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  1. I use the skwoosh gel pad and can fish for about 9 hours with no real problems
  2. Thats because it wasnt a white shark....
  3. New?? I've been using one for a few years now lol
  4. They are only around $20 brand new...
  5. Spheros is tuff as nails i've caught many big bass and biiig blues on the 4000
  6. Well unfortunately you get what you pay for...but they do make stabalizers for kayaks. But IMO they just get in the way, if your not comfortable in your kayak i would sell it and try a few other models out at a local dealer.
  7. From my experience stripers tend to go up into the shallows at low light and night time...I used to do really well along the marshes at sunrise. Now i live in VA Beach and i am chasing reds and trout along the marshes and flats. I have been kayak fishing for about 8-9 years now and to me its the best way to fish period...
  8. yeah def wear your drysuit...water still dangerous. As for what i said about VA beach dont get me wrong its a great place and i've met a lot of great people down here! But there are a sh*t ton of kayaker fisherman
  9. Move to virginia beach you will never fish alone again...i've never seen so many kayak fisheman in my life! Not entirely a good thing left a great fishing buddy back on long island actually left a lot of good fishing buddies back on long island... I love fishing alone but fishing with someone that you just click with now that is a great time!
  10. Not sure about online but terminal tackle in kings park had all kinds of colored tubing...
  11. maybe i was a little harsh and i apologize that guy is a hero wish there were more like sister is still without power and she has a baby and its gettin cold. Her boyfriend lost his house as did a few other friends of mine. I moved down here to virginia beach last september and we were sweatin this storm as we only live 1.5 miles from the ocean. We were lucky this time.
  12. i have a few friends who lost everything in that storm....your a ******* moron
  13. If fishing in a kayak alone at night is insane than i should of been commited years ago...
  14. Hansom pliers are great cut braid like butter around $50
  15. On my first hull while waiting for the replacement i used a 2 part epoxy on the crack and it worked great. I fished hard with it and never had a problem...