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  1. For me I’m not a fan of that rod for fluke. It just doesn’t have the action and sensitivity I like. It’s kinda like an. Multi pourpos rod .. I like a rod strictly dedicated for fluke. Or fluking but that’s just me. If you are comfortable with it then enjoy it. Nothing is right or wrong in the fishing game.
  2. Store bought rods st croix mojo 7foot 6 inch 3/4-2 casting paired with a Shimano tranx 300 or if you want custom rod geeks carbon2 1/2-2 oz rating 7foot 6 inch... prob run you about 275 from ********* on Long Island. Very light great action for bucktailing. Worth the extra dough in my opinion. Hope this helps
  3. Steiger craft miami 23dv is a beautiful boat but new they will run 100 single on a bracket. If you will not fishing rough water the mod hull is good. Plenty of Parker’s with the modified hull on the market in around 30k. If you will Ben fishing now any sort of chop the deep Vee is a must. 2006-2008 Steiger 23 can be found in and around 30 just look around. Good luck
  4. Proline century Cobia robalo ... etc... they will All be in basically the same class. What’s important to know is what type of fishing you will be doing and how you will be doing it. What kind of a drift the boat will have or ride the boat will have. Been on a lot of boats and ran a lot of boats. Owned two anglers and granted they are not of regulator quality with the fit and finish but they were tough little boats for little money. Take the time figure out what you want from the boat and if it has the set up and room you need inisde. I am now running a 17ton displacement 35 foot Henriques Maine coaster. Took a while to get there but started off with a 14 Grumman aluminum angler 18, angler 204fx. Ran a Luhrs 250 open a regulator 26(best ride so far for the go fast boat ) Grady 306 Bimini, Mako 232 ... and a few others. Me I like the new Stieger craft line up 23 26 Miami. But you will be paying $$ Regulator rides are unmatched. Even more $$$
  5. I wish... Just can’t seem to get into tuna fishing. To much time money and work with little reward. I’m also not a fan of going more then 30 or so miles off shore. It’s an inshore charter boat ! Huge cockpit fishes 6 guys nicely. Striped Bass, Fluke, Sea Bass, Tog, and porgies... albies now and again
  6. Just learn and know the waters you will be fishing by spending time on the water. Also a good navigation (doesn’t have to be expensive ) is very good to have on the boat with a updated chart .. watch out for sand bars and shallow spots. Safety equipment is a must in a small skiff like that. Take your time don’t rush things on the water. Good luck
  7. This isn’t all going to depend on location / amenities / full service marina. A 35 foot boat in Montauk is $5300 but I have fresh water a full sevice tackle center showers bathroom ice bait etc. and plenty of dock hands.
  8. DEC SEA BASS OPEN FOURM TOMORROW MONTAUK FLUKE / SEA BASS SEMINAR Good morning anglers! If you weren't aware, the DEC is looking to make even more cuts to the 2018 Black Sea Bass fishery. This includes not only bag limits but the length of the season as well. Numerous recreational and commercial fishing captains from Long Island will tell you the fishery is not in need of cuts and is in fact thriving. The DEC is holding a public meeting at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University in Endeavour Hall Room 120. If you want your opinion heard and are interested in attending, the date is Tuseday March 27th at 6:30pm. I will be unable to attend the Black Sea Bass DEC meeting because I am scheduled to give a Fluke Seminar on Montauk Fluke and Sea Bass fishing. If you cannot make the DEC, and wish to join me for the Atlantis Anglers Association, the seminar its being held at 8:15pm in the Baldwin Park Community room at 3232 Grand Avenue Balwin Harbor NY 11510. I will be presenting a power point packed with information, as well as reviewing strategies and techniques to help increase your catch. This seminar is open to the public, and I hope to see you there.
  9. Fin the pilot is what you are looking for I would stick to Steiger . It a 23 single is ok then the Miami 23 DV and be done. If you need More out of the boat then the Miami 26 and be done. Yes the 26 is pricy but will out perform all in its class
  10. And over the last 10 years I have operated an easy dozen boats. Except a Parker. But yes I have heard the mod hull will pound. Deep v is better but not that much. The regulator 26 was the best ride and my henriques Maine coaster. But that’s another ball game. The Grady 306 handles nice can take a big sea but doesn’t cut like the regulator. My partners mako 232 is a sweet riding 23 and can handle some big stuff. All these boats have negatives and positives. Reg had a bit of a roll at drift. The Grady was stable at drift but was like a bathtub. The henriques is great but in a big following you need to be at the Wheel (we are talking it can handle weather then most anglers would stay home in ) Had a Angler 204 Fx was a nice rig and handled well could pound if it was 1/4 front the front. ... buying a boat has to do more with what you plan on doing with it then what people say about them.
  11. Not any boat ! lol regulator 26 is not “ “ “ain’t” pounding in 3-4 ... i think the fact that in a Parker you are sitting at the helm further forward then a center console . Not goin to be as smooth a ride as if you were a little further aft. For a 25 foot pilot I hear nothing but excellent things about the Miami 26 . It comes down to this. If you need stability and driftability and you will be drifting and needing these things more then 1/2 the time you are on the water despite the conditions then a mod hull may be what you need. You will have to deal with the pounding for the other 49% if the time. If you tend to fish big water and need speed and comfort over drift stability well .. you need a deep v ! Or yoh can give up speed all together buy a Downeaster and enjoy the trip !
  12. You could prob walk the entire show in about 60 min if you are quick. Taking time at each table may take a little longer. The show is free and is one of the best on Long Island. I recommend the 1015 seminar
  13. I'm at it again this Sat March 3. If you are looking for something to do this show is excellent and free. I am doing a joint joint seminar with captain Tom of the Grand Slam Charters Montauk. He will be covering Striped Bass fishing Montauk. I will be covering Fluke fishing Montauk. Hope to see you there