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  1. I use a Dobyns 9’ Champion XP (the longer Swimbait rod) or a 10-11’ surf rod (a Penn or Bass Pro brand) casting from the shore either with an Ambassador Record 50 frame, Daiwa Pluton or Abu Garcia Toro Beast 60 frame depending on target species. Size line and leaders to suit presentation and conditions.
  2. Don’t know when you tried but this is not a good time to try. You might want to try communicating with them at their Facebook site. They are normally very good about answering their phone and returning their calls under more normal conditions. Try to be patient with them.
  3. I’ve been using several Diawa Certates for quite some time without a single problem. They are very smooth, requiring minimal maintenance, and have been tough as nails. I think that when you get to both companies high end products, they get more difficult to criticize. At that level, it gets down to personal taste and individual feel of a product for a particular application. I own excellent examples of both companies high end products that are easily over 10-15 yrs. old that have been used hard during that time and continue to operate without a hiccup! I wouldn’t trade or replace any of them.
  4. Seigler has some of the surf fishing models currently available if you’d be interested in considering that reel vs. the Akios Nitro. The only thing that makes me hesitant about the Nitro is the film covering which is bound to look like hell after a season or two of heavy use.
  5. Check out: Columbiariverfishingadventures.com they do guided fishing trips on the Snake River and might be able to point you in the right direction. The home page has an article on gear that is full of useful information on the gear they use. Also, there are interesting articles by Jeff Simpson and Rob Neumann about this kind of fishing which should also help you. Good luck!
  6. Can anyone who has one who also has a Penn Slammer III , 4000, make a comparison. I have this reel and the SaltX 6000 and wouldn’t trade either, they seem very similar in feel but apples to oranges. Happy to hear that the 4000 sounds like a keeper.
  7. Seriola, Welcome to the site! You might want to start a new topic, instead of waiting for a response here. Also, do some research, if you haven’t done so already, to make sure that it hasn’t already been addressed by someone else in a different topic. You’d be surprised at the number of redundant posts by folks not realizing that the material they want is already available just waiting for them to find it! Tim
  8. Thanks Don/Kent! I appreciate the referrals! I’ll have to give them a jingle and see what I can accomplish. With our current events, money is a bit tight for the time being but I’ll see if I can squeeze a few more sheckles out of the recreational/vacation account!
  9. Thank you very much!!!
  10. ZAFisher: Where’d you purchase those Omotos from, if you don’t mind sharing? Have been looking for a while and when I couldn’t find any I decided on a couple Japanese made Diawa Shrapnels instead (marked down very heavily).
  11. I have one of their conventional rods in a 1-4 oz. and it's a heck of a stick. Nothing like what you're looking for but well worth your consideration in my opinion. At the price point you are looking at it would make good sense for you to bring a reel and lead to one of their stores and physically check out the stick you're interested in purchasing. To do less invites frustration and disappointment. Best of luck and happy holidays!
  12. I’ve found that the best braids are those with 8 carriers, not 4. Yeah, I get you need the distance, but you also need dependable performance also. I found some of the best, from my experience, includes J Braid (Daiwa), Power Pro ‘Slick’, Berkley ‘Fireline’ (my absolute favorite for spinning gear), Suffix ‘Performance’, Finns ‘Windtamer’ (excellent stuff). Some of the key issues that can be addressed to prevent problems is a firm but full spool pack (don’t overfill!), maintain the spool pack as you fish (run your line out behind your boat, retrieve tightly! Don’t wind line knots onto spool because they catch the line when you cast leading to awful bird nests (replace line if you don’t have adequate, reasonably fishable amount on the spool!). Hope this helps!
  13. Cash take your trolling elsewhere. This is not a general forum, it's a manufacturers forum. Your negativity isn't welcome. Inverno you need to take another look at all of the reel lines that interest you. Penn has tremendous varieties of gear ratios to make you happy, everything from the economy lines up to the higher end reels. They may not have the exact ratio you're looking for in a particular reel but that doesn't mean it's not available in another reel size or reel category. Actually, Penn does a better job than most companies in this regard if you look closely. If you need help, please ask for it. Many hear would love to assist you, if not a Penn rep. themselves. Regarding the Bail wire line roller bearings, like anything else on a reel, a little maintenance goes a long way toward insuring free rolling bearings. If you don't wash the salt water off your reel after use, it's bound to seize up eventually casing the problems you spoke of. In which case even lubrication isn't going to help as you already noticed. Make phone call to Penn about the best maintenance practices they recommend for your reel and I'm sure many of the problems you've been experiencing will go away or at least minimized.
  14. Do you Jetty or Pier fish at all? A 9’-10’ footer, in a 1-5 oz range, in the Carnage II with a 4500-5500 reel like a Slammer II-III maybe, spooled with 17-20# mono or 30# braid, would be an ideal combo for this kind of fishing and a great 3rd setup to add to your other two!