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  1. What @west tide said. Mine are doing a similar thing and other people I know that have them also experiencing the same. Summer was hot and dry. Check the dirt near the root ball to make sure they're getting adequate water.
  2. Can't stress Jeff's last paragraph ENOUGH. Stay safe and ensure what you're buying isn't a knock off.
  3. Understood and not taking offense. Just going by what I was told.
  4. Not in my company, but know people on West coast who have been informed of this policy.
  5. Been working remote full time since February. Prior to COVID, used to be able to work remote a few days a week. I'm in the tech / telecom sector and we're not back to the office until sometime next year. Regarding buying a home in the country or further away from office. Sounds great, but a couple things to keep in mind. Scenario 1: I had a coworker purchase a home in Long Island several years ago because the company offered "working remote" to employees. After a few months, some weren't producing, so everyone was told to come into the office. Commute from LI to office in NJ was several hours each way. He ended up staying at a hotel near the office during the week and would go home on weekends. After some time, he moved to a different role within the organization making less $ so he could be closer to home. Scenario 2: A good portion of tech companies have advised their employees they will never have to return to the office and can work remote permanently. Caveat: If you move to another state and cost of living is cheaper, your salary will be adjusted to the cost of living in the state you move to. So if you're in San Fran making a 6 figure salary and decide to move to Idaho, salary will be adjusted to reflect cost of living in Idaho. These companies know where you're logging in from and will make those adjustments accordingly. Some have already made it clear this will happen. Just a few things to keep in mind. Stay safe.
  6. What Kml said. Not familiar with Sports Analytics, but suspect similar in nature to Business Analytics. I work with quite a few in this space and can tell you 1st hand, just about every large corporation today makes key decisions based on this work. In the business / corporate space, you're dabbling in AI, automation, business intelligence, programming and creating algorithms.
  7. I don't, good friend of mine who was out riding with rides a Harley.
  8. Never purchased any of their products but don't hear great things if you expect to to get many years use out of it. I'm sure quality is sub par at best.
  9. To add to your comment about "safety". This past weekend I was on Garden State Parkway southbound on my motorcycle with my wife as a passenger. Riding along at 70 or so MPH. Tesla passes us in the left lane, 1 person in the car behind the wheel. I saw something hanging out the the front drivers side window (which was opened). Several miles down the road, highway opens up and the Tesla was in the middle lane. I ride up on the left and to my surprise, the "driver" is sitting back in his seat (behind the wheel), with his feet outside the car resting on top of the left rear view mirror, with no shoes or socks on. I kid you not. He had to be driving along at 80+ MPH. I slowed down and let him do his thing, but was pretty dumb founded at what we'd just seen.
  10. For those in NJ who aren't aware, just read an article earlier today on NJ . com about this and figured I'd share. New phase of $52M Jersey Shore beach replenishment project starts this week in 3 towns "A trio of Jersey Shore towns is set to undergo a new round of beach replenishment work. On Thursday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin adding new sand to beaches in Long Branch, Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright. Barring any weather or equipment delays, the Army Corps expects the work to be done by the end of November. It is the second phase of a project that began earlier this summer. U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.) said the work done earlier was considered a higher priority. The total cost of the project is $52 million, according to Jason Shea, a project manager for the Army Corps. The first phase cost $31.5 million, while the second phase will cost $20.5 million." Article is much longer than this, but this pretty much sums it up.
  11. Another vote for Barr Hill. They're out of VT. I think they run just under $40 a bottle. One other I'd recommend is Junipero, shouldn't be more then $30 a bottle.
  12. Places in NJ I usually buy ammo at have had 2 box limits for at least 2+ months now, if they have any in stock. I stopped at a shop in upstate NY this week, 9mm box of 50 was going for $30 a box with 2 box limit as well. These places are usually well stocked with firearms, now they barely have enough to keep in the displays.
  13. Did you find a replacement already?
  14. @shb is this for a road bike or mountain bike, presta or shrader valve and what size tube you looking for? If you haven't found one yet, let me know and I can point you to a few places. For what it's worth, bicycles (and a lot of other stuff as well) have been out of stock and very hard to come by for months now. Everyone was locked up at home for a few months, no more gym, etc. etc. Bicycling was one way to get around and take in some fresh air.
  15. I was in the same predicament about 2 years ago. An apartment we had a tenant in for many many years, was like walking into the 60's. Tenant passed and after all his stuff was cleared out, started surveying what needed to get done. Some rooms looked OK, other's not so much. Plaster in some areas was cracked. Touching it would fall and you could see lathing. Got quotes from 4 contractors, 3 of the 4 recommended sheet rock over the plaster and ceilings. When I do things, I like to do them right the 1st time and not worry about things. Redoing a 2 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor, adding sheet rock on top of plaster, was a lot more weight going up on walls and ceiling, the old cracked crap was still there and just getting covered up. Decided to rip EVERYTHING out, walls, ceilings etc. Apartment was down to studs. Glad we did. All that crap filled a 30 yard container. There was no insulation in majority of the outer walls or between ceiling and attic. Insulated all the outer walls and between ceiling / attic. Apartment got done right and got top $$ for rent. It was a PITA, took a little longer and more expensive but it got done right. I think it'll come down to how much time and work you want to put in to fix it up or how much you're willing to pay a contractor to do all that for you. Good luck with whichever option you choose!