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  1. That there is monster fish zone this time of year. Sand spike cut bait . And skunk repellent,
  2. Stay in town . Those motels here in manomet are nasty,
  3. keep an eye on . Inside of ply beach thru white horse beach down thru center hill rd . look for the birds , I’ve found my personal best Beach fishing with cut bait , lures plugs jigs all work fine . Sorry won’t discuss actual spots , and good luck with the shutdown progress .
  4. Sweet or salt
  5. What about the biomass past the 3 mile , hmmm nobody counts them ask a squid boat .
  6. Save you’re fuel closed till 9/1 as of tomorrow.
  7. The agawam . There are monsters in there herring fed too.
  8. 100% agreed.
  9. Internet ruined the bass fishery . And “that “show *** up the tuna . Now every ***** with a boat thinks they are a superstar. Jmho
  10. Not in my house . Oh wait MA, just dumps 1 million plus in the rainy day fund . They just found ., oops here we go. Again . And trump isn’t taking it up the wazoo from foreign colusion.
  11. More like “pepper spray “ these days
  12. As long as you’re not “in the marked channel “ I have in the past way too crowded these days .
  13. Last check 15+ bars and restaurants within walking distance. All sell seafood for the most. Good luck,
  14. I have no problem with that.2 days s week, never made sense .