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  1. On another note I'm down to 220lbs.
  2. She waxed. No razor nubble.
  3. One of the things I did while working, in the company truck, was to get bj's from the crossing guard. This went on for 10 years. I can't drive 5 miles in Aberdeen without passing one of our spots. The farthest she drove was to the Weston Mills exit on 287. The closest was 3 miles from my house. I'm not proud of what I did but I really don't regret it.
  4. Nope Nice place. Ah yes. Nothing quite like road head.
  5. But you already knew that.
  6. I do not care.
  7. Says you. Not all resistance training helps with stability. Weight training on a machine does nothing for stability. Free weight training uses not only the main muscle group targeted but also all the smaller stabilizing muscles. Fluking on a party boat. Yuk. Nice fish though. Happy dads day all, except you Slacker.
  8. On rare occasions I get a yes.
  9. No spittoon, no tits, no ass. You suck. I have no such social boundary issues. My first question is " do you swallow?"
  10. Ruining good zeppoli in chocolate sauce. Fluke. Just the word sends me into a fit of hate.
  11. If the head fits the body fits. I'm not kidding.
  12. Can't see the socket, plastic don't show up on x-rays.
  13. Only so many cortisone shots you can get. Go get a second opinion, the shoulder will not get better. I've had 6 shoulder surgeries including my new one. PT is tough but its worth it. Get it now before you need a new one. Took a pic of my xray today. Dr says I'm doing great. In two months we schedule my other shoulder.
  14. Bastard Back in my 30's I was looking at used pickups. Found one and went to look at it. Old guy probably in his 70's showing me the truck says "first and 3rd gear are like new, I never used them." Shoulder replacement.
  15. Very good. The MP approves the plan. Next time you're working on it please call me. I'll come over. Holy ****! I iron them every 2 days so they stay smooth.
  16. You have some memory. Open your wallet and spring for an intake and headers. Have fun with that car. Keep the stock parts of course. What kind of carb came with that?
  17. Concrete and asphalt too.
  18. I stared at ****ing mud and blue stone. Outside, didn't need a window.
  19. Ah yes, the ****ing credenza. Can't live without one. The ever popular stunning sunset, gazed at from a Chippendale chair. Did you have a credenza?
  20. Quik, I'll have him check my balls and send you the report.
  21. I'm still retired. Going to the doctor friday to check my new shoulder. Hoping he says I can go fishing. I wanna be sure its healed enough so that if I happen to fall on it it won't **** up.
  22. You are very interested in my balls. I can't figure it out. Daughter Jen got a new job with another engineering firm. She works from home, always. They bought her two monitors and a laptop, set it up in her apartment. She loves it. More money and better bennies.
  23. I love me a tandem load of #57 blue stone.