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  1. Won’t disagree. Just looking for actual name/species
  2. Anyone know?
  3. Crabbing report. - did catch some keeper crabs with the kids this past Saturday. Super fun all three kids are into catching and eating crabs. Dad is proud.
  4. Fall is best - it was a slow slow summer for me. Bluegills and small bass at local ponds with the kids. Hoping for some saltwater trips over the next three months.
  5. FYI - tried Gary - was told he passed away. Sorry for the loss to those who knew him.
  6. If you can work with me on timing or having a buddy of mine pick up - I’ll take this.
  7. It is certainly a hit or miss fishery. Like anywhere though if you put your time in and kinda know what to look for and what to do you can catch fish. In high school we used to wade out on the flat this is slaughter beach at high tide and catch sea trout on ultralights and little bucktails. Plenty of skunks abounded but had the occasional really nice day with 5-10 trout in 2-3 hours.
  8. I’m logged in figured I’d chime in here. Not much of a report but did dipnet some soft shell crabs. Also, I have also observed the abundance of spot this year. In OCMD. - got tons of them in the cast net everywhere all summer. Then was at slaughter beach (hope not a burn). And was cast netting tons of 4-9 inch spot. Have caught some occasionally on hook and line there over the years but to get them so thick in the cast net was something I’ve never seen there before. Ah, and one 2 foot sand shark. Tight lines all!
  9. Appreciate the do it yourself push, just YouTubed and took apart and reassembled the dishwasher two days ago. But 5 year old boy and twin girls that are 3. Time is tight and Rod building/repair is just low on the priority list…. Maybe I get to it maybe I don’t. But if I drop em off and pick ‘em up. I know they get done.
  10. Thanks will look! Anyone - anything closer to home?
  11. I have several rod tips in need of repair. I know I could do myself but would rather have someone experienced do it. Couple star rods. Couple cabelas branded. Anyone know if place or person around wilmington DE that would take it on. Happy to pay reasonable labor fee and cost of guides. Appreciate any help
  12. Not sure about threads here - but plenty of easy fishing there for trout. Red and black drum, sheepshead and flounder, a little more work. Looking to fish from shore? Or have boat/kayak? If you will be down there a good bit. My reco always would be talk/investigate around and find a good guide. Invest in one half or full day charter. Discuss the type/style of fishing you prefer and then also tell them that you would like to move around and see the city and various creeks/beaches, etc. That should give you a few actual “spots”. Plus good insight on what to look for and where. Offshore stuff gets a little trickier but same method can apply
  13. Buddha, thoughts on the conquest? Held it/fished it? Seems to me an nrx slightly stronger and no recoil guides? wonder if discernible ? -Jolly
  14. Thanks for the input as always!
  15. Anyone see the 7 inch jerk Shad? Buddha, gonna stick with the 6 inch or move up to 7?