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  1. **** bass
  2. I really know my bass huh. Only off by 4lbs.
  3. **** 11 madison park.
  4. Thanks G Why don't you go fishing with your dad. That bass must be 7lbs.
  5. I can actually scratch the left side of my balls with my right hand. I practice alot.
  6. Tom, we don't give a good flying **** about Boston, snow or the red sox. KoQ, thank you for stepping in when I needed you. Doctor tomorrow. Staples out. Hopefully sling off too.
  7. **** cinco de mayo.
  8. If you have copper from the street to the meter in your house I wouldn't worrry about it. Most new construction from 1950's used copper. If you have galvanized pipe I would get the ins. If your sanitary sewer is cast iron you're good. PVC you're good. Anything else is crap. You look like a kid I used to beat up every once in awhile.
  9. Have a ****** birthday Quik. Doosh
  10. Yes, coinstars still exist. Tony, if I had 2 arms I would help you.
  11. Safety. What's his time in the forty? How big is he? College linebackers are 245-250 now and run a 4.4 forty. College coaches care about numbers. Its a meat market. Big business. Getting a pro look is even worse. I went through all of it. The difference between 6'1" and 6'3" is huge. I don't agree with that but I'm not a college coach. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part its all in the numbers.
  12. Wrap a rope around it and tie the other end to your bumper. Drive away. Buy a new plant to replace it. You're welcome. Bad enough he paid 2 grand to get on the team, quitting his job to play on that team was ridiculous. Let your daughter handle this. Don't say a thing to him. What position does he play? If he didn't get a look in HS he's not getting a look. Send me a film.
  13. You are so right. Their menu is ridiculous.
  14. That's the best one I've heard/seen in a very long time. It reminded of the kid that didn't get picked to be on the stick ball team. Walking away, head down, dejected. Kicking rocks. Brilliant. Only you would think that up. Maybe PeterO.
  15. Everyone is invited. This is going to be like setting up a tog trip. Anyone else want to make me feel terrible? We can go to fort dix then dine at mastoris diner. Best onion soup I ever ate.