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  1. Roka, want these but kinda out of my sunglasses range. What kind of knives? Any other items for trade? -Wallace
  2. Appreciate the offer, I can do $18 for 5.
  3. How many fish would you need to catch for it to be worth it? i drive 2+ hours to assateague several times a year across all seasons. In retrospect it’s always worth it. Fish or no fish, fishing or not fishing.
  4. Sure. That’s fine. Pm for details
  5. Hi, if you can do $20, I’ll take it. If not, no worries and glwys
  6. Can’t meet you there, good luck with the sale. Offer stands if you change your mind.
  7. Respectfully offer $25 for all the white/chart shrimp.
  8. How much for Gosa 10k and Tallus shipped?
  9. I’m in. Many thanks
  10. Tallus is one piece or two? How much would shipping be?
  11. I’ll do bucktails, plastic and hooks for 28
  12. $38 is good, pm for details.
  13. If this goes split, I’d be interested in bucktails only (photo 1).
  14. Thanks for replies, I should probably try more snag and drop in general. jim, also wondering exactly how that is deployed? reading in the jersey thread seems a sharpie “floats fleas” with one split shot about 12 inches above a hook with 1-3 fleas on it. He seems to consistently catch, anyone try this method on AI?