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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the good information and gear tips, Pendulauncher. I have injured my left shoulder, so I have not gone casting like I planned. I have the heavy action Penn Carnage II 12 footer. It says it is rated 4-10 oz. When I first cast is, I did an off the ground cast with 8 oz at a football field. I had full mags on with the Akios and I may have made it 80 yards. This was when I first hurt my shoulder and I couldn't put full power and rotation into the cast. When I heal up a bit, I will do some more casting and experiment with the mag setting to get to a sweet spot. Thanks again! Flyntus
  2. Thanks for the info, Stonefish!
  3. Nice, ghostfish slayer!
  4. Thanks for the reply ghostfish slayer. I will have to look into this.
  5. Hey, Pendulauncher. Thanks for the advice. I just outfitted a 12 ft Penn Carnage II with an Akios Nitron F-15. I plan on doing some field casting tomorrow. I will post my opinions about the rod and real sometime soon. R/ flyntus
  6. Hello, everybody. I am new to the West Coast (Washington). I live in the Tri Cities area and plan to make a trip to the coast soon. I'd like to try my hand at fishing for White Sturgeon in my local rivers. I'm coming from the TX Gulf Coast and we have multiple species we target in the surf. Is there really only redtail surfperch to be caught in the Washington surf? That's all I have heard about. Thanks. flyntus
  7. What are some good online tackle vendors? I have recently moved to south-central WA and am getting ready for Surf Perch fishing. I'm looking to buy a spinning outfit that will throw Pompano or similar Rigs. I already have a 8nBait heaver. I need a spinning rod and reel, power pro line, monofilament leader material, hooks, swivels, floats, surf weights, etc. I know enough to shop for these things on Amazon, but I want to spend my hard earned money at some of the other American owned vendors!
  8. My prayers for your wife's healing.
  9. What part of Texas were you at? Very nice report, I might add!
  10. I will do most of my fishingnear Kennewick, WA. But, I will also be fishing near the McNary Lock and Dam.
  11. Hey guys, What type of leads should I be using to hold bottom in the Columbia River? Sputniks, Frog Tongue, Pyramid, Other? I will be fishing from the bank with 8nBait. In the past I've primarily used sputnik style sinkers on the TX Gulf Coast. But, I am new to river fishing. Thanks all!
  12. Hey there, folks! I've just moved to Richland, WA from the TX Gulf Coast. I'm excited for the fishing opportunities I have in Washington State. I would really like to catch some White Sturgeon, Redtail Surfperch, Halibut, and Channel Catfish. These are all new species to me except Channel Cats. I have primarily been a surf angler for many years and look to continue fishing from the banks of some of this State's Rivers. I plan on making trips out to the coast as well. I look forward to meeting new people and some tricks and tradecraft! Flyntus
  13. Thanks for the replies, fellas! I now reside in Richland, WA.
  14. Forgot to mention... I'd like to keep the rod price below $350.00. Thanks, everyone!