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  1. You forgot fromunda cheese.
  2. Interesting
  3. Slacker got a new pool toy.
  4. What is left of baked ling in butter, lemon and garlic. A touch of Louisiana blackened seasoning and bread crumbs.
  5. I'm a peaceful man, but if the looting starts I will be grabbing a few kielbasa rings. You guys are the best. Great ideas. I have 3 maga hats. I think Norton is appropriate for this. Funny.
  6. Protest Friday in south river. Starting at the police station. I might go and watch.
  7. Wawa hot dogs are fine, but I hate putting condiments on from a packet..and no brown mustard.
  8. Nice
  9. Sorry for your loss partner. I'm sure she lived a great life with you guys.
  10. Did she find the pot pie in the back of the cabinet? How can you guys drink that goat piss is beyond me.
  11. Decent day. 35 or so ling and 18 cbass for 3 guys. No pics. I'm tired. Hit the farms, went deep to try for cod and finished on the reef. Later. If I feel better later I might go looting. Free stuff.
  12. Louisville Kentucky using LRAD for croud control. Go ahead googlers.
  13. Eddie called him yesterday.
  14. I fish for sport. That and the fact that I have to fillet all those prickly bastards.
  15. Who would have thought that the MP would be baking bread.