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  1. more rain this week.... wonderful.
  2. Looks like 1/8 is the lightest for the dobyns. I did pick up some of the berkley half-heads. They look like a less-expensive knock-off of the Ned Rigs (which I like). You use these for swim baits too? Probably not much of a difference, but I guess I think of them more for bottom jigging a floating Ned plastic?
  3. For this application, generally 4" curly or paddle tails.
  4. Holy cow, didn't realize the mooneye's were so tiny. More of a crappie jig. Guess Ill stick with the Trokars. I really like them, they're just pricey.
  5. Scary thought.
  6. I like the looks of the moon-eye. The Ned rigs I like have the same single wire keeper and it works well. At $0.65ea, the price is right. These are the types that don't seem to work well for me. Once the bait slips down (often on first hit) it never stays tight again. These are the ones I'm currently using. I like them, but they're over $2ea.
  7. I use 8lb braid for the added casting distance and tie on a fluorocarbon leader.
  8. I've never caught a drum on anything but bait. How do you fish/retrieve a hopkins for drum? I know its typically a fast retrieve for Spanish/blues.
  9. This totally blows my mind. I am the extreme opposite. I'm a minimalist when it comes to fishing gear (though my wife would disagree). I like to have good quality gear, but only stuff I actually need/use on a regular basis and can carry easily. This would be too overwhelming to me. I currently own 3 bucktails (paint is wore off all of them), 2 metals (which I change the hooks on every year) and a bunch of swim-shads (which are disposable). I used to own a gotcha plug, but I tossed it this year because the hook was really rusty. I never lose lures in the surf, so can't imagine what I'd ever do with all of these? I own a lot of freshwater lures/gear, but that's because I lose that stuff constantly in the river. Impressive collection though and fun to look at!
  10. Just wanted to say thanks for this post. Had a blast doing this over the weekend. Caught mostly blues and dogfish, but we did get 1 striper too. Everyone I talked to was shocked that we were catching so many fish from our dock. I definitely underestimated how hard it would be to keep the peanuts alive though. We would've done even better if we had a steady supply of live ones. Looking back on your posts, I see that you keep 20 fish in a 20 gallon tote. My ratios were way off there which probably explains the difficulties. Gotta make me one of those tote thingies.
  11. Ive tried so many different types of these and most seem to suck at holding your bait on. Catch 2-3 fish and you need to replace the plastic because it gets too "loose". Using mainly swimbaits (curly tails and paddle tails). I really like the Eagle Claw 1/16 Laser Trokar 4/0 hooks. They hold the bait tight, but they're pricey and hard to find. Any other good options out there?
  12. "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened." -- Dr. Suess Sorry RR.
  13. Guess all I needed to do was whine a little and the fish gods took care of me. Got out on a trib in my kayak last evening and conditions were probably the best I ever remember at this time of year. The water was deep and clear and moving at a nice pace. There was a steady pick of small bass the whole float. Got this one about 10' from my boat when a muskie smashed it out of nowhere. Both fish came flying out of the water right in front of me. It took off with my catch and line started peeling off my reel. Line eventually came tight and it took me on a fun little sleigh ride, moving in large circles. On the second pass, I could see that it only had the tail of the fish in its mouth. On the third pass, it must've spotted me and dropped the fish. Muskie was probably somewhere in the 32"-36" range.
  14. This summer has been the worst. I've only fished a handful of times (river and tribs) and its sucked every time. Dirty, high water filled with grass. I'm jonesing bad to get out in some nice conditions. I had my boat down the other day, took one look, and just turned around and went home. I dont like being out there when the trees are floating by. I read another boat went over the dam. Guy was anchored-up and a tree floating down-river hit the back of his boat and capsized it. Luckily another angler rescued the people, but their boat went over the dam.
  15. B- I only caught one worth measuring, but it was my PB (35") and I got it all on video!