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  1. Some months back my neighbor's lawn guy tells me my coconut palm has black mold. Coconut palm? Who knew. For the last year and a half I've been whacking the flowers off, or whatever they call them yellow things. Between the quarantine, the dry spell and the sprinklers not working I haven't been doing much yard work. Well low and behold I gots coconuts and I'm guessing the little green acorns will turn into mighty coconuts as well.
  2. I have. I just wanted a clear coat so no liquid finds it's way into the wood,, but honestly I prefer a satin finish. Don't know how it would look. I'll have some leftover stuff I can try it out on. Still have a lot of work to do, so eventually I'll figure it out.
  3. Mousing has slowed, only one in the last ten or twelve days, but he was the biggest of the dozen. Got me a squirrel, they keep knocking down my traps on the fence line. Started my coffee table, can't decide on how to finish the two gaps in the middle. Gluing up some pieces tonight to put in the triangles. Or I could go solid piece in each. Even tried 1/4 inch borders of poplar on the stem part. I'll probably end up mulling for a few days. Was thinking about going with a clear coat instead of poly. More mulling.
  4. Finally picked. up a scale the other day. Hopped on in the morning and it was 181 Probably a little dehydrated. Been averaging around 183 - 184. Don't want to go any lower. Down from 197 over about six months. Had a bout with my stomach the other night, was almost ready to check into the hospital. Seems to be okay now. Went a pretty long time (for me) without any issues. Bench is finally coming tomorrow, still need some dumbbells. Pulley I got at homies was garbage. Might try ordering from a legit company over here, don't feel like waiting all summer. The one I ordered is coming from china. Not happy. This losing weight is easy, don't know what the hell you guys are doing wrong.
  5. This is Ben, first one in five days, died the same day as his pal Willard. Was going to bag him and toss him in the garbage, but he was all flattened out. See the skin moving and I have a CSI movement. This big carion beetle comes crawling out. Beetles gotta eat too.
  6. Just what I need, someone else headache. No thanks, I'm doing just fine without attack cats and rat terriers.
  7. Was out checking traps at dusk last night and run into one of my neighbors from across the street a few houses down. A little small talk about the covid and then I pop the question, ''are you having a problem with mice''? So he said he had a problem with them when he first moved down and now they're back with a vengeance this year. They've got that little canal behind the house and about eighty acres of wooded area behind the canal so they get more crap than I do. So I mention that I've been trapping. Told him I got 11. Then I showed him and his wife the pictures and she laughed and said "you've got them hanging up there like fish" Hey just doing my part, don't think the other neighbors are ready for pics. Her reaction was kind of weird , like I was BSing about catching them, till she saw the pics.. I guess they never see their handiwork with the poison.. Four and a half days and counting, no kills, couple of traps knocked down around the fence line. Will try the gutters and the attic next, just in case, but no evidence of any life. Working on my victory dance
  8. After a busy 36 it's been an uneventful 24 hours. Nothing doing this morning. 11 total so far plus one rabbit and a grackle. Was thinking about making a stencil for confirmed kills, or maybe just print them out like they used to do in the K corner. Nice display for my garage door. Or hang flags from the flag pole, like the offshore guys do. Wonder what the neighbors would think, not that it matters, because I'm getting it done. Going to pick up a few more traps later and start working the fence line I gotta say this is better than fishing. There were times I'd look a fish in the eye and almost feel sad that I was killing it. I feel nothing when I kill these ****ers.
  9. Sorry for your loss Pete. Good friends are hard to come by.
  10. DAYS 7 THROUGH 10 Had a few more trips Friday, one ended up about fifty feet from the set point. Eight, nine and ten yielded three more, (one a day) and a bird.
  11. Could be, plenty of ants. Not much standing water around here, it's been pretty dry Plenty of dust, even my weeds are drying out sprinklers not working. Not much of a bird guy, don't watch them enough to figure out what it is they're doing
  12. Haven't been able to get close to the jays. This one was on the ground with his wings spread, like he was covering something up. Managed to get a few pics from inside the lanai. Frogs have been hanging out by my front door, one snuck in last night when I opened the door. Got him before I went to bed. Liked the coloring on this guy. Usually they're just pale grey or tan
  13. at least he's consistent
  14. are those vegetable ice pops?
  15. Never apologize. People who came on my boat got educated before heading out. It's my boat, I'm the captain, you don't like it get the **** off. You want to play captain, buy your own boat, that's what I did.