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  1. Does anyone have a gun that was stippled or know of a good gunsmith that can do the work ? I’m also looking for a gunsmith that can do checkering on a metal frame ?
  2. Definitely not RM
  3. Federal HST 230gr +P. No problems with functioning of the firearm and accuracy was fine.
  4. I’ve fired several boxes of 230gr +p in my sig 220 and I have no issues with the recoil at all.
  5. $55 shipped. It is new.
  6. This is the best maul on the planet!!!
  7. I tried it topically and I tried it by mouth and it did absolutely nothing for me. That said, a couple of my friends claim they’re having good results with it.
  8. That’s what I use but I noticed the lighter bullets have a much ft lb of energy rating.
  9. HST is good stuff. What’s your favorite bullet weight?
  10. Looks awesome!
  11. This is some sick s**t.
  12. Those POS scumbags on hill should be tarred and feathered. Both Sides. They get huge raises and we get nothing
  13. I like the way your wife thinks. As a side note you may want to try to little more carefully when you get aggravated. Lol