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    Hunting ,Fishing ,, and fishing
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  1. Suffix 832 20lb flies like a rocket and never lets me down...
  2. Ok two of mine since I can not get to salt water these will have to do 1st using my century to trow accross the dam a nice spring chinook 2nd is a smalley I caught 7lbs 6 oz.....
  3. Cut 144L 's rock I have one I i use for casting to salmon 3 to 4 oz is a perfect fit they are a awesome rod...
  4. I have a 1144 l and I throw 3 to 5 oz and it is perfect and it is a 2 piece rod and you would never know it Century rods are amazing you can feel every bump on the bottom or the lightest bite.
  5. Gobble Gobble...!
  6. And he will pay it forward and fill his freezer and the freezer of the man who taught him to Fish!
  7. Reel is sold thank you SOL and Tjones
  8. Sold to Tjones pending payment , thank you all for looking....
  9. Ok last offer good thru Sunday 125.00 and I will pay shipping to lower 48/.......
  10. Ok will keep it open thru the weekend, someone make a offer I mean geeze this is a pretty good deal as it is but my ears are open....
  11. How about a bump so everyone can see is this not a good price? let me know....
  12. I have a like new Abu Garcia Revo Toro HS61 no box or paperwork Got it in a trade with a friend never seen salt water excellent condition will get a pic up today... 150.00 firm paypal or poastal MO only.... This reel was fished one time for salmon and then my friend decided he wanted a spinning reel instead so i made a trade with him... [img=' alt='1635190'>