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  1. thanks albacized, good to hear they are still here!
  2. awesome!!!
  3. last friday (9/25) i was out in my boat and saw one pop up in the channel which leads out to the canal from taylor's point marina.
  4. way to go joe!
  5. i say just give her a good shove, off the dock and into the drink he goes. she won't bother you after that!!!
  6. went back to the rocks i caught from yesterday. a few fish breaking over the course of 3 1/2 hours but no luck. had one fish on for about 15 - 20 seconds, made one good run, then it was gone. there were about 8 - 10 guys casting, but it seemed most were looking for stripers. there were two other guys who hooked up but no one landed any funnies. lots of bait fishermen using up valuable shoreline, several with 3 rods, totally ticked me off. there should be a law against that, they get 3 lines in the water and there goes 30 yards of shoreline, 2 or 3 guys could be casting in that much space.
  7. considering i got my first ever shore albies today (3), i would have been ecstatic with one, now i'm spoiled. and it was only a 5 minute drive!!! i'm going back!!!
  8. had a decent day today. caught my first ever albies from shore. bone, hogy epoxy jig, walked along the top, at a medium fast pace did the trick. lost the first two, but ended up with three, one didn't make it. will be taste testing it tonight. may try sashimi style, although i don't have any special sauce/wasabi, just fish. one of the best parts of the experience was, the place was nearly deserted, just me, the albies and 4 other guys, along 500 yards of shoreline. ye-ha, going back tomorrow!!!
  9. you can never tell what color, or fly, will be the one. sometimes it's green/olive, sometimes it's pink, other times white is the ticket. been out three times in the new boat ( a 13 footer), and had my 1st serious albert hookup in two years last tuesday, 9/1. it hit a small, white, epoxy jig. i had been tossing every color in the book for 3 hours when it took me and headed under the boat and broke me off. bummer, that was my only small white metal too. today was too rough for my tiny boat, i got soaked in 5 minutes and called it a day after an hour.
  10. jointed do catch, caught this one (30 inches) with a gold sebile magic swimmer in the concord river in bedford.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you rthomas, caught 1 keeper, 31 inches, but have been on the bench since July 8th, due to my 2nd total knee replacement.
  12. Correct, it is indeed a lizardfish. Caught one last year at old silver beach, on a 3 inch long silver metal, fishing for albies.
  13. In the water. Nice fish, but better picture!!! Thanks for sharing those photos.