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  1. i have 2 of these awsome plugs any one know if he still makes them and what there going for now a days i bought mine in 03 04 not too sure come with a really nice 2 peice card board box any info thanks jimmy
  2. what areb u doing mark selling everything u wont have anything left for the spring
  3. 21 to 17 pats
  4. Any of you guys know if he is still makeing plugs ? was cleaning out some stashed stuff and came across a few i bought years ago if any one knows if he is still makeing lures please let me know thanks
  5. winch send me your not so perfect plugs lol just kidding sweet job buddy
  6. I second that duck and goose calls show us some nice tubes
  7. Gonna need a bigger rod
  8. your a sick guy sweet plug how many hours into that one? nice work
  9. Looks to me like u have it down pat great looking plugs keep up the great work awsome paint
  10. Awsome swimmers they are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt
  11. Looks like you had wood chips flying 4 a while great looking bodies show us some finished plugs when u get a few done
  12. Way to go Joan awsome catch
  13. Talk about world class fishing i havent been there in about 4 years but been itching to get back had some of the best times fishing there ever good luck to all if u make it happen u wont regret it
  14. Just another way nj stops our fun i know i hab b b gun growing up and had a blast with them try that in nj today and its all over i'd really like to know how they class a bb gun as a firearm but like i said just another way nj keeps us down go to delaware there on the shelfs right in wall mart a short ride for a kids happyness
  15. Cant go wrong with a wonderbread color bomber
  16. Hard to beat the good old smokey joe
  17. Still seem to be alot of bass in both rivers in early spring so i think they found somewere to stay over ive fished the sink for years same spots and always caught fish every spring but there have been more and more pressure on them as almost everyone has a tin boat or canoe now a days tight lines
  18. get out and catch one last fish on that baby before hanging it
  19. any help on these thanks
  20. looks to be a pretty old bar light it works has a neat fish and a few bait fish any one help me with vaule if any thanks
  21. hope the pic is better this time the large ones are 11" and the smaller blue one is 8" all are well made threw wired all wood and like new like to sell all for 80.00 shipped thanks eel1.jpg
  22. 2 unknown to me made eel wooden swimmer lures both are 8 " long not includeing lip not sure of weight 35.00 shipped blue one needs hooks thanks
  23. top 2 are adam romagna lures not sure what the bottom 2 are need 40.00 shipped thanksswimmers.jpg
  24. A snap is always a good idea but you do have to tune a lure before you just fish it and everyone likes a diferant action all i can say is get out in the day and tune the plugs to your likeing buy bending the wire not the lip till you get it to swim the way you like tight lines jimmy