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  1. No, you OWED me a fat bastard. You skinny bald bastard. I don't drink it, I just know it's coconut flavored. I can take anything these doosh knuckles can dish out. I'm no squid or pink snapper.
  2. Always with the details. And you called me a fat bastard again. Maybe it was a misprint.
  3. Both you guys can suck my ass. What's the difference. Regular rum with coconut flavored water or coconut flavored rum? Remember, I don't drink so I'm not up on all the alcoholic beverage do's and don'ts. ****ing dooshes. Anyone wanna talk knife steels? Dickheads.
  4. Why not try Malibu? And don't ever call me a fat bastard again.
  5. Can't do it. I'm comfortable at 220.
  6. You used the word homo. That's not very politically correct. My BP was 122/72 today at the doctor. Kidney # a little high but I've been eating too much red meat lately. I also need to lose 10lbs. I was 232 fully clothed, 4pm. A1C/6.1 EKG normal.
  7. What a doosh you are. There is a simple way to edit the pictures so that they are right side up.
  8. I killed one 40 years ago. Very dry bird. I shot many blue and green wing teal back in the lead shot days. Very tasty. What a jerk off. I guess he's not helping any old ladies with their bills anymore. He would take his junk to the Hi Mar flea market to sell and donate the money to his " old lady neighbor" , so he said. I think he said he was doing it for all the pats on the back he would get on the other fishing site. I used to be on his "tog charter" call list, till I fished with him a few times. I hate muggers. So I deleted his number and ignored texts till he stopped texting.
  9. The biggest issue with counterfeit knives is the blade steel. It's usually junk stainless.
  10. Not going to take a chance on this. Offer rescinded.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I kinda thought it was an older model. I'll respectfully offer $100. I'll understand if you don't accept my offer. Thanks for your time.
  12. I'm asking because they came with carbon fiber scales.
  13. Are those the original scales on the mini freek?
  14. So sorry to hear this. I had dealings with Chris. We became friends a few years ago through the BST. He was a very nice guy. I sold him a .22 rifle for his daughter and a couple things for himself. RIP my friend.
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