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  1. Just wondering, do they still have striker drag or has that been sorted out?
  2. StormR nano
  3. Very cool blades provided you don’t live in NY.
  4. They won’t throw as far as some of the high end rods but they will throw a wider range of lures better than the fast action rods. The difference in distance is not really that big at all.
  5. GSB 108L 9’. You will love this rod with the size plugs you want to use.
  6. Glock!
  7. Good shoot
  8. WTF
  9. I can’t remember for certain but I believe it is Otto luyken laurel. Does very well in the shade. I usually prune these by hand to candle the ends back instead of using hedge clippers. If you use electric shears the leaves all have nasty cuts on the ends. The plant is meant to have a slightly loose look with nice white flowers in the spring. The flowers look a lot like Andromeda flowers.
  10. I’ve had my arctic sport mucks for around :8-10 years and they are still great.
  11. Awesome shoot
  12. I got my VR 50 towards the end of last March and I don’t know which genre it is. I’ve used it all summer and it’s performed perfectly. No complaints whatsoever. Does anyone know how to tell what generation it is?
  13. However you wanna do it is fine for me. Just let me know. thanks, kenny
  14. I’ve been carrying the large size griptilian for well over 10 years is a great knife at a decent price. I think the number is 551.