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  1. I was at it from Monday till today in the Naragansett area. One barely keeper to show for it (and a surprise sea bass) for two people and three gallons of crabs. Not stellar numbers And the number of rigs we went through.. good god. Not sure I like that fish anymore.
  2. I was goofing around on google earth the other day and zoomed it in to Monomoy.. seemed like the entire beach was covered in seals. Not only are they GW magnets, I can only imagine the biomass they’re going through. (Not to mention the amount of seal ****)
  3. RST, thank you for keeping the updates coming! Im finding them way more informative and interesting than anything I’m reading in the news.. even sent a link to my 80 yr old mom to follow (she’s a weather nerd too)
  4. I’ve never been sensitive to poison ivy until 2 years ago when I got it in my bloodstream through a couple leech bites. Pulled em off after wading a mucky pond and walked through PI on the way back to the car. Some redness developed around the bite sites the following day and that night my foot started swelling and the rash/ infection got angry looking to the point I started tracing it with sharpie to track the progression. Next morning I’m at emergency room and docs were taking pics of it and I’m signing wavers so they can use it for educational purposes. A strong course of Prednisone and some antibiotics and things improved quickly. Now I’m guaranteed to get it with even the slightest contact. Big change in lifestyle for me.
  5. Just saw a map of the explosions.. figured it was a tight cluster but they’re all spread out. Beyond bad
  6. Wow How do firefighters respond to that many alarms at the same time??!! Thank god it’s not windy (at least where I am) or this could become even more catastrophic. The guy turning off people’s gas deserves a parade.
  7. Just read that too. Absolutely terrifying.
  8. Advice: walk the dog, run to McDonald’s, get the kids whatever they want. Crush up a Benadryl and stick it in their milkshakes and do their homework for them... you’ll be on the water before sunset. obviously I’m not a parent and if I were they’d quickly be taken from me but I stand behind the plan.
  9. I was wondering if there was another species of shark that might be fun to catch from shore... not interested in hooking onto a GW. I was snorkeling in RI last week with my GF and had a major case of the spooks the whole time.
  10. In may- early July I’ve done well walking the edge of the river bouncing a bucktail with pork rind during night time outgoing tides. Usually the place is so packed with bait fishermen that it’s easier to go with the flow and soak clam/herring/mack chunks. As mentioned, this time of year I’d focus more on the ocean front though. What kind of sharks are in close feeding right now? I haven’t heard much of GW’s in the area but I’m not really in the know these days.
  11. I’m gonna be in the area this week so going to pop in and pick up a couple things. Give it another shot. Ive been working retail for the same company for going on 22 years now and ive had my share of bad days but you gotta keep that stuff to yourself. People like to talk about really bad service they’ve gotten but if you knock it out of the park they’ll talk about that too. One customer interaction could mean the difference between losing 5 customers or gaining 5 depending on what they tell their friends after they leave. It’s even more important in industries that compete with the Amazons and Walmart’s. If you consistently treat people like family they’ll keep coming back even if they can find the same stuff cheaper elsewhere. B&T’s need to be the place people go to get the things they need rather than that one thing they forgot. It’s a brutal biz but that’s retail. That said, as fishermen we do need to take care of the mom and pop shops.. without them there’d be nowhere to pick up last minute ****
  12. I can’t imagine that coming up next to me in my yak... is soil myself for sure. But it’d be worth it.
  13. ^^^ Lol, if he’s looking for a useful answer to his question he’s way better off posting it here Based on the way things have gone the last few years it might be a little on the late side for consistent fishing. Hopefully this year will be different but the fall run has been less than glorious for a while now. That said, you should absolutely try. Might end up doing better with albies than stripers though..
  14. Wow! I wonder what the recovery time is with an injury like that? (And amazed that recovery could be possible at all) Hopefully their best surgeon also has the strongest stomach. I almost puked looking at it.
  15. I’m curious.... when did the explosion in the seal population start? I’d imagine there was a gradual increase for a while and everyone thought it was charming so it wasn’t a thing but at some point it got ridiculous.... when did they happen? 8 yrs ago? 10? I wonder if the population is going to keep growing exponentially or if it’s going to plateau. Anyone have population numbers or other such nerdery?