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  1. I have at least 50# of lead plus probable access to more if you like...however I'm on Long Island...I'd be happy to trade for some quality plugs... Let me know..
  2. Bob, I certainly hope everyone knows how I feel about what you have accomplished with these events over the years.... You certainly have big shoes to fill and you will be sorely missed. We love you brother!
  3. Hi everyone! I just want to give a very large and humble "Thank You" to everyone and their efforts in this unprecedented turnout for my daughter Meghan and my family. This fishing community is the best band of brothers a person can be part of as evidenced by the Spring Fling success. While this thank you to everyone is almost sixteen weeks overdue,I need to digress that it has been a four month whirlwind for our family...we learned in July that my son , Meghan's older brother has the same terminal diagnosis...that being said, we need to travel to Maryland asap for his complete workup and bone marrow matching for transplant. Now we have two children that will require 3 month minimum admission time to the NIH barring any complications. I'd like to also thank everyone who promoted, attended,and participated at the first annual 631 Jeepers benefit for my family as well...we are well on our way to getting Meghan and Lliam's environment perfected to keep them in optimal health pre and post transplant... Again, I am indebted to you all, particularly Leatherface and Vinny C., and everyone who participated. We are humbled by the out pouring of support for our family...may God bless you all, I shall keep you all in our prayers With deep respect and gratitude, Bill Kacinski and family
  4. A big heartfelt Thank You to everyone who participated on this great day for the kids. Vinny Conwell was an awesome host and made it all about the kids.Everyone had a great time! Thank you all!!!!
  5. Thanks for the update brother...he never responded and left me hanging...all makes some sense why now...
  6. No problem Tony, and thanks for the compliments.. one of the easiest ways to scaling is to take fruit or vegetable " netting" and wrap a base color painted plug in it and carefully spray along the back and sides with a darker or lighter color...depending on the effect you are looking for. There are a lot of different types of " netting" out there and are fun to try till you find the one you like...hope this helps...good luck Tony and keep us posted...
  7. Thanks guys...can't wait till Spring :-)
  8. Great looking plugs...
  9. FC , count me in, please Pm or email info to Thanks for putting this together brother! It is a huge undertaking for a more than worthy cause...
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  11. From the album Happy New Year

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  13. From the album Happy New Year

  14. From the album Happy New Year

  15. They're about 7.5"-8" and weigh in at 2.5-3.0 oz, all AYC, free hand duplicators here!