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  1. Let's rebuild the galleries.
  2. Go away for a few months and... Contributing to rebuild the galleries. Verrazano - long exposure, 3 bracketed shots, exposure fusion.
  3. Old thread, but very important imo. At a minimum, try the free stuff online before spending $$$ on hardware tools. I use this site for decent results on my PC.
  4. Would like to see a higher res of #1. As you'd say "Cough it up!" LOVE the comp on #2! :th:
  5. Wow, not one mention of Nikon or Canon. both companies for falling behind.
  6. Damn dude, you sound like the bionic man. I'm hoping your comment "You'd never know all this **** by looking at me." is a good thing? Congrats on 10 yrs of being cancer free but I am sorry to hear you only got 1 hr of fishing last 2 yrs.
  7. Nice one surf. Love the blue trails. Not night time but losing light fast. 10 Stop ND filter, 30 second exposure. Friend's custom PT. My favorite part is the reflection on the windshield. .
  8. Wish my MIL would stop being stubborn.
  9. Yeah dude it's me.. Looked in my PM box and it's 10 years bro! How've ya been? As far as my MIL, yes to 95% of what you said. Hurts to see her like that, but could only lead horse to water...
  10. Thx Walt.
  11. Little help? My mother in law is 79 and desperately needs knee replacement. She's bone on bone, arthritic but stubborn as a mule. "How much longer am I going to live?" is her position. What are your thoughts? Is it still worth it at her age? Speedy recovery to Fred and Walt. :th:
  12. I hope with continued therapy, you'll be able to fish again. "I woke up one morning and my left arm and hand lost 85% of its mobility" Can't imagine what that was like.