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  1. Sold, record time lol, pending payment.
  2. Brand new, $140 shipped. one medium and 1 large prompt Pay Pal only please . Rm Smith not included.
  3. Tim, I purchased this at one of the shows, however I don't remember exactly how much they were. I actually grabbed 2 of them. One for my bag and one for trade bait. I do believe they were defenitley more than $20, matts work is impeccable. I ended up trading this to Ivan for a cyclone pencil, so he has a good amount into this. I do not see an issue with his price. Hell, I might even buy it back.
  4. Grumpy split it at $85?
  5. Top two are new, bottom has been carried but never swam. $90 shipped for the 3 of them.
  6. Nice plug otter, have something similar to that already. Babanch. Not a color for me, thank you tho.
  7. I can do that. Please PM me payment info.
  8. Mainly pikies and darters! Sorry for confusion
  9. How much would you want for it?
  10. Would like to fish them, but either way is fine.
  11. Please post photo and price. Thanks!
  12. Looking to trade these two cyclones, a needle and a pencil for an Arsenal, Dmag, Odd Ball Lefty Stuff.
  13. Interested in Reggie and Ty. If you want to send me a list of what you got feel free.
  14. Ok done deal...send me a message