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  1. So, Tharsheblows, have you passed your driving test yet? Are you taking the driver's ed class?
  2. These places are about 3000 miles apart, so I'm not sure why they're being put together here. They are both places where the residents are more likely to kill you on sight compared to other places on the globe. Not saying this makes them a s-hole, you just need to keep alert.
  3. I'm sure she makes a wicked mimosa. Do you provide her with a pension plan? Even of she were a small child in 1945, she'd be pushing 80 now. Did you ask her? I think Japan got put on the list on here at some point or another as s-hole, so it counts.
  4. Do me a favor will you. Ask her if where she comes from is a s-hole, or if it is a place she loves and it broke her heart when she had to leave it in order to earn a living. Thanks.
  5. is that the network that just tells lies all the time?
  6. Hey Tharsheblows, please try and avoid bringing up specific political candidates in my thread. What happens when you do that (as I've experienced) is they just pack the whole thing off and send it to the Political Graffiti forum. None of us want that. There's zombies and ghouls in the PG, you wouldn't want to go there. Thank you. Saltator
  7. Guess it'd be hard for me to duck the smug elitist title, but whether or not it's smug elitism on the part of all the s-hole meisters on here for "looking down on people for where they live"? Well, please give it some thought. What's up with this Tharsheblows guy though? It's 2020, doesn't he know that if you log on to an internet discussion board.......people are going to give you a hard time! It's pretty much to be expected, don't take it too seriously.
  8. umm. I said it was not racism. But, mainly I'm asking you for the reason.
  9. I sort of like that idea. Two traps per night for four nights now and I've caught 5 mice. I'm battin' .625.
  10. OK, getting little old arguing about what is or is not a s-hole. Looks like folks are hellbent on convincing the world that India is one, not to mention Cottageville. So, why? Why is it so important to decide a place is a s-hole? Usually it's pretty much a conversation stopper. It's not, "India is a s-hole, but the Himalayas are beautiful this time of year". It's "India is a s-hole" Full stop , end of conversation. But what about all the Indians and all there is to see and experience? Are we just writing all that off? It's hard to decide exactly what being a s-hole means, since the rules aren't defined, but I think it includes: 1. Real Americans wouldn't want to go there because the people are dirty. I'd say this is pretty much pussified, to be afraid to go somewhere because you might see some sewage or a dead body, but there it is. 2. The people there let it get that way. They could make it more the way we'd like to see it if they wanted to, but they don't, so they must be "dirty". 3. I get a little bit of a sense there's a thought that only limp-wristed liberals would want to go to a s-hole country. Not sure why, since that sort of travel takes a certain amount of fortitude, but who knows? You have to admit, people showed real passion trying to convince me that India is a s-hole. Writing long posts and rounding up pictures and weblinks. Why is it so important to them? Worth noting, the CEOs of both Microsoft and Google are both Indian - born in India, raised in India, went to college in India. Also, our friend from Cottageville didn't like it for his place on earth to be called a s-hole.
  11. I am glad to see folks slam the cruise lines a bit. Cruises are for the unimaginative. It's like taking America with you. Is that really traveling?
  12. Did I actually start this thread? My baby has wandered astray. Oh well.....
  13. It's getting away from the point to argue about what is and is not a s-hole. The point is why do folks feel compelled to define places this way, and what is their point in doing that? They're just places, with people, that live a bit differently from the way we do. I'm still not seeing it.
  14. Dropping deuces outside or not, life expectancy in much of India, especially southern India, is the same as the US. 84 years or so.
  15. oh yea, I forgot, France got put up there as a s**thole too. And all of Europe too I think.