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  1. The intricacy and constantly changing dynamics, the power and the calming attributes, the vastness and the variety, the origination of life and it's timelessness, and so many more characteristics than I can name.
  2. I remember years ago at Hammonassett State Beach in CT a school of bluefish came through chasing a school of bunker and several people were bitten, a few requiring stitches.
  3. I've used a 22 on a 9' Lamiglas SuperSurf for several years now, totally love it!
  4. My sincerest condolences, Tim.
  5. It's summer and you're heading out on Long Island Sound for striped bass. What gear would you be most likely to be packing on a typical day and what would you have with you on a typical night?
  6. I've found them incredible in communicating and accomodating customers with reel service. Those guys are great. Give them a call. If you don't get an answer, send me a pm.
  7. I've taught at a high school called The Sound School for the past 20 years, and ran after school marine biology,fishing and fly tying programs the whole time. Some months ago, I was approached about starting up a high school kayak fishing team. I have six very motivated young people and some great sponsors who have donated or discounted equipment to help us start out. This past weekend, three of my students/team members participated in the Three Belles Outfitters Trifecta Challenge tournament. They fished hard in some pretty challenging water, and one of our team members took second in the Youth Division. Not a bad start, after so little preparation so far. We're quickly expanding our capabilities and looking forward to expanding and building a youth league for high school students.
  8. I've seen way too many locations either overcrowded or closed because of spotburning. Think about the nights you've enjoyed fishing your favorite locations, then think about fishing that same location so crowded you can't cast to your favorite spots within the spot because you'd get hung up on the lines of others soaking chunks, shining lights over the water, leaving empty bait containers and beer cans and eventually causing the local government to shut down access to the spot forever. I've seen many spots closed because of this, but absolutely none reopened later on.
  9. What is your favorite spinning rod/reel for kayak fishing for stripers (plugging)? The search function takes me all over the place, except where I want to go, and there have been new products on the market since the last similar thread. I use conventional for jigging and trolling, need a good spinning setup for casting lures.
  10. You can sometimes provoke reaction strikes by casting right in front of them with a popper or something and stripping hard.
  11. I've watched them, sometimes very large bass, just milling about the surface sucking up 1/4" crab larvae. They're very hard to see unless you get down close to the water. Like Dennis said, this happens every July. I have no idea what this "mustering" is, but I do know that the bass are eating those crab zoeae at this time.
  12. Crab hatch
  13. Most of us have learned quite a bit from him over the years. I wish him well.
  14. Penn Squidder on a honey Lami or an old, brown fiberglass rod. L. Cooper GooGoo Eyes, various other vintage plugs.
  15. You're right, and I never choose to carry it for night trips. If I'm going to be out for dusk I'll take one, and I'll continue to use it as long as it catches. I'll also toss it a few times after dark, just to see if it'll work. Every now and then it produces.