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  1. Yep, they can send a predator heading in the wrong direction if the eyespots are there. If eyes are there they know which way their target will go. But that doesn’t mean they won’t take an imitation that doesn’t have any eyes.
  2. I've been fly fishing the salt for 30 years, targeting stripers, bluefish, weakfish, albies, fluke and whatever else is swimming. I do like to add eyes to some flies, especially larger flatwings. But that's my own preference. I really don't think it makes a difference to the fish. I also fish plenty of lures that are very productive but have no eyes. If it moves like a fish and passes within the kill zone of a hungry fish they tend to work.
  3. Bass Pro Shops sells the White River Heat in 8 and 10wt. About $100. I bought one as a beater rod to swim out to rocks with in the surf, that I wouldn't be heartbroken (or just plain broke) if the rod broke. The rod is 7'10'' long and casts surprisingly well. I haven't fished it for long yet but will add to this report within the next few weeks, after I give it a good workout on some fish.
  4. I always use a non-slip loop knot to attach my flies. Gives the fly the ability to move freely, and it holds well.
  5. I needed glasses for close up reading. My wife suggested I get progressives, but I insisted I only need them for up close. I discussed this with the optometrist and he backed up my wife's opinion. I got them. I spent the whole ride home staring out the window (too much off the road, probably) at leaves, grass, etc. amazed at the detail I could see. It did take me a few weeks or so to get used to the progressive lenses, but I love them. A year later I got some polarized Panama Jack sunglasses, love them, too. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
  6. Very interested. I've been using reversed Skagit lines with a 90-100gr tip before the leader.
  7. Will you take $50? If so, please send me your address or Venmo/Google Pay for payment.
  8. Still got the outbound short 9-I?
  9. Funny seeing this post today. Just yesterday I started making a spreadsheet of my rods and my lines that actually perform well on them. Seems that even some older rods/lines have the same problem. I started with a Cortland 444 clear line that did not work well at all with my 9wt Loomis GLX but was perfect with my St. Croix Legend Ultra 8wt, and pretty well on an old St Croix Pro Graphite series 8/9wt. I agree that once you find out how many grains is best for a given rod you should go with that method of matching, but it'd be nice if line companies put the grain wt. on the boxes so we could just ignore the traditional measurements.
  10. Thank you, Herb!
  11. Yes, it does! The fish usually just want something that looks edible, doesn’t have to be fancy.
  12. ps those 3/0 hooks aren't the ones I'll use for hickories, but 1/0 works just fine.
  13. I've caught crazy numbers of hickory shad on these.
  14. Look up the contact info for ZeeBaas. They may be able to get you that info.
  15. Or already screwed.