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  1. It’s bad medicine shooting a white deer
  2. I like to be at least 25’ high.
  3. You need some dead down wind.
  4. Good advices here. Never look at the front sight on a shotgun , your brain already knows where it is. I once shot for several years with no front bead on my gun and I shoot anywhere from 100-400 targets a week.
  5. Beautiful !
  6. They should have stabbed it in the throat
  7. Any interest in a two-tone Rolex Submariner?
  8. Nice group for that time frame. What ammo are you using?
  9. Mine sits the same as yours.
  10. Super strike, super strike, Gibbs, super strike, not positive about the last one but I think it is a Musso
  11. No doubt she is being paid by the far left for her testimony.
  12. Bailless
  13. Do you always keep a 5 gallon gas can indoors?
  14. I apologize but I’m going to have to pass. I just found a few of them in my basement.