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  1. lol... you, jase and TomT are overthinking this. No one sees these things and says "I gotta have them!". In fact, its the complete opposite. Mine sat and collected dust for a year or so because I too thought they were silly. Im also notoriously cheap. My dad always said "watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves". I think $0.21 is about the sweet spot for them. If they were $0.50, Id probably pass. Not a game-changer or anything, just a convenience. PM your addresses and I will mail you each a cube. PS - this turkey I'm slicing up for lunch turned out PFG!
  2. Ive often thought about this. Bananas must be like zucchinis in the summertime around here.
  3. 169... I’m claiming victory!
  4. I agree with all of this. It’s exactly why I thought to myself “I’ll never use these things”. And it’s exactly why I posted about them. I was surprised when they ran out and I wanted more. Give em a try. If nothing else, they’re great for damp, windy, rainy days.
  5. Picked up a turkey breast the other week while out meat hoarding. Never cooked one like this before. Appears to be marinated in some eye-talian dressing. Throwing it on the smoker and taking my daughter and her boyfriend fishing on the river. The odds of me coming home right as it’s perfectly cooked are low, but that’s the plan I’m going with anyway.
  6. The AO Coolers - Canvas Series are pretty nice and waterproof (for a couple seasons anyway).
  7. I guess its mostly the laziness/efficiency factor. Never any problems lighting these things on a damp/rainy/windy day and no messy burnt-up paper blowing around to clean up afterwards. Only takes one to start a chimney and they're $0.21 each.
  8. Couple years ago, I got some of these as a gift along with some other grilling supplies. I remember thinking I’d never use them. Now I never start a chimney without one.
  9. That's just for looks (competition bbq). For taste, you want that fat on there when it cooks.
  10. Sounds great. I've looked a few times, but never had any luck finding these.
  11. VA... MD just opened yesterday.
  12. Couldn't take it anymore. Buddy and I did a cannonball-run trip this weekend. Left Friday afternoon and drove 4 hours to the coast. Plan was to buy $100 worth of bait and fish until it was gone. Got to our spot and setup about 7:00pm. The wind was howling. Fished until the wee hours of the morning. Nothing but skates and cabbage. Grabbed a quick 2-3 hour nap and back at it at sunrise. Wind laid down and it was a picture perfect day. You could literally see the water cleaning up in front of your eyes. We picked up a couple shorts throughout the afternoon. Finally, around 6:00pm on Saturday, with only 5-6 sets of bait left, she bent over. A nice 17lb blackie. Just what the doctor ordered!
  13. The lollipop chicken legs that Im familiar with involve cutting and removing the tendons and then sliding the meat into a ball up at the top end. Ive never seen the bottom nubs cut off before? PS - Don't ever make these! People will love them and want/expect them all the time and they are a super PITA to make.
  14. Yes, there are ample launches in the Harrisburg area and lots of great places to fish. You need to have a PA launch permit to use them and they do check regularly. Make sure you have a life jacket and your fishing license too. Be aware of the dock street dam in Harrisburg when planning. You dont want to go over that in any boat. If the gauge is below 4ft, you're probably good for wading and/or paddling around any of the ramps. I'd definitely spot a car or else pay for a shuttle though. Floating is a much more enjoyable way to fish the river and gets you to less accessible places. There are a number of places that offer shuttle services depending on where you plan to fish. Have you considered the Juniata? It flows into the Susquehanna at Duncanon and also offers lots of great ramp-to-ramp kayak fishing options. Good luck!