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  1. Sparky, when the video comes on it over. Move the little thing to the beginning and you will see it. Doosh.
  2. A skate that big is great eating.
  3. Saw a picture once in national geographic.
  4. I think they call it "auto fellatio".
  5. Interestingly noted.
  6. Up at 4:45 today, for no reason. Been having trouble sleeping the last three weeks. I might have a brain tumor or something. Or, I need a good blow job.
  7. It was supposed to open in 2017. QUIK, you just got your ass handed to you. Don't feel bad though, you deserve it. Noted. Kev, you're short and skinny. You clean up well though. I have no more ****s to give.
  8. I bet you loved that scene. You homo. You non binary, cisgender LGBTQIA+1.
  9. Sorry, I have no idea what the blue oyster is. Relentless. Naa, it was on jernee mill road right after the S curves. It's a contracting outfit now. This is for quiks picture. I don't care.
  10. I did ok at the birch hill too.
  11. No, recovery room. Go go bar.
  12. The best job I ever had.
  13. She had a very hard time talking. I should add that in the middle of this fiasco, the other dancer was banging on the door saying she wanted to get home and wanted her money. She certainly knew what was going on.
  14. Clank, clank, clank, clank.... That's the sound it makes while banging against my desk in the room where the dancers come to get paid at the end of the night. Dancer bent over said desk, my pants half way down and the buckle keeping time with the thrusts, while she was on the phone with her better half discussing the Christmas party menu.
  15. I don't go that far to eat anymore. My digestive system seemed to have changed as I grew older. There is a specific time limit from the meal to the bathroom. I've got caught to many times in the middle of the drive home with the painful urge to eliminate. Till she begged me to stop. Then I add 10 minutes to that. Penthouse letters? Pfffft. Those were made up stories, which are never as wholesome as true life adventures. Goldy only knows of my high school adventures when I was just a rookie, a minor league player. But I will not boast here. You guys have already heard 1/4 of my stories. I don't want you thinking I'm some sort of sexual deviant.