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  1. I prefer removable cleats like korkers or hodgemans so I can take them off while driving or sneaking through people’s driveways. i loved using felt on river rocks.. they outlawed that, ya?
  2. I wish tv meteorologists could be that candid. Pile of crap on the way for sure. Fondly remembering Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam. “Tomorrow’s weather will be hot and ****ty”
  3. I stumbled on a job posting recently for a farm manager / orchardist at TH. Few days ago I read they bought a farm just over the line in CT where they’re going to be growing fruit crops for their wild fermentation program. i love that they’ve become as successful as they have and are still aggressively innovating. Looks like they’re investing pretty heavy into it. No effing around for them.
  4. Just stumbled on this and found it interesting.. curious to see what comes of it.
  5. Man I’m glad they didn’t have that lineup when I went.. I’d be very poor! Sure would like to try that doubleganger though...
  6. I’m not familiar with Snow... sure looks good!!
  7. Are you serious? Between the line yesterday and the camper that evidently exploded on the pike my visit was a 5 hr commitment! ...and I didn’t even get to drink a beer!! makes me laugh and get cranky at the same time Hour and 15 to get there, bout the same to walk up and get through the line and about 21/2 hours home on account of the camper. She’s lucky she tastes good
  8. I’m not a huge stout person but psyched about the triple shot. Gonna share it with the fam on Christmas. We’ll each get a thimble’s worth but that’s about all my pallet can usually handle. Neighbor said she likes IPA’s but when I mentioned treehouse she asked “what’s that?” Guess what she’s getting for Christmas.
  9. When I saw the line I figured there must be but no.. they had Haze, Julius, alter ego and a 1 bottle limit of triple shot. I went heavy on the haze and altar only getting a few Julius.. and of course a triple shot.
  10. Thought I got here early enough to avoid the line
  11. Im gonna make the trip Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Not really doing the gift thing this year so gonna give the gift of beer. Lineup looked good today.. almost ditched chores and went.
  12. Depends on what you’re trying to not remember.
  13. Am I alone in thinking that reel would look even more badass with some weather on it? Few barnicle scratches and a ding or two? I love seeing something of that caliber going to a cause like that. Cant help picturing it in that box with ten years of wear and tear on it though... it’d be beautiful.
  14. Okay, those things plus a working, all original, 1926 carausel makes Holyoke the funnest city in the world