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    fishing and more fishing.. and hunting..
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  1. Sold! Please close. Thanks.
  2. Sounds good bcm. Sold pending funds!
  3. Can't go that low but thank you. I'm about 50 minutes from nyc
  4. If you do 480 plus PayPal plus shipping we've got a deal. Let me know. Thanks, Chris
  5. Where are you located mizzy? 480 is fair if you are picking it up. If not add another 10.50 for shipping and I can get it out today for You.
  6. I believe it's a gen 2. It's about 4 years old
  7. Silver ZeeBass ZX22 Bailed reel up for sale. Just got it back from ZB for its yearly service. Mechanically a 10/10 and cosmetically a 6.5/10. Normal wear and tear as can be seen in the pictures. $540/obo plus shipping/paypal fees. Comes with box and bag.
  8. Chronic, You'd like the 2oz olive colored. (5th from left correct?) Pm me and we can work out details. Thanks, Chris
  9. 3-3.5 I believe.
  10. Here ya go. Sorry for the delay.
  11. Won't let me add Picts from my phone. Let me try on my laptop
  12. Won't let me add Picts from my phone. Let me try on my laptop
  13. Here are a few that I've got for sale. 100each for the top two and 30 each for the remaining shipped. The top ones have never been fished. There are 4 sizes overall.