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  1. cold air intake is a good thing, on average you will see 1-3mpg increase and a few ponies, but a programmer such as a bullydog does wonders even on a gas motor.
  2. rods, reels, line, terminal tackle- local shops anything else, usually online.
  3. if it falls through i'm next in line.
  4. penn battle or sargus, shimano spheros.
  5. there's a small scratch on the bail arm from using it on a 2 day trip to sebastian inlet, it was on the concrete railing, doesn't affect anything.
  6. [img=' alt='450'>
  7. From the album WTT-710z

  8. From the album WTT-710z

  9. From the album WTT-710z

  10. not sure on the box and paperwork, i want to say i don't have it but i'll check. sorry about pics, i've been gone all day, they'll be up shortly.
  11. great reel, have one that i use at the inlet's down here, 9ft star stellar lite with 40lb sufix preformance braid.
  12. i've got a 550ssg that i used maby twice that i'll trade. mind getting me some pictures of the 710z? i'll post pics of the 550ssg in a little while.
  13. star rods stellar lite is a +1, i own 3 of them and they've never failed.
  14. ive got a penn 550ssg for 50 shipped.