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  1. Red dots turn a good shooter in to a really good shooter very quickly with practice
  2. I am putting a holosun on my Glock 34. I’ve been using red dots for years and I love them. Red dots are a lot better for older eyes.
  3. With a 1099 she would be responsible for paying her own taxes and social security.
  4. Rws 48 It only lasted for a few months
  5. Broadleaf weed killer
  6. What he said ^^^
  7. Awesome
  8. Smart man ^^^
  9. I worked 10 years in a collision shop. Great work and I made boat loads of money until I started getting sick from the fumes.
  10. Quite a few years ago guys would use heavy .44 loads , usually 300 grain fmj bullets loaded pretty hot out of compensated Rugers.
  11. 500 S&W
  12. Yellow Gibbs darter.
  13. You can definitely fire 38 special in a 357 but I don’t know about the 38 Long colt. You should call the manufacturer and ask them if it is safe.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I bought the Glock this morning as I felt I could not trust the Sig enough to consider buying it. Shot the heck out of the Glock this afternoon and it’s very accurate and easy to shoot well. Ran all kinds of ammo through it including two different types of hollow points one of which was +P and had zero malfunctions. Nice gun!