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  1. I've been meaning to try pasta made with garbanzos.
  2. Thats right. Th MP sportin a new lid. I'll be waiting for some woke snowflake to try and knock it off.
  3. Cow farts..
  4. Deer? What deer?
  5. Me too. Kev, do you make Tom punch in?
  6. I see that Ken****y is now a constitutional carry state. What you packing Slacker?
  7. Entertainment for the guys not on zuckerberg.
  8. 28 tidewater. My buddy Anthony might pull the trigger. Google it. Twin 300's.
  9. No, the bike was in for the winter. With my leg workout at the gym I wouldn't be able to ride anyway. I'm wobbly walking to the car when I'm done.
  10. TomT, you know about medicare? I have questions.
  11. Rutgers burger. I'm not eating the fries. Burger, pork roll, egg and cheese.
  12. Y...Did she suck it?
  13. Ok.
  14. Correction. The disc is where you put the spare pull rope in case the regular puller breaks.
  15. "Pistola" in spanish.