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  1. thinning out some lures any one use these $50.00 shipped to your door
  2. hopefully pic shows this time thinning out some lures any one use these $50.00 shipped to your door IMG][/img]
  3. any one use these $40.00 to your door thanks
  4. first batch sold thanks
  5. i have a trailer might be interesed in it is a roller bunk style let me know if interesed and i can let you know more info on it thanks
  6. hey guys i have a vs 200 black for sale and i also have a lamiglass 7'xs71ms brand new make me resonable offer on either please email me direct at as i dont check my pm's to often looking for a local guy would rather not ship iam in point pleasant can meet somewere if interesed also have some bombers and rebals and some other plugs for sale thanks guys jimmy
  7. all items sold sorry guys thanks kevin
  8. looking to part with my 200vs blk if interesed please email would really like to off it today to a local guy iam in point pleasant can meet somewhere maybe half way looking for $450.oo also have a new lamiglass conventianl # xs 101 mhc 10 ft $ 125.00 also a St. croix Ben Doerr elite/ess83m 8ft 3 inches like new $150.00 and last a lamiglass xs71ms 7" like new $100.00 would really like to move the stuff today as iam packing up and getting ready to leave for the winter thanks guys jimmy
  9. hey big country hope you go buy one of those newer ceased up ones or maybe you are already fishing a zebco push button lol
  10. reel sold sorry guys that didnt take long thanks buddy jimmy
  11. its like new used maybe 4 times as i usally only fish con. and if you havent heard zebco bought out van stahll so try to find a good one now lol
  12. i have about 6 doz snow goose shells i would like to part with and around 6 doz duck decoys cans, bradbill, black duck, mallards and others email me if interesed at thanks
  13. Hey guys i have way to much stuff floating around and need to off some of it i have 4 wade carr 2 lefty , 1 skippy plug and about 15 big dons these are all extras 4 me there like new also 2 cyclone lures plus some smack it poppers and some other wooden swimmers would like to sell all as a lot if seriously interesed email me at iam local in point pl.also have a brand new lamiglass 10.0 xs 101 mhc with a new abu 7000c3 spooled up with power pro never used shoot me an offer if your serious thanks jimmy
  14. plugs are sold man wish i had 500 of them
  15. rod is like new rated 10 to 17 lbs line lure wt 3/4 to 2 oz shoot me an offer at if interesed thanks jim
  16. hey guy's i have a few striper pikie bodies and a few giants iam looking to trade? for a few custom lures if any of u guys might be interesed please shoot me an email at thanks
  17. hey guys iam looking for a place where i can buy a couple large rubber eels ive looked alot of places and just cant seem to locate any any help would b e greatly appreciated thanks
  18. Bob Hann is still very much alive and well still living in point near the cannal but not makeing any more lures its a shame he said he was sick and tired of the tackle stores beating him out of money for the plugs on consighnment so he just packed it up he still has plenty of lures hanging in his grarge iam sure one day he will off the pile of them to one of us lucky guys
  19. will do and i plan on useing it often will let u know how it stands up to the cow i plan on catching this season
  20. I'll take it if its still avaliable please email me and and let me know the info on were to send the payment thanks jimmy
  21. I'am looking for a large con. bait rod 10ft rated for 16oz any one have anything close they want to part with i'll but or trade for it i have a ton of lures to trade or other rods let me know thanks ------------------ <[[[>< jim <{{{><