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  1. Tacoma X8
  2. i think the dud darter has more to do with the piece of wood
  3. rinse kit
  4. John makes great plugs at fishable prices
  5. Dave, Hope all is well, How are the grommets/swivel on the green over silver wadd? Can i pay in the form of Raicilla?
  6. offer 50$shipped if these are the 5 inch version
  7. No worries, I just can't bring myself to fish a $75 Needle
  8. I'll offer 120 for the other two and I'll fish em.
  9. still wondering about this one. any ideas?
  10. dont waste your time, that place sucks
  11. I have a BM lightly-used white with a pink stripe I would sell for $33 shipped. If interested I can send pics.
  12. ill take the mag darter for 22
  13. 55 for both?