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  1. First of all ive been a member since 03 i have more post then 6 ive just changed my email address so maybe that has something to do with it but iam far from a new member and anyone here who has dealt with me has had nothing but good to say so get off your high horse and let it die i posted them at 80 shipped so thats less then 20 a plug for a wooden plug new i dont think it was to bad if they sell they sell if not i lower the price i dont know who made them or what they were worth ( so excuse me) if i was high in price but iam not twisting any ones arm to buy them take it for what its worth jimmy
  2. here is an old time book on striper fishing and an atom plug 15.00 shipped thanks
  3. sold to chicky thanks
  4. Any one need a loomis blank here is a MB784slate rated 12-20 lbs 6 1/2 ft blank is new in the bag still would like 65.00 PIC UP ONLY (OCEAN CO) THANKS
  5. not really looking to ship it
  6. heres 2 more smiths not sure of weight they are 6 inches looking for 40.00 shipped thanks top ones has 2 small hooks drags in side
  7. sold to surfcaster pm sent thanks
  8. I Have 2 Big Eye Peanuts For Sale They Are 1oz $35.00 Shipped Both Are New Thanks
  9. i'd ship it but too hard to find a tube and posatge and stuff real pain
  10. sold to longshank pm sent
  11. here are a few deep diving lures not sure what kind looking for 22.00 shipped thanks deep.jpg
  12. sorry i'll pass on the 12.00 thanks any way
  13. you show me were you can buy a wooden lure (new) threw wired for under 20.00 5 plugs for 80.00 shipped isant a bad deal and are well made lures
  14. u guess right
  15. heres a few more bombers the bottom 2 are mark sosion any who looking for 33.00 shipped thanks bb.jpg
  16. sold to busterblue pm sent thanks
  17. here's a peak at my old collection of striper pikies enjoy boys
  18. not sure who made them but iam sure there not makatti not really sure what they weigh either wish i could be of more help all i know is the lenth and that there trew wired
  19. here are a few wooden lures all are like new small one is 9 inches and needs hooks others are 11 inches need $80.00 shipped thankseel11.jpg added a bigger pic of just the green eel hope this is better new to this camera thing
  20. looks like there going back into hideing
  21. here a bunch of old wood looking for a new home any one interesed let me know 130.00 for all or will part them out at 15.00 each plenty of good life in these old lure just need a little TLC thanks
  22. sold to biteme thanks
  23. Not sure who made these big one is 8" and the smaller one is 6" both have surfster lips in them 18.00 shipped thankswood.jpg
  24. sold thanks
  25. heres a few more bombers all long a's heavey duty 6 " need 25.00 shipped thanks bomb.jpg