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  1. We’re not sure on the breed she is but just adopted this little girl (lab/feist mix?) Ive had dogs before but this is my first puppy. Super rewarding yet very frustrating! We’re just training her for general companionship / adventure sidekick so can’t even imagine what training a pup for upland hunting involves. I have a newfound respect for dog training. Congratulations on your new family member!
  2. I had to run some errands today and couldn’t believe how some people I saw were dressed. Saw a dude in shorts cleaning his car at a self serve car wash like he didn’t have a care in the world… it was 6 deg and breezy Couple in front of me in the grocery store were wearing crocks with no socks. What if their car broke down and they had to walk somewhere? Just writing that makes me feel old but seriously, WTF?
  3. I’ve been acting odd…. Is that why everyone’s testing me?
  4. If it was multiple days I’d say make sure your pipes are insulated and drafts dealt with but it’s only going to be a two day deal so just make sure you know where your hat and gloves are. I say that not entirely sure where mine are… haven’t needed them yet. (WTF?)
  5. Torrential downpour wasn’t gonna get in the way of this fishing lesson.
  6. Years ago I bought an old lathe at a yard sale for 15$ with the intention of turning plugs with it. As I got better with it I thought it would be neat to turn a bowl out of a small log. The 30 seconds it went well were amazing and I knew I found my new “thing” What happened next was the whole thing started walking across my shop so I had to pin it against the wall with my hip. Now with the lathe not absorbing the vibration the log started wobbling then it shot across my shop and hit the far wall. It was effin awesome. Saved my nickels and got the DVR. Now I’m maxing that out by being overly ambitious. Powermatic next?
  7. That’s a really nice lathe right there. I have a nova dvr but it doesn’t quite have the heft I need for some of the off balance work I find myself doing.
  8. Out of curiosity, what’s the microwave for? I ask because I use one for drying bowl blanks when I’m turning green wood instead of using a kiln. Are you using it for something similar?
  9. The moment when I think I’m stuck on bottom but it starts moving.
  10. Whenever I was sleeping I felt like I was missing something. My play became park along a secluded beach, gear up with waders, etc and fall asleep in the sand where I can keep an eye on things. One morning I got woken up by a grader operator who was there to level the lot and my car was in his way. When I walked out I saw he’d already done the entire lot except for where my car was and I never woke up. if you’re tired enough you can sleep ANYWHERE! He actually got a pretty good kick out of that. I’ve never been messed with my riffraff or cops. Usually there’s enough visible gear that cops know what the deal is and they leave you alone. Same for the riffraff.
  11. Did they taste a little like watermelon?
  12. Jesus… looks like swimmings not an option!
  13. I guess it depends on how the fishing is…
  14. I’d really have to weigh the pros and cons on that one, lol.
  15. I won’t be there for opening but if I were it would be a rainbow crocodile.
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