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  1. Smoked whistle pig sammichs? I eat muskrat but never had whistlepig/groundhog.
  2. Diane Feinstein quote?
  3. Why? How is a AR different?
  4. 1-800-Brrrrrrrr
  5. My old stomping grounds. I used to love the ride up to the dam, the other way ain't bad either.
  6. Quartzite, and you were thinking fried chicken
  7. Actually it is a carry state, it's the 'justifiable need' clause that makes/made it darned near impossible to get one . Getting CCDW permit was one of the first thins I did when we moved to Delaware. Had to jump through some hoops but it was easy really.
  8. Abyssinian Ibex is my guess
  9. If it smells like chicken you're doing it wrong