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  1. I always wanted to go to a nude beach..... until I actually did.
  2. We have holes in the ground EVERYWHERE. I found these just picking up rocks we use for landscaping in our yard. Also found a bunch when raking up some ground to plant grass. They’ll all emerge in a couple weeks.
  3. The sports view lounge chair, cave and pub is probably ROCKING after that no-hitter!
  4. My buddy had his Amazon account hacked last year and someone had access to it for several days. Turns out they weren’t even ordering chit, they were leaving fake reviews.
  5. lol... oh, catfish... that's a little better, I guess. I thought it was fried chicken, mashed potatoes and wasabi.
  6. That's great. Reminds me of the hot girl I graduated with who went into real estate and thought it was a good idea to put her face and phone number on all the grocery carts at the local store. A week later she was on FB complaining about all the random dick-pics she was getting.
  7. Rinse very, very well in fresh water for several minutes to remove sand. Pick out any dead ones. Toss in some seasoned flour and into the grease. The smaller, softer ones with eggs were the best. My buddy said it was "much better than I expected" and gave this glowing endorsement "I'll never throw back another skate (that swallows the hook) again." (we probably caught 100 and only 1 swallowed the hook ). He also said the smell was great (which leads me to believe that other guy's kid didn't take care of the meat properly). When I was down in Florida a few years ago, there were lots of roadside stands with fried mullet (like the bait, not sea mullet) sandwiches. Thought it was some kind of joke at first, but bought one and it was fantastic.
  8. We were driving through this area on Sunday and started seeing people lined up at every intersection holding American flags. It started with just a couple people and then the crowds got bigger and bigger. At one intersection, there were two firetrucks with ladders fully extended and flying an enormous flag. Turns out it was the funeral procession for this officer. They brought his body from Baltimore (I think?). The hearse was accompanied by hundreds of motorcycle cops with their lights flashing. It was very touching. RIP Officer Heacook.
  9. My buddy took the skate wings. He was considering trying to fillet the meat from the cartilage in the middle, but it looked too stringy. Like it would just fall apart. Pretty sure he was going to just cook it with the cartilage still in and eat the meat off of it after it cooked. Is that the way you had it?
  10. The marketing dept has requested that we stop calling them fleas. Thx. It's funny to me that people are more repulsed by SAND CRABS than they are by skate. At least the crabs taste great. I have some ideas to improve presentation next time I make them.
  11. Fun things to see and do on AI (when you're not catching fish). These were all firsts for me.... Spotted this guy heading for the surf. Not sure what kind it is? It had claws rather than flippers, so dont think it was actually a sea turtle? Snapped a quick pic and let him continue on his way. Been wanting to try this after seeing several videos. Everyone was shocked at how good they were. Nice crunch on the outside, more meat / substance than I was expecting on the inside. Great finger food, and a nice fresh taste of the sea. If they didn't look like bugs, they'd be serving these up and down the coast. My buddy spotted this thing at the surf line. We were all stumped. None of us had seen one before. I had him hold it on his palm for a picture. We found out later that wasn't such a great idea. Its a Mantis Shrimp (aka: Thumb Splitter) and it has very powerful hammer claws that can do damage if handled improperly. Whoops! The back literally looked like a lobster tail. Supposedly good to eat, but hard to get the meat out. Dont do this... The discussion started after about the 50th one we caught. We watched some videos that night and decided it probably wasn't worth it. Talked to a guy the next day who said his kid cooked one and it stunk up his house for 3 days. Nope, not gonna do it. At the end of the day, we had one which had been gut-hooked and wasn't going to make it, so the deed was done. The filleting/skinning process actually wasnt as bad as I was expecting and the wing fillets looked pretty decent.
  12. We got lucky and found them in the woods on our property. I have looked 4-5 other places over the years and never found one anywhere else. Hardest part is finding the first one. Once you find one, just sit down and REALLY start looking. I have heard people dump the rinse water in an effort to cultivate them, though Ive never heard anyone claim it works. Dont think there's any way to intentionally "grow your own" unfortunately. They wouldn't be so coveted if there were.
  13. Looks just like your plate. I think a fried egg w/anchovies goes well with just about anything.
  14. Looks fantastic. Which part was SOL inspired?
  15. We'd sell them at a beach bar. Everyone's already drunk! You're probably right though. In that video, they removed the legs and dipped them in a tempura before frying. That would be much more palatable to the average American.