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  1. Tsunami Salt X for Tarpon good video. https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALiCzsYusBYagtTHdO7E5URXeIAsSChNIg%3A1668964606462&lei=_mB6Y8XYG_Cv5NoPtvCw4AE&q=tsunami saltx rod review&ved=2ahUKEwjFz4rUob37AhXwF1kFHTY4DBwQsKwBKAJ6BQiFARAD&biw=1440&bih=692#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:d9da0f29,vid:XTMMJlf26mY
  2. I wore a wet suit for a number of years in Montauk . I didn't swim to distant rocks in the middle of the night I stayed within my limits on the North Side I wouldn't swim because I was PLAIN SCARED You really were entering the unknown. I also found that the guys that swam it was a BIG EGO TRIP to say they swam out 300yard to catch a striped bass. Are you crazy you have a wife and 2 kids and you risking you life for a fish, never made sense to me. I caught my fair share of fish and was mush safer and happy to go home to my wife and kids and in the end nobody is really going to give sh-t if you drown.Some thing to think about.
  3. 704 and 706 Penns have caught 1000's of fish in Montauk and Block Island if your on a budget won't have any regrets.
  4. Lou Caruso has retired from rod building and has moved to Florida . He is no longer building. BIG loss to the surf Fishing community GREAT GUY BEAUTIFUL WORK
  5. Thanks Steve,See we can agree on something. All is well with you?????
  6. I agree 100 %.Everywhere I 've traveled people always are interested in NY, Steve you only touched on a small part of what this state has to offer let's NEVER FORGET the Medical System that we have available to us since I am dealing with major health issue there is NO Place I'd rather live to deal with my medical issues.Yes ,it's far from perfect. As far as I know there is NO UTOPIA every place has issues.
  7. I don't know if the guy ever posted on here, but sadly a GREAT West End surf caster and friend of mine and many down at the Construction Dock has past away a couple of weeks ago . What a WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE and TALENT the guy had. He will be sadly missed.
  8. Going to Key West for Christmas Holidays,I would appreciate any advice on what to expect if I get to go fishing in Key West, I have no idea as to what to do and where to go.Is a charter the best way to go and what would I fish for . Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Sadly Legend Surfcaster and Fisherman editor Fred Golofaro died TRUE GENTLEMEN and advocate for the fishing community. He will be truly missed.
  10. Nobody described Joe FRAUD, USELESS, MORON, INCOMPETENT, Biden Administration Better than she did,YES, I agree they died in Vain .Plain and simple
  11. This is getting a little on the STUPID side You Believe what you want I Believe what I want and I do pick up the Garbage when they leave it behind .Apparently some just don't understand my point of view and thats OK that why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream.So fellas I'll say good bye because I'm NOT going too change and I'm certainly not going to change you who disagree with me.BYE
  12. Sorry Don't agree with you or anyone else that believes it's my responsibility to pick up the garbage I don't think YOU should complain in your case go out with a SMILE and pick up your garbage, so the miss the truck NO BIG DEAL AT LEAST THEY TRIED
  13. And then they live on 3/4 tax free pension and full social security paid medical benefits . They won't starve, thats for sure .All benefits given to them by L I taxpayers.
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