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  1. Garage gecko. Snuck in. Catch and release outside. Pain in the ass to catch, but they stay pretty still once you get them These guys are faster. This is one of two that got in between my screens and the windows. They were there for a few days so I caught and released them as well Good hatch this year. A lot of these little guys running around. Caught this one while I was weeding.Ibises haven't been around for awhile so maybe they'll grow up This is a new one for me. Was hanging out by my front door. It's a pine woods snake. Probably a summer hatchling, not very common, fossorial, lizard eaters. These little guys are a real pain in the ass to pick up. Would not stay still so I only managed a few pics before I let him go.
  2. I did One of my go to plugs out in Montauk was a Sparky metal lip. Killer plug
  3. you answered your own question?
  4. Gender reveals are even worse. What a crock of ****. When I was a kid, woman went to the hospital, baby was delivered, gender was revealed, dad handed out cigars. Now they beat up a piñata, smash a cake, have colored balloons or fireworks and when the baby’s delivered it’s anticlimactic. Don’t go!.
  5. I only venture in here occasionally. What pray tell is an actual liberal as opposed to an imaginary one?
  6. Baby steps my friend. Crawl, walk, run.
  7. This would take care of the straw problem
  8. They’re kind of like piping plovers. Really serve no useful purpose other than the fact they are pure comedy gold Sad to think of all the money wasted keeping them alive and safe A serious exercise in futility
  9. Some homo designer who thinks he’s a better woman than an actual woman. Makes a a lot of sense to put two or three buttons on a suit and then telling the people that buy them , you can only use one. That’s like putting five guides on a fishing rod and using two three or four, but never five. That might make sense in the main. Why dont they they just put one button on there and call it a day. Maybe because some of us can actually button the damn thing. Not all men are shaped like egg plants
  10. I think FY is a little harsh
  11. On the plus side you’re a friendlier state than NY NJ MASS RI and NH.
  12. Strike me more as a pole waxer, spray on or paste