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  1. $43 shipped.
  2. I have this one with light use $30
  3. They look pretty good to me
  4. Larry says the siwash will ruin the action and he recommends 2/0 trebles front and rear on Wolverine split rings. Those plugs usually come with hardware installed.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. It would be nice to be able to pick up one of these rods in person and see how it feels
  6. Does anyone know a dealer on Long Island that stocks Century rods ?
  7. Three wood are new. $66. Two plastic, new $36 add $7 for insured shipping for either lot or both lots $7 total shipping.
  8. You need a new carb or a very well rebuilt carb. I prefer new because they only cost a little more than a rebuilt carb.
  9. Two of my favorites along with a small BM Danny.
  10. Since when is someone brandishing a knife and trying to kill other people and police officers innocent? If you come at police offices with a knife you will be shot regardless of age or skin color.
  11. So sorry for your loss Bob. It’s the worst thing ever.
  12. Two of these have been sold
  13. You don’t have to dye your skin. All you have to do is identify as black, it seems to work for everything else.