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  1. Was gonna try them myself. Just wondering who else has had luck with them?
  2. Letme know if you need any real estate info. I can also forward local fishing websites. Good Luck Tom TomKat O'Brien Keller Williams Realty 609-432-3380
  3. Yeah it's going over my head too.
  4. I thought I noticed a diference
  5. JP do you have a fuel/water seperator? I have the same engines and my mechanic says changing these more often should help.
  6. The Grady is a better name. But The ride is rough. I rode in I believe a 30 Grady last year in 2-3 ft, and need a chiropractor.
  7. I usually head down to Hatteras over Easter to get started.
  8. I agree, get to know your local tackle shop guys. There are also some great books and videos out there.
  9. I had 99 2002 I beat it to hell. Sold it for something with more range that rode better. I got a Prosports 22cc cat. They said everything was through bolted. I found out after a year there was nothing through bolted. I had to have the dealer reattach the center concole, the T-Top, and numerous other things. It ride better than the Trophy but did not hold up as well as the bayliner trophy. I have ridden in a couple of the Grady Whites. They Ride as bad if not worse that a Bayliner. So for the money The Trophy is OK in my book. You should test ride as many boats as possible.
  10. Rollcast I agree this is suposed to be reports! GeneQ, You are right that there is still lots of bait in 30-50ft of water. The water is not all that cold for this time of year. They have still been getting Blues mixed in with stripers in Montuak this past week. The storms and dirty water have hurt us. I had a slow pick today off of Sea Isle when my screen lit up with marks, and I was getting bass and blues for about 2 hours! No birds! Go figure.
  11. Surf was big down here today, I ended up goin surfing myself.
  12. Saturday found pods of Adult Bunker, hooked up all day but kept getting bit off by Big Big Blues. One Striper boated about 34 inches. So Sunday at first light outfitted with lot's of wire leader and snag rigs I ventured out off OC to try and find a pod of adult bunker. Very hard to do in the breezy conditions. Saw a few gulls hovering over an area and checked it out. They were over a pod of bunker! Snagged bunker and live lined for almost 2 hours without a bite. Then when I was ready to leave a solid hookup and a few minutes later boated a 42 inch 24lb striper! From there it only got better! TOTAL 8 STRIPERS BOATED OVER 20 POUNDS! All but one (kept for dinner) were hooked in the side of the mouth and quikly released. Along with several big blues. I have had many fall days with more fish but never a day with so many big fish. I have to give credit to Al Ristori and the Fisherman Mag for an article on how to fish schools of adult bunker with these rigs. Other boats around me were trying to fish with bucktails and not hooking up at all. I even tossed a couple of rigs over to another boat that could not hook up. I'm at work til Wednesday hopefully they might some still out there
  13. Just got a reply from Ireland!
  14. Four story townhouse right on the slopes of Camelback Ski resort. 3/4 bedrooms 3 full baths, sleeps 11. Game room with pool table and ping pong. Wrap around deck with views. $100 off if you mention you saw it StripersOnline. Camelbeach water park in the summer, Ski or snowboard Camelback in winter. The complex has indoor pool, sauna, whirlpool, fitness room, and indoor+outdoor tennis courts. Remember $100 off any rental when you mention StripersOnline. Call me 609-432-3380 Tom