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  1. Hello, anyone in OCMD take a look at the water this evening? Wondering what the water clarity is and how much rain there was today? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Good flounder bite up to 21 inches in OCMD, also shad and short stripers passing through. No bluefish that I could see though ??
  3. Monies sent.
  4. Hi, put me down for the beach master 160, sorry I missed it first time around, can include with the other two to save on shipping, thanks!
  5. Let me know if you want to ship
  6. Sent you a message

  7. Looking for a functioning penn 160, let me know.
  8. This offer still stands
  9. Penn 920 and diawa BW 2L please, shipped to 19803. +10 for shipping, $45?
  10. Title says it all, wondering if it clears up today, More interested in bayside but if someone is out front that would be appreciated as well. thinking about a trip down to fish tomorrow. many thanks.
  11. TAke the bigger half of a split on shipping, $80 shipped. Is the offer
  12. How much to ship to 19803?
  13. Sold to water dog. Pm sent.
  14. Sold to ifish, pm sent.