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  1. My only real rule with ammo is that I practice with what I depend on. I don't have 1 brand/type of ammo for the range and then another type/brand for home defense. I only practice with what I will be depending on. If what I will be depending on just happens to be less expensive then that is a bonus but between the military and the State Police, I've ended up with a set of "mental" rules that I can't seem to bend on. Train with what you will depend on when the time comes.
  2. He might wanna be careful though cuz the dog might actually prefer doing it himself...
  3. Holey crap. You are unbelievably diluted.
  4. I didn't want to post my usual Happy Birthday Tim meme in the main so I plagiarized yours. I did put it in the Tavern thread though so I feel at least a LITTLE better about myself now....
  5. crap. You beat me to it.... Shoulda known....
  6. Never liked im......
  7. I'm down...
  8. People will never learn. Signs, hugs and good feelings will NEVER stop a nut-job with a gun. There is only 1 thing that will and if the dems and snowflakes get their way, no sane, law abiding citizens will be able to own them anymore. "Gun Free Zone" - might as well just have school uniforms with little bulls eyes on them.... It's too damn stupid to imagine and yet people STILL seem to think it makes sense - no matter HOW many "gun free zones" end up with a bad guy, a gun and bodies everywhere - and they just keep pushing for more signs....idiots.
  9. We need to buy bigger trucks. Maybe run our heat in the summer and junk.....