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  1. JU, nice fish. Huge fan of Kings and pompano for table fare. Didn’t get to the beach much so not too many Kings. Did get a 19” pompano one time which was delicious. They get thick. Way more meat than expected. In other news. Fished out back in OC. Peanut bunker pods for days. Also some mullet schools. Flounder to 21”. Also of note, caught a ton of Black Sea bass. Normally they are too small. But had 1 at 10” and one at 11”. Most in 7-8” range.
  2. Hey fin chaser, can meet you at $200 shipped. Otherwise, open to trying to get up your way for $175.
  3. To be clear, I’ll take $175 shipped. Also open to covering shipping fees if you let me know what they are. Also, if you aren’t in a rush. Can do $175 picked up in the next month or so.
  4. Don’t think I can do it today. Could make it work during the week or next weekend.
  5. In wilm DE. Would take the spinning if we can arrange meet. No rush on timing. Let me know
  6. Sent
  7. Sounds good, offer stands if you change your mind
  8. If still available I’ll take these
  9. Does anyone have a log on the effect of amount of rainwater and effect on water clarity in the bays. I know less effect out front. Just wondering if we get say 1/2” of rain on Thursday night would the water be significantly stained all of Friday? Just wondering.
  10. Also interested in outright sale if you change your mind.
  11. Keep the reports coming door gunner. Always a pleasure to read.