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  1. 3fishheads: A picture is truly worth a thousand words !
  2. Thumbs up to JohnP - C. Witek - Zeno for saying what needed to be said.
  3. I can see a casting special Fathom II in my future.
  4. Maybe the rod is not loading as well as you think ? Try heavier lead if the rod can handle it. Good luck !
  5. I can only give you a one word description for these rods. WOW !!
  6. The bottom rod appears to be an "S" glass Lami, judging by the color.
  7. Flysully: Do you ever see damage from that on waders ? Might be worth it if so......
  8. 1 @ 36 Complete commercial net ban - rod and reel fishery ONLY A shorter season fine by me Circle hooks for bait fishers
  9. FSC: Slightly lighter, slightly faster. Both make great rods. Good luck !
  10. Does anyone know who manufactures the AGM deep cycle batteries for Cabela's ?
  11. That did the trick - thanks Tony !
  12. I have a Cortland Precision 2 - 7ft 6in that works a 4 or 5wt line just fine. Excellent condition for $75 shipped. Also have a Scott A2 4wt. in an 8ft length, also excellent condition. $140 shipped, includes padded rod tube. Payment requires USPS M.O. only , shipped CONUS
  13. Using them for years, would not go back.
  14. Tony: Just spooled my new 5500 today and could not get an even line lay no matter what I tried. It was thicker in the back of the spool. Is there a cure ?
  15. I'm in - this is the best cleanup I've attended for many years now. Come join us, you'll be glad you did !