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  1. Jesus… looks like swimmings not an option!
  2. I guess it depends on how the fishing is…
  3. I’d really have to weigh the pros and cons on that one, lol.
  4. I won’t be there for opening but if I were it would be a rainbow crocodile.
  5. My friends got two cocker spaniel puppies last fall and were taking them for a hike in the woods when one of them starting acting weird and eventually collapsed. They whisk it to the emergency vet where they run tons of tests, etc only to be told the dog likely ate a poisonous mushroom of some sort. Probably not mushroom season on the cape yet but eating stupid stuff does come with lab territory.. spaniels too apparently. Glad your neighbors pup wound up coming out of it okay!
  6. My wife “tested positive” for the ciliac gene about a year and a half ago. While she’s never had any gastronomic issues she’s adopted the “diagnosis” as her identity. Now everything is complicated. Can’t put together a meal without reading teeny tiny print on labels that I end up taking having to take a photo of so I can zoom in actually see it. Eating out is a giant PITA. Thank god for cauliflower crust! That and some salad greens and I can say I made dinner. (“Dinner”) She can’t be reasoned with on it. I keep suggesting she try a normal diet for a couple weeks to see if she has any issues but it’s a no go. Our shopping list has become more limited, considerably more expensive and waaaay lamer. Sorry for the vent… I honestly have no idea what the topic of this thread is. Think I might be gluten deficient.
  7. Those eyes look like there’s a disturbing calculation going on behind them. Hard not to feel you’re a couple links lower on the food chain.
  8. When I zoomed in on this pic it appears to have a regular length tail. I’m pretty sure this is just an absurdly big house cat.
  9. This is a more typical smallie from that same stretch of river. Most have the normal bronze coloring.
  10. Lol. We were fishing the CT river in the upper pioneer valley. Waters pretty clean and all the other bass had normal coloration except this one. Could be a genetic thing? It really was a cool looking smallie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that looks like that before.
  11. I was just looking at photos from the last couple of years and came across one of my wife with the darkest smallmouth I’ve ever seen. Has anyone seen a smallie with this coloration? (freshwater I know but what else we got to talk about?)
  12. They’re expensive so usually folks use one two mixed in with tip ups. Some interesting DIY designs out there though.. You’d get a kick out of the ones using a mousetrap as the trigger.
  13. A coworker of mine grew up in Canada and told me about ice fishing for cod somewhere up there. He said the waves would go under the ice the way Mikek described but it was no big deal. Sounds crazy to me.
  14. It is