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  1. Just a heads up in case there's a next time, everyone trained in fire fighting knows the very first thing you do when you show up at a car/truck fire is go for the gas cap and get it the hell off. If you can get it off, the gas will still burn but it won't explode due to lack of pressure. That buys you time. Other than that, nice job man. Shark
  2. I have found that people telling you to take it easy and just let yourself get better does nothing but hurt you with a stroke Cabo. You literally have to kick and scream and fight this every stinking step of the way to fight your way back out. When my neurologist started talking about me going on permanent disability I got pissed. I told her it was NOT a consideration or an option. I'm going back to work one way or another and was torn between tears thinking I might NOT be able to fix it and rage thinking I knew what I really needed to do. I cancelled all of my therapies except for vestibular for dizziness that I doubled up on and then went outside, cranked up my push lawn mower and made 2 passes through my yard until I had to lay down on the ground from exhaustion - warning my wife and sons to leave me be. Then I got up, pulled the rope and was off for another two passes and then back to the ground again. After a couple of days I could do a bit more so I started trying to split some wood. Never made it through even 1 piece my first day. Long story short, I chainsawed an oak down 2 weeks ago, cut up and had it all split within 3 days and the damn lawn is mowed too. 2 weeks ago I finally passed my tests to be able to drive again. Last Friday I made it through the company doctor and was approved to return to work. Last night I called the insurance company that was beginning the process of long term disability and told them they could keep their money - I was working again. I'm not having any fun yet and getting through an entire day so far has been a sheer test of will but I have some pride back and things are moving forward. God Bless you guys and with his help, who knows, maybe I'll be able to handle a little rock hopping again someday. Sharkey
  3. Boot camp was a walk in the park man. This sucks.
  4. All bull aside, I've about reached my threshold for today guys and I'm off to bed. Dizzy, short of breath, carrying around an extra 50 pounds that I never in a million years dreamed I'd have to deal with and just fatigued in every damn inch of me. Exhausted almost to the point of being emotional. But day 1 is behind me now and day 2 should be better, as will day 3 and so on. With Gods help of course. Sharkey And thanks for asking guys. It does help to share sometimes and I appreciate the concern. Really.
  5. Thanks guys and I work in the materials field for a gubment contractor. That's all I can really say about it.
  6. Thanks Guys. Getting ready to leave for my first full day and I have to say, I'm pretty nervous. Won't bother with all the details but after 3 strokes, the parts of me that DO work get tired so damn fast trying to compensate for the parts that DON'T work that getting through today without just falling down will be a challenge. I'm hoping getting back will speed up my recovery but for the first week or so, it will truly be a test of my will just to endure the entire day of being upright. Every step, every breath and every move is a struggle and I have to concentrate to accomplish anything successfully so we'll see how it goes.
  7. Keeping that damn nacho machine filled with cheese is a lot more technical than people realize....
  8. Thanks Mike. I've come a long way but still have so damn far to go. Fortunately I LOOK a lot healthier than I feel so getting past the doc wasn't too hard. Getting through a whole day of work is going to be a minute to minute test of endurance though. The good thing is that I've got 50 extra pounds to work off that I've gained since the strokes and working all day will sure help me get it all back off again.
  9. Doin ok Red. Made it through the company doctor and going back to work on Monday. Still have a lot of challenges ahead and trying to make it through a full day of work will be a big one but feeling a bit more optimistic now. Thanks for asking Bud....
  10. "Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours".
  11. Heck. After reading your story I checked my ammo search engine that can find ammo and prices from all over the interwebz. Not a SINGLE round available for the .28 Nosler. 1 thing I have always, ALWAYS done when thinking about a new piece, is settle on caliber first - basing my final decision on cost and availability of ammunition. Buy a crazy caliber and suffer the consequences....
  12. Thanks TM. Shark
  13. Hangin tough man. Hoping to go back to work in the next few weeks here so things are looking up. Been a long damn road though and still got a world of healing still to go.
  14. If you are worried about people seeing the location of the cash, please take into consideration that this is Red. We've also all seen his feet which was, well, horrifying to say the least. Then take into consideration what it probably LOOKS like under his bed. Then take into consideration the amount of drugs and alcohol one would have to consume to have the courage and/or just total reckless abandon to actually REACH under Red's bed. If you do math like I do, you will clearly conclude that since the number of tweakers that might actually be able to maintain consciousness after consuming that level of narcotics and booze is SO minute, the odds of the one out of a trillion tweakers who might read this AND be able to withstand this level of total obliviononic innebriation would certainly remove all levels of concern. PS. Hey Red !!! Good to see you Buddy !!!
  15. I can't say for sure cuz I haven't been to work since April when I had my strokes but I'm guessing that is probably the replica of AF1 that they had sitting at Quonset State Airport for so long. There was a write up about it a year or so ago saying it belonged to the Air Museum and they were conducting tours of it for a while. Possibly moving it. When I am working I drive past it twice a day as I go to and from where I park.