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  1. I shower once a week if I need it or not.
  2. After wrapping in bounty, take the fillets out, throw in the trash then eat the bounty.
  3. Make sure its Bounty paper towels. They refresh the fish.
  4. Pop has some kind of cancer, don't know how big or how bad yet. In the lining of the anus. Will know more when the lab results are in.
  5. Prednisone works like magic. The temporary sugar highs should cause no problems. Its worth it if it makes you better.
  6. I guess I missed sharkmikemonday. I'll just celebrate it today. Eff you sharkmike.
  7. Tony, watch the sugar when taking prednisone.
  8. Do you see that crease immediately behind the front leg? A well placed broadhead 4" up from the elbow and in 4 seconds the deer is dead.
  9. Veal on the hoof.
  10. I don't have a detention facility in my arse. Why don't you shut the ***** up. On a friendly note, get well soon....prick. Tomorrow dad gets a biopsy on the thing in his ass. He's not eating much anymore. I think he wants to go and see mom.
  11. The screw idea was good, no?
  12. She toyed with me all day.
  13. Ricks it is. On the menu tonight will be a fried scallop and shrimp combo, 100 steamed littlenecks in garlic and butter, Alaskan king crab legs and sauteed softshell crabs. This is why I am fat and I don't care. About that screw..buy a new air conditioner you cheap bastard. Or you can get a self tapping screw one size larger and use a screwdriver when you have to change the filter.
  14. And again..
  15. Beeeutiful day at the beach.