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  1. Does anyone have a log on the effect of amount of rainwater and effect on water clarity in the bays. I know less effect out front. Just wondering if we get say 1/2” of rain on Thursday night would the water be significantly stained all of Friday? Just wondering.
  2. Also interested in outright sale if you change your mind.
  3. Keep the reports coming door gunner. Always a pleasure to read.
  4. Think you would be fine with 7, 8, or 9. If no net the 9 will assist in swinging a big fish over. Tica and star are my go to rods. Would get something on the stout side, again to help with swinging larger fish up. If you don’t mind the cars and the wind, the 50 bridge is also a good alternative. Lotsa structure and fish around there. Until you learn how to fish it well - it can be a black hole for tackle.....
  5. Hi Doorgunner, hope you are weathering these times well. Winter give up yet? Saw a flounder caught lower DE bay, Delaware side. Anything interesting in the drop net? Are you able to stay open?
  6. Anything interesting in the drop net? Seems things are warming rather quick this year.
  7. This size rod falls right in line with my setups, but usually I top out with a used star as far as price goes, I can do 162.50. Alternatively, if you are open to trades as partial or full, let me know what you have need interest in.
  8. Just wondering how early people have caught flounder around the Delmarva. I have got them in April, but I was reading an old report from 2012 where some flounder were caught in March. Thinking of the weather holds might be some early March flounder this year. My earliest flounder to date April 20.
  9. Stars can grab first, I will take the 4500 for $65 shipped if not
  10. Gotta chime in..... Around OCMD last night, stripers, red drum, and flounder in numbers. Also found a spec around 19”
  11. Star rods. Best factory rods Price to performance by a long shot. Agree super under rated.
  12. With a guide out of Charleston, he used #2 and #3 Kahle, eagle claw brand. Hook through the horn. Landed reds to 40” on these. I was a little surprised and asked about them and he said, “Imagine a big enough fish could bend put these hooks, but i haven’t had problems and they are cheap.”