously. Times that you get skunked are just as important to record as those times that you catch.
  13. Can't use bluebacks or alewives. Menhaden, sea herring and shad are ok.
  14. socks
  15. Flatwing: I very well may have erred somewhere in that comment, but can't see it when I read through it. Please reply later. I'm not saying you're wrong, just would like to improve my knowledge where it's faulty. (or at least in a few places. It's much too widespread to fix more than a tiny percentage).