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  1. Men or women, it’s not about them The award should go to the best surgical team and makeup artists. ****, shower, get dressed comb hair, off to the pageant, bad complexions and all
  2. Sexy, what’s the gender on that thing
  3. Don’t know, it came with the house. Bunch of new roofs going up down here. All metal. Someone told me the banks weren’t giving mortgages or the insurance companies weren’t insuring non metal roofs down here Resl estate is not my thing. Spent over sixty years in apartment
  4. I have a tin roof. Everyone warned me against it because of the noise. Don’t find it noisy. Generally don’t notice sprinkles. Steady rain maybe like white noise, which actually helps a little with my tinitis. You can hear a downpour, but I don’t find it disturbing What gets me up at night is the thermostat clicking, air filter getting sucked up and then dropping. The AC and sprinkler pumps turning in and off. Water running through the gutters Downside, woodpeckers use it to attract mates I suppose Sounds like a machine gun
  5. This row is about as perfect as I can get it. Just needs a light sanding First row is almost as tight Came up with a solution for that. Next step is a pain no matter how I do it
  6. Just finished gluing up 16 eight inch long squares with borders Damn near perfect Then 2 eight square rows with strips. Looks really good so far. Haven’t decided on final glue ups If I go quarter inch thick I can make five boards. I had planned on going 1/2 thick and gluingvthem up like the cutting boards Haven’t decided. Not sure if I want to make any more of these They’re a bit of a pain. Came up with a nice method for gluing them up and so far it’s been foolproof. Going to try something similar with the waffle boards Should give me more consistent results did my best to eliminate slop in the insert. Because the end is open for the splitter, there’s flex in the insert. Might try making my own, but I have very little patience for stuff like that. If I had big money, I’d keep a guy on call just to change and adjust band saw blades The adjustment is pretty close. Close enough that I don’t want to mess with the stops, or the fence
  7. And they say I have patience I
  8. The equalizer
  9. At least I have that going for me She had the dementia pretty bad My cousin calls me up one day and says “I spoke to your mom the other day, it was like a breath of fresh air” I said I feel the same way when I talk to yours. That **** is terrible, but it is funny.
  10. My contribution to all the depression in here. Aunt Katie passed this morning. She was 95 and the second of my mom’s three younger sisters. Only my aunt Marcia is left and she’s 90 Got a call from my cuz yesterday telling me they put her in palliative care. Figured I had a couple of weeks to prep for the road trip. At least it ain’t snowing
  11. I think the biggest issue was the zero clearance insert. Because the back end is open you have flex in it when pushing shorter pieces. Probably trying to get too precise. I checked five squares against a digital and the numbers ranged from 89.8 - 90. Which one is right? With solids and furniture not a big deal. With the shapes I can fix one issue only to create another. I think sometimes I just get lucky with my methods on my initial stab, then the problems arise on subsequent jobs and it’s back to the drawing board Need to make a crosscut sled. Too much slop in 12 inch sliding miter saw Pain in the ass adjusting when none of the squares are the same Woking on a couple of more checker boards, but doing the layout like my cutting boards Goal is to minimize or cut out gaps on the skinny cross pieces
  12. Don’t know if they’d a home field advantage in chess, but maybe this is worth a few pieces
  13. The 3d stuff is for the most part.. The biggest problem is the saw adjustment.. I like working with shorter lengths. Problem I had with earlier stuff was the zero clearance insert. The wood would get hung up sometimes in the middle of a rip, so I raised the out flow end a bit. In doing so it might have affected the angles a bit. Readjusted it so that end doesn't dip when I'm pushing stuff through. The angles have too be pretty tight and there's really no good way of measuring them after they're cut. Overall these were pretty good, but the squares in the middle were off by a little, maybe .1 Fine for furniture. The boards are not bad either as you can clean them up along the way. Not so sure about the chess boards. Starting to warm up down here, so ill be cutting back for awhile. Maybe take up fishing
  14. Had a few requests for chess boards. Wasn't too thrilled. Tried my best to get a 3D look to it with four sides and there might be away, but I don't have the patience to mess with it. Did about a half a dozen mockups and none of them really popped. Last one did, but not as I intended. I like the octagons surrounding the squares, thought they were pretty neat. Last mockup was yellow heart, mahogany and cherry with walnut trim. The overall lightness gave it an almost holographic look. The mahogany surrounding the squares is pretty interesting. It goes from light to dark depending on the direction you look at it. These are more work than the others and still working out the logistics.
  15. Nice black rat