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  1. Bm conrad, fished maybe once. 30$shipped
  2. you should be able to find a VS150L in good to new condition on the BST on this website or on one of the FB pages
  3. cressi 2.5 mm socks and Scuba Thug boot are what i use and my feet are never cold even when the rest of me is.
  4. vs 200 is too slow for rooster, get a few GT Ice creams and Spoffords Ballistic Missels, 3 oz
  5. that spot blows, fish north for more reward
  6. these scumbags pump sand onto monmouth beach and sea bright, let the ocean transport it north to the false hook, take that same sand from the false hook and sell it as fill sand. They are robbing tax dollars and selling the fill out the back door on the other end. Ever wonder why they don't just take the sand from the false hook and run it back down the beach? oh yeah why would they when they can sell it and increase their stolen tax dollar profits.
  7. do you have the slope head torpedo with red mark on lip? if not maybe we can work out a trade
  8. i haven't seen a starfish on a NJ jetty since 1998
  9. glad i didnt waste my money on the night pass
  10. yes, however i would need more than one for the popper i posted in your WTB thread
  11. thanks for posting, sorry i missed this. found what i am looking for elsewhere, thanks SOL, closed
  12. It's a 2 oz swimmer, not peanut. Paint job is exactly the one you were looking for same as the picture you posted
  13. I purchased it here prob 8 years ago so I cannot tell you how old it is