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  1. Well we did catch one and his partner got tangled up with him. Freed the first one, second was hooked and leader wrapped around snout Skipper had him by the flukes and I had the leader Calls out to the other mate for a tail rope so we could free him up Idiot mate comes over with a knife and cuts the leader, captain couldn’t hold it anymore and it swam off. Mate was a nice guy but not very bright and a stoned called alcoholic on a dry boat. Later on in the trip Cap pulls a gun on him, thought for sure he’d kill him.
  2. So what if I did
  3. Dude, dolphin. Hawaii, mahi, South America dorado. I think the only reason mahi caught on in the mainland, was because of disgruntled restaurant workers having to deal with northern elites and explaining to them, NO NOT FLIPPER
  4. And I can’t believe you’re serious. On the off chance that you are, at my old hangout in Pompano Beach, Piranha Pats, they had dolphin on the menu and underneath, for the benefit of scummy northerners (no not flipper)
  5. I"d expect a response like that if I admitted to being a vegan. Swordfish is nasty, once was enough, dolphin, much better and a source of our shack money, so two thumbs up.
  6. Same here, are it once in the eighteen months I fished. Preferred dolphin, which I ate just about every day. Had a captain in Fort Pierce who’d trade me fresh tilefish and grouper for chunk swords and the one time we had to anchor up in the dry tortugas, shrimp boat captain radioed over and asked if we had any chunks and brought us over a big bag of gulf and rock shrimp. Think swordfish is highly overrated
  7. That was 35 years ago 30 fathom leaders attached to mainline. Ten buoys and one poly ball per section Fished one on the buoy and one in the sag, poly all was mid section Buoy drips were five ten an fifteen fathoms, usually fished huger up on the dark. Second captain had a butchered leader cart with shorter leaders that he fished on the dark of the moon Whole squid and a light stick about six feet up or so. No weights Think they do it differently now Thought I saw onTV hooks and leaders in a tub, but had no interest in watching the show
  8. No breakfast for you
  9. Was scalded as a toddler, burnt around 35% of her body, spent months in the hospital, had skin grafts Joked about how the Elvira costume only showed the good bits. Looks good either way
  10. That’s a charger
  11. I can’t help myself. Used to listen to Mike Francesca on the radio in the car. Was driveling my mother to the doctor and she asked how could I listen to this guy Told her it keeps me angry. Communications degree from St Johns and the man can’t form a simple sentence. Makes millions Since I retired I’m pretty much at peace. Need a little stupid from outside the tavern to get worked up This gem just showed up. Why bother getting vaccinated Joy Reid from msnbc or some such outlet, bragging about her jogging ”I am among the fully vaccinated! Joined Team Pfizer. And I did go jogging today in the park. This was the mask that I wore with a doctor’s mask under it. And most of the people that I saw in the park, the park was packed, I would say like 95 percent of the people still had masks on. There are people who are getting really upset about that. I won’t name them. Should people be freaking out that some people like myself who are vaccinated are still wearing masks outdoors?”
  12. Make it stop