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  1. Now, that's funny.
  2. I have two of them, they are the utmost of simplicity to work on, they have like six parts. Do you have the manual? You can go on Mitchell Reel Museum website and they have all the parts lists and maintenence manuals for all their reels.
  3. Some of my reels are older than I am. My newest acquisition is a Penn 710 green I picked up at a flea mart along with a 7-6 Garcia rod. I have Mitchell 306's that I use regularly, a Mitchell 496 in midnight blue, a 302, a 402, a couple of 300's, my newest reel age wise is a Penn 704z I bought new 20 years ago. I don't use braid, so if I need new tackle I shop flea markets. Most of my rods are ancient, too.
  4. Hi guys. Just throwing it out there, Barnegat High School's Fisherman's flea market is on Dec 10 at 6am. No knowledge of closing time. See you there.
  5. Watching my grandfather casting his 12' Fenwick in the surf here on LBI when I was about four. I just used that rod today.
  6. I fish exclusively in NJ and many of my friends swear by bucktails(some of whom are on this forum) and I still haven't got it dialed in yet. I've never caught fish one on a bucktail,thou lately I've been trying. My latest tactic has been to go to the dock at the end of my street after dark and work the shadow lines with a slow retrieve. Before that I tried a slow jigging motion right along the shadow lines,both to no avail.
  7. Fish finder, 12" leader, 7oz pyramid.
  8. B.S.- If it,s of legal size, bon appetit!
  9. I don't tie anything direct. I incorporate a snap swivel into practically every rig I use and always have. I might consider tying a bucktail directly but that's about it, and I seldom use bucktails. Sausage size fingers combined with lousy eyesight rules out too many knots.
  10. Black/clear Bomber minnow.
  11. I have a friend who is a die-hard surf fisherman and also happens to surf ( I personally do not surf). He's a stand-up guy, but there's always a few knuckleheads in every crowd who f--- it up fpr everyone else.
  12. rusty old needlenose pliers/cutters I inherited from my father in law. Give em a squirt of WD40 .once in a while and you 're in Shaeffer city.
  13. Hopkins and Kastmaster.
  14. Recent beach repleneshment work in Surf City has adversely affected my beach slightly north of there. I didn't think it would, being a mile or so down the beach, but all the structure has been effectively eliminated where I normally prowl. You can only see the jetties at dead low tide,and the holes next to them are filled in. Sloughs are likewise gone. The whole topography of the bottom is now like Brigantine. Needless to say I find this most distressing. I can't seem to catch anything, no matter what I do. Do you suppose it may repair itself before the fall? Maybe a couple of good storms.......
  15. From the album Forum Attachments