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  1. Thank you, they all work very well in certain situations. The black/purple is often the only one I use through an entire night. Very often no need to change it.
  2. Z-belt with Commando 2 or 3 tube surf bag. Keeps your investments safe but out of the way while you’re swimming or hopping rocks. I also love ZeeBaas reels because I need it waterproof, and their drag is the best. Other than that, I use machine screws for boot studs and change them regularly, and use a 9’ Lamiglas SuperSurf. It’s pretty much indestructible and it’s length makes it easier to work with swimming and landing fish on small rocks.
  3. I can't read the label on that box, blurry when enlarged. Can you please post the info from the tag (product company and name)? That looks like something I need. Thank you!
  4. I use these to pull thread through the bobbin tube for fly tying. They come in a good bunch per package, so you can lose several without worry. This might fit your needs.
  5. Yep, humans will probably doing a lot more of that in the future!
  6. I've never eaten them, probably won't. But you never know. I like eating many fish, clams, crabs and other seafood I harvest, and also eat wild fruits, berries and mushrooms that I forage. I think LiveFreeOrDie was actually kidding about eating them.
  7. Yep, sounds like that's them!
  8. It’s not an anchovy. Look up bay anchovy, look at the silver belly length and the mouth. I’m not familiar with smelt, so might be that. That elongated shape is also similar to sea herring.
  9. Those sea grapes you’re talking about are probably comb jellies. They’re actually not even closely related to jellyfish. Use a straw for eating them, and I’d avoid using chopsticks. As far as ADHD goes, I can identif… wait… what were we talking about?
  10. I drop back Bombers and Mambo Minnows in a similar fashion to the technique described above with spinning reel, but now am very interested in doing the same with those and large plugs with convench.
  11. Like the slow, meandering (though somewhat different) action as Cordell Redfins and most darters. Needlefish have even less action but are among the best at pulling big fish. SP minnows are larger than Yo Zuri Mag Darters, but have that tighter faster wiggle that entices more schoolies, while the smaller but lazier Mag Darter (though not a true darter) catches more large fish. At least in my experience.
  12. That plug imitates a big meal with lots of calories in one easy to eat package that will catch the eye of a large bass that is at the bottom and out of the heavy current that pushes food within easy reach. It’ll get down to those fish, and that chartreuse stands out and grabs attention like a flashlight in the dark. It doesn’t need to imitate anything any more precisely than that for a big old bass to commit.
  13. Don't hesitate to do the opposite of matching the hatch. Sometimes, imitating the naturals just makes your offering look like one in a million of the real thing (which are more convincing than your lure). They'll often go for a bigger snack (more food for less effort), and predators look for something different (as that's the one that's often sick or wounded). They aren't always concerned about what the difference is, it just gets their attention. If it gets their attention, it's often the one which gets whacked. That's why poppers, chartreuse lures, etc. work. They don't imitate something natural, they attract attention.
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