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  1. When I was a kid there was talk of people fishing the ‘y’ pool and occasionally hooking up with them. Kind of hard to imagine they’d survive the trip down the falls but supposedly it happens. LL’s were rumored to do the same thing (which seems more likely given that they usually run higher in the water column).
  2. Beautiful animal... look at the girth of its tail. Shes more than invited to come dine on the tree rats at my house
  3. Didn’t someone get a 50 lbr off chucktown breechway in RI ten-ish years ago? I remember it being the talk of the jetty for a couple years.
  4. Those are fantastic! nice job with the face at the top.. it’s hard to draw a face let alone carve it out of a pumpkin. Nice work
  5. Lol... wow. nice job
  6. I’ve managed some lakers out of there but have never “slammed em” and usually walk away skunked.. (and then spend the hour and fifteen minute drive home thinking about it) pretty decent learning curve that place. She’s lucky she’s pretty
  7. Lol, if that’s true then I should hang up the rods and take up knitting.
  8. That’s awesome! I did a similar design of a bass rolling on a plug a few years ago.. can’t find the pics though. Yours is shaping up to be light years better than what I did. One tip I have to offer (if you’re not doing it already) is to have a bright light inside it while you’re carving. Helps a lot for dialing in the mid tones. Nice going!
  9. Keys and wallets... losing either can screw up your life surprisingly badly. Getting them back due to the efforts of a stranger can renew someone’s faith in humanity. Nice to see someone keeping the torch going
  10. Nice of you to try to find the owner. If you turn them in at one of the stores on the reward cards they can contact them and give them back. Grocery stores were the most willing both times I’ve done it.
  11. That gives me an idea for a Halloween costume.
  12. Lol, Whole Foods answers to Amazon now so I’d expect to see more things like that. That said, based on what JoeG said it doesn’t sound that bad. I love the farm raised salmon WF carries so hopefully it’s of similar quality. still not buying it though.
  13. It counts. Might not get the recognition of a moose on an ice rod but definitely gets public service points Those things are dikkks!
  14. I was at it from Monday till today in the Naragansett area. One barely keeper to show for it (and a surprise sea bass) for two people and three gallons of crabs. Not stellar numbers And the number of rigs we went through.. good god. Not sure I like that fish anymore.
  15. I was goofing around on google earth the other day and zoomed it in to Monomoy.. seemed like the entire beach was covered in seals. Not only are they GW magnets, I can only imagine the biomass they’re going through. (Not to mention the amount of seal ****)