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  1. Why's that? That's the beauty of leasing. You dont actually own it, so you don't need to worry about long-term care.
  2. This one was from Hawgheads (good dudes in there, btw). I've never tied my own hairjigs, but I have a feeling that is going to change next winter. It's been my most productive lure/color this spring and with all this "slow and slower" fishing Ive been doing, Ive left a good many of them on the bottom of the river.
  3. Red-eye on a hair jig.
  4. What are your thoughts on eating black drum? I've always heard that the bigger ones get wormy and that often the worms are visible on the exterior of the fish. If you eat them, do you have a specific size that you look for (nothing over 24" for example) or do you look for evidence of parasites before making your decision?
  5. Moray eel
  6. Got a new PB on Friday! Ive hooked into some pretty big ones in my day, but this was by far the biggest one Ive ever actually landed. Put up a helluva fight. Id say it took at least a good 5 minutes to finally get it in the boat. On 10lb test no less!
  7. Thanks guys. Couple more... What are the afternoons/evenings like on the weekends? Is there a line all day long, or is it mostly the morning rush? Is there any place to track this online like the MD side? Do you need to get a new night pass each day? And if so, how do you do this if they dont open until 9:00am and you are already on the beach?
  8. Haven't been to the VA side before, but have an opportunity this year. Probably sometime late April to mid-May... How much of the ORV drive-on is typically open? How many cars do they let on (or does it depend on how much is open)? Does it ever fill during this time and/or is it a crowded beach (parked side-by-side)? What are the rules for fishing on the beach over night? Thanks!
  9. Mercy bump.... was planning on going out Sunday, but its gonna be way up after this rain.
  10. They're great for scouting. Here's a video I made where we used a drone to scout for our fishing spot (skip to 1:08 if you just want to see the drone usage). Edit to add - we havent had much luck using it for flying out bait. You can only do it a couple times per battery charge and there always seems to be issues with dropping early, or not dropping correctly, or getting tangled. The wind can also be a problem and there's always the fear that its just going to shoot up a message saying its landing immediately (which would be no bueno over the water). I think this is one of those things that sounds good in theory, but is not as good in practice. Also, the DJI Spark (mentioned earlier) is a mini-drone and wouldn't be big enough to carry out 6-8oz of weight + bait.
  11. Buy from Carvana (or at least use them for comparison). They eliminated the sales weasels and the dealership. They determine the lowest price they are willing to sell a car and still make a profit and that's what they advertise. No negotiating. Shipping is anywhere from $0 to $399 depending on where you (and the truck) are located (you can even only search for cars that have free shipping). You can have it delivered right to your home or else pick it up from the vending machine in Philly (you dont strike me as the type that would appreciate the vending machine, but my kids love it). If you have a referral code you get an additional $500 off the list price. PM me if you decide to buy there and Ill give you one (or else you can PM some rando on Reddit like I did). You get $500 off and I get $100. You need to call Carvana with the referral code BEFORE you start the on-line sales process in order to get it.
  12. I never took it out solo, but it would be fine. Yes, my motor tilted. The whole purpose of this thing is to make it super steady. You can literally walk back and forth between the two canoes. They dont need to be the same size either. Search up twocanoetransom on youtube. The biggest PITA is putting it all together and taking it all apart each time.
  13. The cheap/easy solution would be to get a canoe transom. We used to do a lot of catfishing using this setup.
  14. I got this last year and its awesome. I fish the same section of the river 25-35 times a year. Being able to pull up a Google Map with the exact location of every fish I caught (including time of year and water levels at the time) is pretty amazing. If you regularly fish the same area's over-and-over, I dont see how you couldnt appreciate this for $35.
  15. Potrero is a great spot for landing a Rooster from a kayak. If you look straight out from the middle of the beach, there is a big rock pile that is easily visible at low tide. This is where you want to fish. First, rig up a sabiki and paddle along the shore-line rocks on the North side of the beach. You are hoping to catch a lookdown (best rooster bait) but a blue runner or ladyfish will work too. Once you catch a bait fish, hook it just behind the head on a 2/0 circle hook with no weight. Let it out way behind your boat and just go kayak circles around the rock pile. If you have a live lookdown, you will catch a rooster. If you have a live blue-runner or ladyfish, you might catch one. There's a guide and rentals right there on the beach. The beach fishing was VERY slow when I was there. Saw tons of bait busting every day and lots of tico's hand-lining along the beach, but saw very few hookups. I did snag a small fish (spanish mac?) in the head with a tin when casting into a bait ball. The bait was all very tiny and I didnt have anything to match the hatch. Also caught a whiting/kingfish right at the edge of the water with a Gulp, and snagged a manta ray in the wing which had my ****ting my pants for a few minutes. If you were only going to be shore fishing, you'd probably have better luck up at the north end rocks. Probably get snagged more there too though. G'luck!