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  1. Congratulations Will Nash! That is an amazing accomplishment. No doubt hours and hours of practice and dedication. Approaching 3 football fields is mind boggling
  2. Nope not the same. I still look for that recliner and those rocket launchers. Sure do miss our chats.
  3. We had a great time at the Mid Atlantic Surf Fishing Tournament in Ocean City this weekend. Conditions were tough with big surf and lots of current. 50 teams stuck with it and put some points on the board. The best part as always was the opportunity to visit with Bev and Terry! Great job and well run tournament. See you soon.
  4. I'm heartbroken and sad. Earl was a friend and a very good man. I would drive the beach and Earl was always the one guy I would always stop to check on. He was a humble man with a great sense of humor. His best asset was the ability to laugh at himself. He was a fine gentleman. I really appreciate all his talks and jokes. AI won't be the same for me. I will miss seeing those rocket launchers a mile away. Fish on Earl! I'm sure heaven has an endless supply of ice and bait. I will miss you so much.
  5. Slow weekend for fish but beautiful weather to be on the beach. Saturday water was chocolate milky all the way down to the line. No hits on big hooks tried throwing everything we had at em using bunker, peelers, fleas and a whole mullet rig and managed a few sea mullet on the bait pole. Sunday water was much clearer and a funny greenish color. No fish/zip/nada but....saw two cobia close in. One was making swirls on top and another came by at the top of high tide and jumped clear. Seeing his big white belly made us fish even luck.
  6. What if plovers nest near the campground?
  7. Damn shame. I don't blame global warming. I blame lack of DOI oversight on these parks and mismanagement of resources. It's the annual NPS - wink, wink, nod, nod- closing 10 miles of beach every year right before Memorial Day saves fuel, man hours and precious NPS budget to build more parking lots and corral the humans in a small confined area. The joke is on us and they actually have some of us believing this as some kind of goodwill and good management. The comment period this year really brought to light that every "alternative" is a way to provide less management, under the guise of preparing for the future. When these lands were entrusted to NPS no one envisioned or imagined they would just shut down the park on a whim every summer. Would love to see the states start taking back these parks from NPS. They should prorate and give us a 75% discount on our permit fees since we can't use the whole park and they need less resources to manage it. The beach will be open after the NPS summer interns leave in late August. NPS will make sure there are plover hatchings reported every few weeks to stretch out the closures until then. Thank goodness the fox, seagulls, eagles and owls are not yet managed by NPS. Yet.
  8. Fished Fenwick from 6am to 7pm. Big tides. Water was dirty. Structure looked good but nada. Fished peelers, bunker and mullet rigs. Hard to believe not one bite all. day. Saw nothing North or south of us. Might try OC proper tomorrow. Gotta be off early for Mother's Day. At least the tides are right. Hope for the best! Fish on and on and on.
  9. We typically use 15 lb test line with a 40lb shock leader on the spinning reels. We use 17 or 20 lb test with a 50 lbs shock on conventional reels.
  10. We fished AI this weekend. The highlight of the weekend was seeing Earl drive on the beach whilst we were airing down. Later we saw him again gliding down the beach with his rocket launchers. It was chilly, overcast and windy .....then it was beautiful sunny and windy..... then overcast and windy again. We found a spot with plenty of sandfleas and a little current where 5 and 6 ounces were holding. We talked to a fella at the pumps who said they had trouble holding with 8 and 10 oz so the current must have been ripping in some places. We fished several rods with either sandfleas and fishbites, bunker, whole mullet on mullet rigs and took turns throwing all kinds of lures and heavy plugs. We ended up with one small striper on sand fleas and four big blues. 33, 33, 35 and 37. All the blues were caught with whole mullet on mullet rigs. Had a few big knockdowns but no hook up. We saw fish caught both North and South of us. It was great to be on the beach again and seeing some big fish on the beach! Sure do hope we have a good spring and summer and the beach builds back. We have lots of structure but wow we lost an awful lot from all the storms this year. We will try again this weekend. Anyone know where to get some crabs for bait? Sad to see lucky angler gone.
  11. Merry Christmas ya'll. Here's to a great 2016. Hope to see everyone out there with tight lines and fish on!
  12. Whatta week in this thread. First a Earl. Please bring Earl back. It's a long winter. Thatsa classic.
  13. We were at the captain's meeting Thursday night. Terry was nice enough to put it to a vote. We bagged it and decided every team registered this year will only pay 1/2 price next year. ($180 vs 360). We did not hear of or see anyone fishing. Came out yesterday and someone had left a whole bag of bait hanging on my rod holder. It went in the freezer. Thanks!
  14. Pretty day on the beach today with nice SE breeze. Lots of bait stealers. Caught enough sea mullet for dinner and snagged a few dink blues. That's it. No other species today. Great day to be on the beach. We hope the tournament warriors catch em tonight. It's going to be a perfect night for it. Good luck guys!! <///><