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  1. PM sent buddy.
  2. Hangin tough buddy. Git yersef sum hollow points man. If you are going to be shooting with that 22 wmr at close range, might as well do as much damage as possible. For me, that would be the heaviest hollow point available. With any pistol type shooting, aim is the by far most important factor but if you are right there and so is the assailant, I figure you might as well make him feel it and that's heavy hollows. I think CCI makes some pretty good ones. Maybe 40 gr and in HP...
  3. no hollow points?? I always prefer going heavy and hollow.
  4. Doing ok. Actually got out and threw the football around with my sons the other day. I was really liking that even though after about 15 minutes or so I got hit with a dizzy spell and couldn't breathe right so I had to go back in the house and sit down. That gets a little upsetting because I really was having fun but with the paralysis still affecting my left side, breathing still tough and constant dizziness, I should be happy to get out there at all. I know my boys liked it although they got a little shook up when I just started walking toward the back deck without saying anything. They ran to help me but I said I was ok and just went in. They of course stuck by me anyway until I was in my chair and breathing again... Meclizine was a waste of time and long term it's not good for you but maybe if you check youtube for some of the exercises done in that type of therapy, especially the use of dots on the wall, maybe it could help you like it did me. And thanks Buddy. Little steps. I'm not good at them but it's all I've got.
  5. Since my strokes, I'm dizzy pretty much every minute of every day. It's down now to about a 2 but it'll shoot up to a 4 at times. It was so bad after the strokes I couldn't walk without help. My vestibular therapist was awesome. If it lasts, you might want to look into that.
  6. All I know is the Pats won and my father, who is probably within days of going home, is a happy man....
  7. I never practice with anything but what I am going to use for real. It may cost me a little more when I go to the range but it's just how I was taught and how I live.
  8. I heard a psychic on the radio today predict the toss would be tails and the Pats would win with a 14 point spread. Interested to see how much of that comes true just for the heck of it. Of course though, I really would like to see the Pats do it anyway. This will be my father's last super bowl and he's been a Pats fan since I could remember. I will always be a Pats guy but this time, it's for my Dad. He'll be lucky to make it to Valentines Day so it sure would be nice to see him go with just one more big Patriots Win....
  9. We all went out and saw it. Figured after we watched the Pats game, we might as well stay up and see it so we were all running in and out, taking turns giving reports on progress till it was full. Then Mrs Sharkey and the boys and I bundled up and all went out together. I was quietly thinking to myself that since the next blood moon wouldn't be until like 2056 or something, this would most likely be the only one the 4 of us would ever stand under together again. I did my very best to make it special.
  10. The Raptors have very good reviews as well. I only have pre 2009 AR10s so all of mine are Armalite ambidextrous ones but like I said, I have seen a lot of good comments on the Raptors. FWIW. Sharkey
  11. Our biggest buck yet. He was only about 75 feet from my front deck. Almost coulda clubbed him....
  12. Go Pats. Been a fan myself since I was a kid and hoping they do it this year since my father will probably never see another superbowl and my sons are fully joined as well. They've gotta do it just for my dad. If for no other reason.
  13. A full recovery really does sound awesome. I can tell you from experience that a "less than" full recovery can be a bit trying. To say the least. God Bless you both Red and I truly am glad your wife will still be there for you. The alternative, I mean, Red on his own, is just WAY too horrible to imagine. In a LOT of ways. Gosh I mean, like yer not effed up enough....
  14. I didn't realize I'd ever told you any... eluded to a few perhaps but never actually TOLD any. I normally don't enjoy that sorta thing buddy... But yea. It was a good feeling....
  15. Now you just need a B.A.D. lever....