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  1. ...And if you wanted to sell one of those beach lines... I'd gladly help you out with that if you sent me a PM. I've been looking for one, have a CND Atlantis.
  2. Legislators care about the opinions of their constituents or, more accurately, care about how to get their constituents to keep them in office. Because the fish is migratory does not mean your opinion counts to them if you are not from their districts. They don’t represent you or your opinions if you’re not in their area of jurisdiction. But this does need to be done. John McMurray is an extremely knowledgeable and capable representative to ASMFC, and has his head in the right place. We all need reps like him.
  3. 5" jointed Redfins don't cast well, but they can be killers when nothing else is working. And don't think for a minute that they'll just catch small fish.
  4. Welcome to SOL, from CT!
  5. That one’s 8”, but I’ve got them up to 13”.
  6. Find a surfcasting club near you. That way you can learn from potentially hundreds of years of collective experience rather than a tiny fraction of that in your own time. Where do you live? You can probably get an answer here directing you to one.
  7. Those look great to me, Bayyakker!
  8. I built a 6 wt quite some years ago with an old Loomis IM6 blank and saltwater hardware. I've caught small bluefish, schoolie stripers, sea robins and scup on it, and have also caught largemouth, trout and other freshwater species with it.
  9. For the herring rivers...
  10. Looks to me that you’re there.
  11. Don’t feel bad, been there. After catching this guy I was wondering why my casting wasn’t as good. Line seemed kinda sticky. Wasn’t until I saw this pic that my buddy took that I understood. True story.
  12. Fish was more excited than you were.
  13. No superstitions, because I don't give a damn about anything else when I'm heading out fishing. My mom always told me that my grandfather used to hold me on his lap when I was a baby, and tell me about how he was going to take me fishing in Maine. He died when I was 2 years old, but I learned to fish at the lake that he built a cabin on before he died. I was catching bluegills off the dock at two. When I was about 10 I tied some flies (I don't think you can really call them flies) with some #8 worm hooks and some materials from my grandmother's sewing kit (and the bathroom rug) using my other grandfather's visegrips as a vise, and caught some tiny native brook trout and a pickerel frog in the brook behind their house in New Hampshire dangling them from a spinning rod. A fe years later girlfriend's father taught me how to fly fish in the brooks and beaver ponds, and I eventually graduated to saltwater.