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  1. You really don't have any GOOD angles do you buddy???...
  2. Indeed. The yellow bathtub crank.... That should do it...
  3. When it takes you almost 2 years to think of a comeback, you might wanna skip the decaf and go straight for the NODOZ....
  4. Mutts are a dime a dozen.
  5. Thank you Sir. Right back at ya.
  6. I know you are just being "smart" here but I had 3 strokes in April of 2018 so my future is far more uncertain than the average person's. No kidding I'm going to die SOMEday brainiac. My obvious point was if it was to happen sometime soon. Forgive me here if I don't find your attempt at cuteness to be very humorous.
  7. push it all into mine and my wife's 401k's. With my future uncertain as far as longevity goes, the more I can possibly leave to her, the better she and my sons will do if and when I kick off.
  8. I wouldn't give up my 10 shot Benelli M4 for anything but of course, my Molot Vepr 12 with either 12 round mags or maybe a 25 round drum full of buckshot is always a crowd pleaser as well.....
  9. I'm thinking my Benelli M4 with a full load of Hexolit 32s would have done enough damage to make Seal blow a gasket....
  10. No one needs an "excuse to kill" when the perp is providing you with a clear reason you idiot. And as far as people in cars and houses, you've never seen me shoot, hopefully never will and I am known for hitting what I am aiming at and NOT all willy nilly like you cop spitting pukes like to dramatize about. Hell, the number of clear shots those cops were provided with before they actually pulled the trigger was ridiculous. They set the precedence of backing up themselves. In my day and with my job, backing up was never an option. We either move in or stand our ground. Giving even an inch is a compromise and compromising is not what controlling a life and death situation is all about. Of course, giving someone a good beating is always nice too and was I still in uniform and you just happened to get pulled over for 1 mile per hour over the speed limit, or 1 mile under, or hell, 1 mile NEAR the speed limit.... Let's just say I've tuned up more than a few bad guitars in my day and the music they played after was usually much more pleasing to the ear.... Your antagonistic posting techniques have not improved by the way and you are still just a dribbling idiot with a keyboard who is clearly NOT the pride of his bloodline. I'm just glad I don't have to listen to your puke all the time and have the option to just turn you off at will which is normally what I take great pleasure in doing. You are indeed a disgrace.
  11. Back in the day, my duty pistol was a S&W Model 66 .357 magnum. I would say that would have an almost ideal situation for that ole revolver in that caliber. A couple of well placed rounds from that beast and he quickly would have been discussing his life choices at the pearly gates.
  12. Thank God man. We'll be sure to add you both into our prayers again. I pretty much struggle every day but still working and doing my best to keep moving forward. Strokes NEVER stop talking to you though. They tell me every single step I take just to sit down and stay down. Every single step. Every single day. It's the most grueling fight I've ever known but my wife and boys keep me going. They are my everything. Not much progress for a long time now. Lost my father back in March so I spend a LOT more time with my mother now too. She's doing pretty well considering. We just stick together as best we can and Mrs Sharkey and the boys make extra visits and phone calls and that's good. She comes down to our house sometimes cuz I've got a crap load of John Wayne movies DVR'd and we'll watch a couple a month and have some viddles on the grill. Been a tough year and a half since the strokes but ya know, sitting back ain't really something I'm good at and as long as we all stick together, life is still pretty good.
  13. Good shoot all day long. They both waited a LOT longer than I would have. But I was never taught how to retreat OR back up.....
  14. Hangin tough buddy. Been out doing my best to finish turning forest into a lawn. Thank God I cut all the trees down before my strokes. Every day is a struggle but I'm still fighting the fight. How's the wife?
  15. Funny. I thought he was just ugly...