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  1. Got a bunch on my fly rod a few nights ago.
  2. Billy D is excellent, and a great, extremely reliable guy, who knows more about rods than anybody I know . I doubt you’d find anyone better.
  3. I also made about 5 trips to end up with a few small ones up to 23” on fly rod.
  4. I’m a fishing addict of 52 years. Accept it and embrace it. If anyone else has a problem with it nod your head and go fishing. They’ll get used to it or go away.
  5. I got a 4” striper seining in New Haven Harbor last May
  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounds like a great woman.
  7. Fireline 30# for stripers in the boulder fields . None else will do.
  8. Not odd at all. When you hear the reel start to slow you start feathering it to prevent backlash. If you don’t go by sound I don’t know how you’d manage using conventional at night.
  9. Nice problem-solving there!
  10. Fireline 30#. Awesome abrasion resistance for the boulder fields I fish, and no problems with windknots.
  11. Giving them to kids new at the sport is the best idea. I use them as extensions to tie eel flies on.
  12. I hear ya, Dave. I was the last one off the beach that night. I had somewhere over 6 people walking out of there shining their white headlamp beams directly on me as I was in the water and they were passing me.
  13. If you’re talking about dead drifting lures, sometimes that works with sluggos or surface plugs drifted On a slack line without drag In a river or in current. This works at night when baitfish May be resting inactive but swept along by the tide. Another effective method is casting across or slightly down current and letting a lure (bucktail, darter, swimmer,...) swing down and across with the current. Sinking lures like bucktails will start to rise when they reach the point directly downstream from you. That’s where the majority of strikes will often come. If you’re talking about fly fishing, do the same.
  14. I haven’t used VS, but I work my ZB very hard and love it. Their service is among the best I’ve ever had with any company of any kind. No complaints about them whatsoever.