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  1. Thanks for the offer but I have to stick with $35 each or 3 for $100. Shipping has become too expensive lately.
  2. I use redmax blowers is every day and would highly recommend the 7500 or the 8500. Both have lots of power but the 8500 has a little more power and weighs about a pound and a half more which is very noticeable after several hours of using it. The 8500 is also better for things like acorns and sticks.
  3. Start a WTB thread and I will respondStart a WTB thread and I will respond
  4. $35 each. Jrs on the right
  5. Blue mullet new. $35
  6. Happy Easter to everyone
  7. They are yours. Pm sent.
  8. Thread closed. Thanks to TimS.
  9. Thanks. PM sent.
  10. Habs Sr Needles 1.5oz. New in package $50 shipped.
  11. Northbar Pencils. All are new. $88 shipped.
  12. Both are new. $55 shipped
  13. Anyone?
  14. If you decide to split I’ll take the level sink.