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  9. Does any one have a 14' or 16' V hull there looking to sell if so please let me know
  10. Thanks for the offer but that's abut big for the lake fishing I want the boat for most of the lakes are 9.9 or smaller or trolling motor only but again thank you for the offer good luck iam sure at that price y'all sell that boat pretty fast
  11. Ok thanks
  12. Thanks for the offer on the 12 footer but just to small And don't see a trip to Mass anytime soon either
  13. Any one doing any good on some slabs yet it shouldn't be long before they really kick in
  14. Any one catching and white perch yet?
  15. Hey guys have some extra Gold Marble Angelfish babies I'd like to see get good homes pic up only N Jersey 3 for 10.00 let me know if interesed also some baby Bristle Nose pleco's 2 for 10.00 thanks
  16. Not going to be in long island can you pic up? Really would rather not ship it let me know
  17. I have a airbrush comp it's a badger model # 80-2 with hose u can have it for 50.00 I have no use for it let me know
  18. Freshwater also have philipine blue angels that will be ready to go in about 2 weeks
  19. If you send me an email I can send a pic of the mom with the fry thare now quater in size eating flake and ready for new homes I breed Angelfish and also have larger fish if looking for them Thanks guys iam in Clifton
  20. Hey guys looking to sell these lures as a lot dont really want to break them up unless i cant sell them all at once all have never seen water and minty only one the gold sufster has a few hook pointers on it looking to get $ 650.00 or best offer No trades sorry --- and as always firt Ill Take them gets them Thanks
  21. 3 still available Goldfish the small ghost & the blk yellow eye If interested iam sure we can work somthing out
  22. you decide looks like Atom to me odd lure never seen one like it 65.00 if interesed Thanks
  23. How about 45.00 shipped Any interest?
  24. hey guys not sure if its a master lure or snook bait co lure take a look at pics like to get 45.00 shipped Thanks