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  1. I try to keep my fights short, to try and decrease likelihood of mortality. Some of my longer fights have included: 20 minute fight w/ a 20lb Jack Crevalle caught on a 7' 12-20# rod, 30lb braid, 30lb fluoro leader on a 4k series spinning reel. 20 minute fight w/ 7-8' Sandbar shark on 7' 20-40# rod, saltist 40H with 30# mono and 50# fluoro leader w/circle hook. No belt, no cushion, plenty of bruisers. My blacktip shark fights are routinely 10-20 minutes on 8' 20-50# spinning rod, 6k series reel, 50# braid, 200# shock leader, finished by wire leader.
  2. What's going on everyone? I had some time to kill on my hands last week during traveling so I threw together all my favorite freshwater footage. Hope you all enjoy!
  3. Thank you, I have to see my dermatologist every three months. With the trial I've already received two follow up scans, and I have an ultrasound coming up as well. I receive medicine/placebo every three weeks for one year. The trial itself follows me for 10 years, so I am being very closely watched. Bloodwork every three weeks as well.
  4. Whats going on everyone? It's been a while since I've posted online, or made a new video. We had our first baby last year and this summer I was diagnosed with aggressive melanoma. Luckily all of my lymph nodes came back clear so all is well! During my travels for the clinical trial I am participating in I've had a lot of time on my hands. What better way you keep your mind off life than editing a video? This video has all of my favorite clips. Freshwater, saltwater, alligators, whales, porpoises etc. Hope ya'll enjoy! Tight lines everyone.
  5. That is a big mofo! Good looking dog. We have a purebred black/red rescue that we got at 9 weeks. Came with a ton of issues, likely was backyard bred but he is gorgeous. Constantly have people asking what kind of dog he is because he's so red, don't see many black/reds anymore. He's 16 months and a whopping 62lbs, but we're trying to keep him small due to his back leg issues. He isn't hyper but the dog simply doesn't get tired. He can go to daycare for 12 hours, come home, and still need to go out 2-3 more times to blow off steam. Never seen anything like it, he's a full time job himself! And now we have a baby so I have 3 full time jobs haha
  6. Good topic. I enjoy it most of the time as I do guided trips free of charge. I've had quite a few people from the northeast hit me up and I've put them on some peacock bass and largemouth. I think everything is situational though. I think most novices don't understand what goes in to certain types of fishing and the amount of time you spend preparing. I've found that if using lures or buying a lot of bait MOST people will offer some cash or buy the bait. If it's a friend I take out I don't expect anything. If it's a young kid I definitely wouldn't expect anything nor would I take it. I think in the end you have to remember you are giving back. I especially like having younger kids come fishing with me because if they get on a quality fish that memory will last forever not only for them but for me. I will usually hand off my fish as I did in a recent video, but if it's a personal best size fish the rod is staying in my hands unless my guest hasn't caught anything. I usually catch my own bait So my peacock bass trips are very cheap, few lost hooks and some fluoro leader is all that we can lose. Now if someone breaks a rod from blatant negligence I would have to say something, but luckily that hasn't happened.... yet
  7. This is where we live. About a mile from boynton beach inlet and the cove to the left of the video happens to hold the most mullet during the mullet run. Fishing the rest of the year sucks out there though, mostly small snapper, toadies, small grunts and catfish. It's awesome during the mullet run though. No commitment fishing, take the dog for a walk, see mullet getting crushed, run home and get the cast net cooler and rod.
  8. For sure, we have to give back what was given to us
  9. Whats going on everyone? The mullet run has been pretty good this season in SE FL. Things have definitely slowed down and some of the bigger mullet have moved in the bay, and the fish don't seem to be pushing them as much. Best bite has been in the late afternoon before sundown on the small finger mullet. This video was shot last week and we were only fishing for a couple hours. Guys throwing artificial were getting two jacks at a time. We caught a bunch but unfortunately missed a bunch too, one was definitely a big fish that broke 30lb leader. I was fishing with my neighbors 6 year old grandson and told him I would hand him my first fish, little did I know it would be a tarpon.
  10. Thanks man, we didn't have a ruler but it was definitely overslot. Someone on another forum was giving me crap about how the fish was handled but I didn't really understand. Only thing I can think of is the guy that landed it held it straight up and down. I am big on doing my best to have clean releases and following laws. I don't have pictures of fish layin in grass on my instagram like 90% of guys do today. I really don't understand that
  11. What's going on everyone? The mullet run has been pretty good so far this season in South East Florida. We've had a lot more snook and tarpon off our seawall where we live than I've seen in years past. In the previous years its been mostly jacks, and we would occasionally see tarpon and snook blowing up the baits but no hook ups. This year Ive landed two snook and jumped off 4 or 5 tarpon. One I handed the rod off to a 6yr old and we lost him right at the seawall. Will put the videos of that up soon as well once I edit them. This video auto deleted from my gopro, and I was able to recover it with a program called Recuva. There is a link in the video description if you want to take a look at that. Thanks for watching. Fish was caught on a live finger mullet, 30# fluoro leader, and mustad live bait hook.
  12. If you're drop shotting you want to use a small presentation. Small bluegill of sunfish, minnows, shiners etc. But again it really depends on the water you're fishing and the size and type of the baitfish in that body of water. Don't be afraid to use big baits, but big baits are best free lined. Let's just say you're fishing 20' of water and the bass are suspended in 10', I would likely use a split shot to get it in the zone. If the fish were on the surface down to about 6' I would live line the bait. If near the bottom go with the drop shot. But then if you're fishing crystal clear water the whole game plan changes. If they're 10' down i would free line because the bait will swim down and likely be seen. Make sense?
  13. Anything other than a snapping turtle. Like other have said most likely a big slime dart, pike, or Muskie depending on what's actually in that lake
  14. Love symetres. I had a 2500 for about ten years before it failed and I used it in the salt occasionally. Was definitely the best reel I've ever owned. The new shimano ultegras look good and have good reviews, so does the shimano saros
  15. Also another way to fish from the kayak is slow trolling live baits. It's deadly, get the bait down with a split shot sized accordingly to depth and speed. This has produced for me in the past as well, did it more in shallow water although I drifter some in 20'+ in NJ