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  1. Very interested I can pic up Sunday the 28 if it's still available
  2. I have a persision 11/12 weight it's a great reel I've had it for about 15years now with out a complant has a great drag held up well over the years wish I could find another let me know what ur gona do with the spools maybe we can work something out if they fit my reel thanks jim
  3. lisen all, i started the post for no other reason then to let the true bass fisherman in our area know about a spot to b able to pick up some of the great local lures being made but i guess i cant even share that on this board any more with out everyone getting there panties in a bunch my bad from now on i keep my good plug getting spots to my self more plugs for me thanks all
  4. Any one interesed in this bronze 25.00 shipped thanks
  5. it is about 2 inches round
  6. have to fight my 5 year old over the doodles
  7. Here is a quick pic of the stuff i have i will also throw in a bunch of ss hooks to tie on size 4/0 and the book The Cast by Ed Jaworowski. there is also a bunch of stick on eyes in alot of colors and some more material i just have to dig it out can have it all for 300.00 shipped thanks enough to tie thousands of flies
  8. i'll b posting a ton of material in a few days just have to take pics cant see like i use to so iam pretty much done tieing keep an eye open
  9. Here's a nice selection of 40 saltwater flies i have way to many tied alot this winter any interest ? $70.00 shipped thank's guy's
  10. deal pending with cabo
  11. no interest guy's ?
  12. any one collect these pins like to sell the lot for $90.00 shipped let me know thanks
  13. sold thanks
  14. here's a really nice bag and a few plugs looking for $105.00 shipped thanks
  15. sounds good let me know when u want to come get it thanks jimmy
  16. does the acuplate have breaks in it? please let me know interesed
  17. Here is a pair of Joe Onion wooden minnows from 2003 both in there right boxes made in Winchester CT not sure if he still makes these any more both are unfished out of box only for the pic $80.00 each or $150.00 for the pair pm me if interesed 99
  18. just a mistake didnt read the new rules first i'll take them get them right here sorry for the mistake guys dont want to get any ones panties in a bunch
  19. does any one know if he is still makeing these at all?
  20. Here is a pair of snook bait company swimmers which have been repainted and epoxyed like new $25 each plus shipping thanks
  21. there about 8 1/2 in long
  22. Not sure who made these threw wired and wood 15.00 each 12 for the small one thanks
  23. All sold pending payments thanks guy's
  24. small blurpurple and lage blk sold others still avaiable thanks
  25. For sale are these rm smith lures all are new unfished no bags would like to sell together $90.00 shipped please pm me or first i'll take it and there yours thanks