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  1. My favorite from this year. Only have a few left, saved for special occasions.
  2. Black drum tacos, hold the worms
  3. National Park
  4. Kinda. Gate opens at 5am (on a timer) and closes at night (opens automatically when you exit), so you can stay as late as you want, but can’t come back until 5am once you leave. No sleeping on beach. Must be actively fishing.
  5. lol, our only “skill” is outlasting everyone else. We were in line @ 4:40am and last car off the beach both days we fished.
  6. Same sheep. From Friday afternoon. Saw about 6 caught around us. The blacks were yesterday.
  7. Nice surprise from the surf today!
  8. A riff on Bo Ssam
  9. Prepped some pork yesterday for a meal I’m making Saturday. 6-hour lazy man method. Moar bark, half the time. Got 5 of these picnic roasts. Really like them for pulled pork. Leaner meat, less fat/gristle to pick through, hardly any waste. My wife/girls hate when they get a “funny piece”. Cut the string, chop into fist sized pieces, season, and into 4 trays. Four hours in the smoker, cover with foil and finish in oven. Yielded 2 heaping trays of juicy pulled pork. Stuffed it into 2 gallon ziplocks and straight into the freezer.
  10. I like all 3. On the smoker for an hour and then in the Dutch oven for a couple hours w/ korean braise to finish.
  11. Got a new lower grate for my kettle. I think it was time.