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  1. No need to remove the skin. Learned the best way to cook them a few weeks back in the bahamas. Gut it, trim the fins, season it up, and wrap it in foil. Put your gas grill on lowest setting. Place foil packet directly over flame and close lid. 20-30 minutes per side (maybe even shorter for the Atlantic triggers as they look a little smaller). Open the foil and the skin lifts right off (fillets do too). Also gives you easy access to the best piece of meat in the whole fish. The cheek!
  2. Well I wasnt fly-fishing, but I'll post my report here anyway since this was pretty much the only thread on Spanish Wells on the Internet I could find. Went out on a boat with a guide (cheating) the first day and did some reef fishing. Caught enough fish in 15-20 minutes for 3 meals. Kept 4 strawberry grouper and 2 Triggerfish. I'd never had Triggerfish before. The skin is impossible to cut through, so you cook them whole. Wrap in foil, set the grill on low, and 30-min on each side. It was outstanding. The cheek meat was the best (very greasy and chewy - like a fine cut of steak). We stayed on the beach side of the island which is basically just a GIANT flat. You could literally walk miles out to sea and the water was only knee/waist/chest deep depending on tide. I caught some little stuff here (snappers and grunts) throwing bait (shrimp, fish chunks) on a small, unweighted hook along the grass-lines at high tide, but I found it way too expansive to actually wade and find anything of significance. My best catch here was a nice sized needle fish. I was only here a week, so I'm sure I barely scratched the surface, but I found 2 spots from shore that I liked to fish. The first was a rock jetty / pier on the South side of Russell Island. I got lots of bites on bait along the rocks, but I didn't have the right gear to keep them out. Anything of size would run back into the rocks and get snagged or break me off. I finally connected with a nice mutton snapper by throwing a big rapala sinking stick bait across the water to the rocks on the other side. That way I was pulling them away from the rocks. The other place I really liked to fish was at the Eastern tip of Spanish Wells (by the Shipyard Restaurant) where a small spit of land jutted out into the sea at lower tide. You really needed to time this right to catch fish. The water needed to be just coming over the flats (just as the tips of the grass were going underwater). I was there at the "right time" and caught fish (grouper, snapper, etc) on every cast for 30-40 minutes. I was also there at the "wrong time" and couldnt get a bump. Caught this guy on 4-piece 9ft rod rigged with a 6" rapala that I bombed a mile out. What a blast! (Just a word of caution here, the raised spot I walked out to had deeper water behind me (once the tide came in) and apparently there were sharks cruising all around me (I saw the ones in front of me, but not behind me) and the waitresses at the bar were all freaking out when I got out of the water. As a fisherman, I understand that there are sharks in the water, but I was more cautious from then on.) You could pretty much walk around the island anywhere and catch a cuda for the obligatory "hero pic". I also paddled a kayak out to some islands off-shore and fished a smaller flat on the backside. We pulled up to the flat and my daughter spotted a school of fish before I even got out of the boat. She thought they were "baby sharks" because they all had their fins out of the water. I knew better. Took me about 30-40 minutes of stalking the herd, but I eventually caught my first ever sight-casted bonefish! Got this on a 4-piece 7ft rod rigged with a piece of shrimp on a small unweighted hook. As you can probably guess, I had my GoPro with me at all times and took lots of video. I actually have the whole bonefish catch on video. Hope to have it processed soon.
  3. There's a group on Facebook called "Lost and Found GoPros" where people post pics/videos of found cameras to try and reunite with owners. Also a long-shot, but probably better odds than being found here. G'luck
  4. Great story, thanks for sharing! Must've been seriously exciting! Did they use a live bait, or did they chunk it? Did they paddle back to shore to land it? I saw a guy fishing from a SUP down in OBX last year. The surf was really rough and he was REALLY good on it. He was using lures though, would be tough to deal with bait out there. I also saw a SUP paddle with a reel and eyelets mounted on it for sale at a surf shop, so it must be becoming a thing. Great way to catch fish, but not for the average Joe, that's for sure.
  5. My buddy landed this nice 23" walleye yesterday. River finally looks to be on the drop. Hopefully it lasts for a while. Would love to see some clear water for a change!
  6. BUMP Going here in a few weeks for my first time. Any updated intel?
  7. I got down to AI twice this spring. We had one really good trip and one really bad trip. Guess that's fishing for ya. Here's the highlight reel from our "good trip".
  8. I like them lightly breaded and fried. Matt's Fish Camp in DE are my favorites.
  9. We kept a couple Blacks last weekend. The first one we cut into had worms and it wasnt even the biggest one. I know they don't harm you, but I wasnt really interested in trying them (despite the rave reviews here ). I was worried that we had made a mistake by keeping them. Turned out none of the others had worms and the fillets were awesome. Made some blackened po'boys last night.
  10. No night-time driving restrictions. Not sure on closures (they can happen at any time) but there's a back-road, so they'd likely just re-direct you around anything anyway. Tips: People gather at the ends of the island, but there's great fishing all up and down the beach. Just look for structure at low tide like you would on any other beach. Call ahead and see what bait they have at Morris Marina in case they don't have what you want. Keep Kari's cell phone number handy. The ferry runs 4-5 times a day. If you run out of bait, ice, etc, you can call Kari and she'll send it over on the boat and add it to your tab. Good luck and let us know how you make out! Any other specific questions, feel free to ask.
  11. Crazy that this box of bait has a street value of almost $1000!
  12. I typically prefer the female fish-bra pics, but nice catch regardless!
  13. Picked up a very skinny 31" rock on Friday. Took a clam.
  14. Nice. Ramps are one thing I've never been able to find.
  15. South Central PA... also have a bunch of (Ostrich Fern) fiddleheads coming up now. Love the spring!