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  1. Just peeking in on this thread and glad someone mentioned that place. Been there three times and spent 3+ hours each time ordering different things off the menu and putting back Brick and Feather IPA’s. Good BBQ is one niche that has been missing in this area. North Village answers to that. Just gotta get there early enough. i showed up at 6:30 one night and the waitress laughed at me. I get there ten minutes before they open now.
  2. Those are my home waters and easily half the time I walk away I feel like I have no earthly idea what I’m doing. I wanted to contribute before your trip but aside from being able to recommend some interesting places I’m shrugging and saying “your guess is probably better than mine”. We’re in a difficult phase of our relationship right now me and the Deerfield. Keep trying though. When you’re making a return trip post about it and I’ll PM you about some spots. When I tell you how to fish them, do the opposite.
  3. I’ve heard rumors of bull sharks swimming up the CT river as far as the Holyoke dam following shad and stripers in the spring... I have my doubts because of water temps but figure it’s not impossible. The seal coming up this spring was kinda charming... bull sharks not so much.
  4. I’ve never tried JM. Judging by the name it sounds like I should! Met some friends at a swimming spot today and one of them had a Julius, Spring and Treat for me. It was a very good day!
  5. Lol
  6. There’s no words.... nice work!
  7. Where’d you encounter her? Ive seen lots of moose tracks, poop and bed sites in ma but have only seen one actual animal. I wonder if there’s a calf in the woods behind her.
  8. My family regularly asks me why I live in western ma where jobs and opportunity are slim.... this thread sums up my answer pretty well. Factor in real estate prices and cost of living and I’m asking them why they’re living east of 495. What I make for income would land me in the poverty bracket out that way but out here I live comfortably and never have to factor traffic into my commute. Dont mean to go off topic but I’m blown away by the drive times you guys are talking about.
  9. Whole Foods should have them frozen but that’s the only place I can think of.
  10. Jesus... I heard a clip on the news about 10 tons of trash on a beach and figured it was a sapranos style dump job not from actual beach goers..... Holy crap people suck. This is precisely why we can’t have nice things.
  11. ^^^^ Ha! Well played! ...I forgot how funny that show is.
  12. As far as sit on top vs sit in, I think sit in is safer as long as there’s flotation in the bow and stern, a pray skirt and a hand pump on board, Sit on tops have flotation built in automatically but you’re sitting much higher and are more likely to tip (depending on design). Just the other day my buddy (in a sit on top) dropped his rod overboard and when he reached for it he went right over. Fortunately he was only in chest deep water at the time but given the temp/adrenaline he had instant shakes to the point of not being able to get back in his yak. I helped him back in but if it were deeper water it could’ve been a different situation. Someone mentioned dry suits..... yes, those! For the love of god, at least wear a life jacket (my buddy wasn’t... and neither was I for that matter until I had to haul him out ).
  13. ^^^^ Those are absolutely beautiful.
  14. It was pretty dark so that and the fact I’ve never met b-ware makes it hard to say..... I’ll give it a solid maybe though.