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  1. The white knee socks and those "shoes". Can you imagine seeing ME dressed like that?
  2. I hear precise is about to aquire a sea going vessel?
  3. Please tell me this is a joke.
  4. It pays to be honest and forthcoming. "Phenomenon of human communication". This is the best description I have ever heard of me. I do it every day, and get away with it, to the chagrin of my wife, my kids and my brothers. One day I might get a punch in the ear...but I don't care.
  5. Y, I don't know who Jerry is talking about, but I think he's very angry.
  6. She gave me some wood.
  7. Not my birthday. So anyway...I picked this up on the side of the road today..
  8. I broke a personal best today...consecutive days alive.
  9. My grandson.
  10. Where can I fish for white perch? I guess I should say where can I catch white perch.
  11. Not me. Pop won a couple a bucks.
  12. It was a great day. Dad was very happy.
  13. Naa. We don't drink. 3 unsweetened iced teas.
  14. The bill for 3 was $237.00
  15. Non gay news? Sparky belongs in gay news.