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  1. hey all iam looking for a fish tank 75gallons or bigger idf u have anything laying around let me know what u need for it and location thanks jimmy
  2. hello guys iam looking for a fish tank or two at least 75gallons or bigger please let me know if u have something laying around let me know what u need for it and location thank you jimmy
  3. nice way to cash in on a special holiday wow tim were were u on this one wth all your morals
  4. LiquidSmoke whats the odds on you bringing a couple tanks to nj to meet up?
  5. hey sorry but the 30 long is too sallow for angles i have a 20 long iam passing on at the moment
  6. hungry fisher were down south are you?
  7. Farrellx i'll take the tanks you hold them till next weeknd when iam down that way? let me know thanks jimmy
  8. fresh water i'am doing i breed Angle fish and need more tank space pm me what u have and price or what you want in trade thanks
  9. looks like a reverse atom
  10. Can any one help to point me in the right direction to obtain pvc source for plug building thanks guys jimmy
  11. thanks guys
  12. looking to thin out a few of my lures both brand new as you can see from pic 65 for the pair or 35.00 your choice shipped sorry i dont take pay pal thanks guys
  13. thanks guy both plugs sold thread closed
  14. looks like neddle is sold pending payment
  15. one time price drop 60.00 to your door any interest
  16. thinning out some of my plugs here are 2 brand new smiths i'll do 85.00 to your door thanks
  17. thats always the prob when u hide stuff from them so do me a favor lets trades address just in case theres a fire sale when one of us goes lol
  18. the fish are around if your were you should be this time of year went out sat mmourning had 4 shorts on 9inch fin s and a few misses all i can say is rivers looking fineeeeeeeeeeeee good luck all
  19. not the right time for plugs i'd say get a few fresh clams find a nice looking hole and fish the incomming tide good luck
  20. would rather not split and i dont really need any more lures sorry
  21. i have a persision fly reel 9/10 ive had it a long time but now i cant find any info on them anyone out there know anything about them would love to find a spare spool for it thanks jim
  22. going to be a tuff one with the water so high only good thing is the fish will be spread out and iam hoping it keeps the crowds down a bit lol just hoping
  23. i wouldnt fish a popper at night so to me i think why make a glowing one just my thoughts
  24. some super nice pics like to see you enjoy the outdoors as much as the next guy what type camera and lens do you use