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  1. Lol, that rooms producing around 14 pounds every sixty days... it’s def not a personal use garden. Right now he’s getting the AC’s hooked up for summer mode which is going to boost that bill even further.
  2. I recently had the pleasure of being invited to see this grow room. Its legal as there are only twelve plants but final harvest will exceed the dry weight limit by a tiny bit (lol). Using coco fiber as the medium and every plant gets a lamp. Electric bill is around 1200$ a month. Im not sure regulators were picturing this when allowing twelve plants per household Room was so full it was hard to get a good pic.
  3. The antibody test I got I went through Quest Diagnostics. It cost 160$ which I was able to pay for using my health insurance PWA. You “purchase” it through their website and then pick one of their offices to get the blood draw. They had a good number of offices to chose from so didn’t have to go far. im sure there are less expensive ways to do it though. Again, no idea which type of test I got or it’s reliability. Felt worth doing anyway.
  4. ^^^ That I was recently introduced to those packets and they’re fantastic.
  5. What I do is when the flowers are mature I clip off branches and manicure the buds until all leaf material is gone.( saving the resinous “sugar leaves” and stick them in the freezer for bubble hash later) Once branches are trimmed down I hang them from wire coat hangers and hang them in a dark, well ventilated place until the flowers are mostly dry but still a little give to them. I then cut the buds off the stems and “cure” them in an airtight container of some kind. I spend about a week or two “burping” the container to let out moisture and change the air. After that it’s ready to go into jars and consume responsibly. Im not sure the science of it but that process makes the buds dry but sticky rather than crumbly and develops the terpenes so the flavor and aroma are all they can be. I wouldn’t dream of breaking up a bud until it’s time to burn it. Also, drying it in the oven burns off the terpenes and vaporizes a lot of the cannabinoids that are very desirable in the smoking experience. That’s a technique used when you’re going to be cooking with it called “decarboxylating”... only for cooking or some tinctures. Never use heat to dry your product. It takes patience to dry weed properly but is the difference between good **** and crappy ****. Very worth the effort.
  6. I got an antibody test last week as I was convinced I had c19 in early February but it came back negative. I know there are a few different tests out there with differing degrees of accuracy but have no idea which one they gave me. I was bummed it was negative but still glad to know so I don’t get too complacent.
  7. A few years back I headed down to soco after a day of work getting there around 10:00 pm. Start gearing up and realized I’d left my plug bag in the driveway 21/2 hours away. Thankfully I’m sloppy so had enough random jigs / lures underneath my seats, glovebox, etc that I was able to make a night of fishing happen. I fished that handful of lures more ways than I ever had before and learned a lot. Sometimes too many crayons in the box is bad. And yes, I’ve driven off with things on top of my car, rolled up windows with things sticking out and flat out forgotten things that were right next to my car. A final lap around the vehicle with a flashlight is good discipline.
  8. Those aluminum boats get so hot they’ve gotta be self sterilizing... probably the only surface around that’s actually safe to touch.
  9. Not remotely... it needs to be applied when the plant is small and still in veg. In a pinch it can be used at the very beginning of flowering but it really needs at least a month (preferably twice that) to not be present in the final product. One application does the trick though. interestingly, a friend of mine recently bought some on Amazon so I think they must’ve relaxed regulations on it. It’s a pretty nasty neuro-toxin though so not sure why they’d do that
  10. If you’re talking about the unemployment pay outs, I’m with you, My neighbor got temporarily laid off and he says he’s making more than he ever has in his life. If you’re talking about something else then never mind
  11. I’ve never used it on chipmunks but it took care of my mouse/ rat problem in no time. It was a trap made of a five gallon bucket with water in it, and a beer can on a metal rod going over the top. Peanut butter goes on the can and enough bird seed in the water to make it hard to tell it’s water. Critter climbs onto the can, it spins and into the drink it goes. Not very nice but very effective. Lots if design ideas online and very easy to throw together.
  12. WHO

    Well played
  13. Yeah, I’m taking care of them before they flower. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend who’s a licensed pesticide applicator so going nuclear. He came in and gave them a quick spray down with Avid which stays systemic in the plant for up to a month. It’s nasty stuff but last time I used it I was mite free for almost four years. made the mistake of taking cuttings from someone’s dirty garden which is exactly how I got them all the other times (same grower each time... shoulda learned by now).
  14. Looks good... I like the idea. I’ve grown to absolutely detest trimming an entire room at a time. It would be nice if it were just a couple at a sitting and be done. Are you starting everything from seed or are you taking cuttings before initiating flowering? Once I’m done dealing with this flare up of spider mites () I might adopt that method.
  15. It looks like you have plants at different stages doing the continuous harvest thing. Are you feeding them all the same thing or are you doing different mixes for different plants? The mature ones toward the back look nice... haze variety?