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  1. Evan Salvay and crew on the Stella June bagged a big fish. They later blew a motor in crap weather. Evan asked Colin, the tournament director, if they could make the run to a closer port up North and drive the fish to San Diego. Colin gave permission to do so. Stella June docked, crew stayed behind to take care of the boat, and Evan drove the fish to SD where it beat all the other fish at the weigh-in. The problem is the rules state you can not do this. The team must be present and the fish may not be removed from vessel until arrival at the official weigh-in. Colin screwed up and bent the rules. Controversy arose at the weigh-in. Suspicion of cheating was brought up quick. What made it worse is Evan happens to be on the Pro Team for Pelagic and of course the accusations of special treatment were brought up. This was immediately protested. Pelagic is now in damage control. Stella June's fish has been DQ'd and the prize money has been awarded to the runner ups. This was the right decision IMHO, rules are rules. Everyone signs the waiver. Of course Evan claims he's being thrown under the bus, which is understandable. Evan's argument is he got permission from Colin. His request came from a safety standpoint because it was snotty weather and a longer run to San Diego. He also has pics and footage of everything. The fish weighed-in was the fish caught. He wants to go after Pelagic, keep in mind the prize money was in the 6 figure range. But as said earlier, rules are rules, everyone signs the waiver. That's the meat and potatoes of it. Lots of bashing of Evan. And of course the retaliation back. Total **** show but when money is involved...
  2. I recently acquired an older 5000C but alas no serial# under the reel foot. I was wondering if anyone knows the manufacturing dates of this particular model. Black plates, red high speed sticker, red plastic push button, clicking drag, etc. Also, my local tackle shop didn't have any drags that fit and we couldn't find any for this particular model. I ended up grinding down Calcutta 100 Carbontex drags as they were the closest in size. Are there any carbon fiber drags already cut to fit this reel? And last question, I've heard of no serial numbers under the foot... but why are some reasons why? Aftermarket or possibly factory replacement frame? [img=] [img=]
  3. Ah yes you're right. Correction, it's a 5600C.
  4. You can use it on gears. I've gotten back reels that were greased with Cal's on the moving parts and they were smooth and showed no signs of corrosion. But a 1oz jar of Cal's is about 8 or 9 bucks and will go fast if you use them for other parts of the reel. For about the same price you can get a 14oz tube of marine grease for non drag lubrication and that will go a long way. IMHO save the Cal's for drags and use marine grease for other parts of the reel. That will get you more bang for the buck and last you a long while.
  5. Great stuff. Smooth startup and buttery smooth runs if the fish is big enough. Also prevents corrosion from building up in the main gear. A small jar goes a long way.
  6. Coincidentally I'm looking for a pair of these as well. 6 years SOMEONE has to have found a source.
  7. The Columbias probably wont work for you. I have Drainmakers for the boat and they work great on deck. On the sand they do collect debris and will need to be flushed out in the waves. Haven't tried em on rocks but I wouldn't trust them there anyway.
  8. Ray, I guess you should of posted your yellowtail vid instead lol. You know, the one that tested your drag... on a local trip you spent/wasted your monies on.
  9. Wow a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. I bet there's a popcorn shortage in Philadelphia as we speak. No clue as to what Penn has up their sleeve. I do hope it will be a hit. So then maybe they might consider a baby baja special for us west coast guys .
  10. Pretty much. Lite first coat. Additional coats a little heavier. After I apply I let it sit still with the guides up for a few minutes, wick off any excess that collects on the bottom, then let it turn. As long as the finish doesn't look like footballs when it hardens.
  11. I use Envirotex Lite for my personal rods and am quite happy with the results. Bubble release isn't as fast but a little heat takes care of that. It will yellow but so does everything else, some take a little longer than others. Levels OK but that might have to do more with my technique . I get about 30-45 minutes of working time in my climate before it starts to thicken up. Haven't experienced any cracking or flaking what-so-ever. For the price ( hint: look for 40-50% off coupons to you local arts n crafts store ) it's hard to beat. With that said, there are other rod building epoxies I prefer to work with. Most of it has to do with my application technique and how workable it is. But as far as a rod finish Envirotex does what it's susposed to do... cast the threads in place and provide protection from the elements.
  12. I'll shoot. Bearing sleeves? What does this do in a baitcaster and what advantage did you gain?
  13. Winter bass fishing can be great at night down here. I actually prefer the colder months as you can find bigger sand bass migrating into the bay. Smaller 3" plastics in black widow color are killer. Popular rigs are jigheads, t-rig, and dropshot using 3/8oz weight. Both SD and Mission Bay are lined with eel grass and the bass love to hide and hang out in those areas. Also if you can, try to fish around docks and other structure. Most have no fishing signs nearby so try not to stay in one spot too long haha. A slow retrieve on the bottom, basically a slow drag, leads to most bites at night in my experience. Using scent definitely helps. One key factor is to keep moving. If the fish aren't in one area walk down 40yards and try again. Sometimes I notice certain areas can be deserts at times and just a few yards down is the party. A headlamp and good shoes for rock hopping are essential.
  14. Penn Squall or 525mag sounds like a good replacement to the Newell. Graphite bodied, mag cast control, same size, and more drag! If you're a fan of graphite spools then a Daiwa Slosh would fit the bill although the cast control is a centrifugal type.
  15. A question for the Penn gurus. I was tearing down a newly acquired 720 greenie and accidentally cracked the plastic crosswind block. Can't find a replacement but did find one for a 720z on sale online. Is the 720z crosswind block interchangeable with the greenie? Any helpful input is appreciated, thanks.
  16. Was wondering if any of the newer handles swap over directly to the 525mag. The bigger knob handles off the Squall LD and the Defiance look promising based on the exploded view parts list. Anyone tried or know for sure?
  17. Cool thanks for the info. Coincidentally someone had posted up this exact mod on another forum. Can't wait to try it for myself. Here's what they ended up with.
  18. Hmm... well here's some of the stuff I have. Same as what **** sold but with the label ripped off. I'm having the same luck trying to find an alternate product. Been rationing my cord supply for the past few months.
  19. Atwood Rope Mfg was the supplier. They still make the product. Problem is instead of 300' spools they now only produce 100' spools and here's the kicker... they charge about 50% more for it.
  20. I use the San Diego and Double San Diego for most everything up to 50#. 5-7 turns, lots of spit, and a long tag end usually helps so it doesn't bunch up before cinching it down. With a Double San Diego you'll have your tag end and also loop tag end to snip off. I like the double but the single works when we have to do a quick re-tie during a wide open bite.
  21. It had something to do with manufacturers agreement on pricing. Shimano is pretty strict on it, won't even allow incentives like free mono on their reels. I think Charkbait wanted to hook up their customers but couldn't so they stopped carrying their product. Been to their shop here in San Diego, a little pricey but the crew was nice. But yeah take their Shimano reviews with a grain of salt.
  22. 706

    Penn, you guys already have an improved design aka Battle, Spinfisher, Torque, etc. A re-issue would win back old customers who have probably moved on to other brands or have originals missing some parts. There is a demand as you can see here on this forum and I'm sure once buzz of a re-issue hits the streets, the fans on here will do all the advertising for you to help lure in new consumers. Take a look at other markets and how bringing back an old favorite still rakes in dough... hot rods, ghetto blaster boom boxes, Nike Jordan and Airmax shoes for example. Yes, shoes and reels are different, but they are both "cult classics" in their own respect. There is a thread on this forum that show some users still claiming the 706 as being a favorite even after years of being discontinued. An affordable reel that still gives room for modification is a niche market waiting to be snatched up. People who tinker with their reels turn into more than just a fisherman, they become tackle hoes wanting to learn more and become more involved in their hobby. My only request is you don't send it overseas and risk cheaper materials and/or slightly altered dimensions... cough Jigmaster.