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  1. Facebook pair green and purple $80 shipped
  2. Steve took the Campos sorry I knew which ones he wanted the Facebook pair is still for sale $80 shipped
  3. Love it has many positives but weight def has to be a factor
  4. I have a white Mack and green head white body I would sell $45 shipped
  5. Ok Steve yours !
  6. Price reduction on both lots. $80 shipped each lot money order only.
  7. Zero love on the BMs going to close this down
  8. They are Facebook specials not stock store items.
  9. If you meet in the middle I could do $80. Thanks
  10. Price is shipped and pp prefer money order but will pp parrot 3oz pencil squeelie $55 Super skinny yellow 2.0 small sand eel Mack small sand eel green head $70 conrad lot $100
  11. Price is shipped and pp prefer money order but will pp campo needles yellow nose paint some marks due to age but overal good condition. $100 for the pair Facebook specials $100 for the pair
  12. For me I’m not a fan of that rod for fluke. It just doesn’t have the action and sensitivity I like. It’s kinda like an. Multi pourpos rod .. I like a rod strictly dedicated for fluke. Or fluking but that’s just me. If you are comfortable with it then enjoy it. Nothing is right or wrong in the fishing game.
  13. Store bought rods st croix mojo 7foot 6 inch 3/4-2 casting paired with a Shimano tranx 300 or if you want custom rod geeks carbon2 1/2-2 oz rating 7foot 6 inch... prob run you about 275 from ********* on Long Island. Very light great action for bucktailing. Worth the extra dough in my opinion. Hope this helps
  14. Steiger craft miami 23dv is a beautiful boat but new they will run 100 single on a bracket. If you will not fishing rough water the mod hull is good. Plenty of Parker’s with the modified hull on the market in around 30k. If you will Ben fishing now any sort of chop the deep Vee is a must. 2006-2008 Steiger 23 can be found in and around 30 just look around. Good luck