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  1. 11" Lami heaver with a round reel I built,hardly ever use it as it's more like caber tossing than casting. Most times I use a 9' conventional built on a J. Kennedy Fisher blank that has to be 30 years old. Then it's down to a 8' Tidemaster for metal and lighter plugs on the rare occasion I throw them but it doubles nicely for light bait work.
  2. No relation to each other
  3. Early version of cheese balls from the 1890s
  4. I've had both for daily plus buggy use. Currently riding a 2011 Expo and it's just a good as all the other Chevys and Ford that I've been campaigning for the last 40 years on the beaches from 'M' to Ocracoke.. All had their glitches and bugs except the Expo which has proved to be a tank on the sand. Expo getting about 17 mpg, but then I am and always have been very heavy on the throttle and never worried about fuel consumption all that much so don't quote that figure. As an aside I wouldn't drive anything that don't have a V-8 in it anymore. Wandered away to other engine configurations but always came back to the 8 cylinders.
  5. About the same as some of yall. Fly rods in corner and there's been some more added to the left since this snap.
  6. A few times a week here. We're too far out of town to hear the fire company siren unless it's s a still, cold winter night with a full moon and a west wind. However there's an intersection of two heavily traveled back roads where loads of people can't wait, can't give the other guy the go ahead. Or they just plain ol' blow through the stop signs which results in the Seaford and area emergency services plus state troopers responding with sirens a howlin'.
  7. OK???
  8. Ah...the fun days of the late 1950s
  9. Mmmm...pumpkins
  10. In the pool On the kitchen table Under the Christmas tree
  11. Piper J-3 Cub fuel gauge could might work. No electric or nuffin. A cork and a stick is all it takes.